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After Watching the PS4 Event, I’m Disappointed with Nintendo

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By Furious Francis, the true Jounin 

I’ll start off by saying I’m a Nintendo fan, I like jumping on goomba’s heads, fighting huge monsters, and catching them all. I’m not huge on shooters to be honest. Sony showing off the insane graphics of Killzone wasn’t the reason why I’m disappointed with Nintendo. Even the Infamous reveal didn’t make me mad at Nintendo. What made me disappointed with Nintendo, is the lack of foresight in the next generation race. Sony is packing a lot of graphical heat, that’s for sure. But there also innovating with the functionality of the PS4. Being able to watch other players games in spectator mode while having voice chat is freaking awesome! Meanwhile, Nintendo can’t even let me play Nintendo Land online. Below I will address why Sony knocked it out of the park, the Wii U’s future, and how Nintendo can learn a thing or two from Sony.

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Nintendo has that Japanese Sweat Bubble on the back of Their neck


The specs of the PS4 are so ahead of the Wii U, I’m afraid Nintendo will be left out of third-party ports in a few years. I’m happy the Wii U is getting WatchDogs, but that’s not enough. Where’s the announcement for Destiny or other high-profile games? Will we have to wait till E3? I actually have a PC that’s just as capable, if not more than the PS4, but Sony is really pushing the boundaries of a social-connected platform. Nintendo needs to prove MiiVerse will be the killer app it can be. Where is the achievement system integrated with MiiVerse? Where is MiiVerse on the PC, smartphones, and 3DS? Nintendo needs to speed up their game development and updates. They need to get with the times. Gamers want fast easy access to achievements, trophies, friends, social networks, ect. That’s what next generation is about, and Nintendo is off the boat right now. Can Nintendo recover? We’ll have to wait till E3 to see.

Better Bring your A++++ game at E3 Nintendo 


Nintendo said they were going after the core gamer with Wii U, yet they have failed to drum up enough excitement for a lot of gamers. Xenoblade 2 and Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem are fantastic, but we need more. Nintendo has to come out swinging at E3. Metroid, Zelda, Smash Bros, Mario Kart, 3D Mario, Xenoblade 2, Bayonetta 2, and more all have to be at E3 playable. 3rd parties will not be loyal to Nintendo just because they launched first.

Business as Usual 

pokemon yay

Nintendo will profit this generation and be successful, but major changes are needed if Nintendo wants to keep up momentum when the PS4 and Xbox 720 launch. Expect more deals between Nintendo and 3rd parties for exclusive Wii U games. Not every developer will have the budget for PS4 and Xbox 720 games. Nintendo will get the left overs for sure. However, will Nintendo be able to run games in 1080p 60FPS like PS4 games? This could potentially a big problem for mutli-platform games. If Watch Dogs runs at 60 FPS and 1080p on the PS4 and the Wii U version is 720p 30 FPS, a lot of people will opt for the PS4, Xbox 720, or PC versions of multi-platform games. Then developers won’t support the platform because their games aren’t selling.

Ending the Nintendo is Going to End-up like Sega Debate once and for all


Nintendo is already planning their next console, last month we got the word Nintendo unified their hardware and portable R&D divisions. Nintendo’s next console will probably come out sooner than later. I don’t see them waiting six years to release their next console. Those who are calling doom to Nintendo if the Wii U fails are misinformed and don’t realize how much money Nintendo has. Nintendo literally has a Scrooge McDuck vault full of money in the bank. Nintendo is not going the way of Sega nor is the Wii U the Dreamcast. Sega was damn near bankrupt when they launched the Dreamcast. The failings of the Sega Saturn, 32 X, Sega CD, and Nomad took its toll on their bank account. The Dreamcast was their last hurrah. I expect Nintendo to release their next system in 2016. Developers and third-party publishers like power, and the Wii U seems to be a little lacking in that department compared to the PS4 and Xbox 720. If Nintendo wants to get third-party games five years from now, they need to have a stronger system. Valve’s Steambox will also be out by then, which could be vastly superior to every console on the market.

Nintendo is Holding out on us


The Wii and DS made Nintendo a boatload of cash, I’m surprised they didn’t put more juice into the Wii U. I know it’s easy to play Monday morning quarterback, but it’s disappointing when Nintendo so grossly underestimated the capabilities of the ‘next-gen’ systems from Sony and Microsoft. Sony looks to have a bunch of developers on board as well. The next Final Fantasy game is a lock for the PS4, is Nintendo going to miss out on blockbusters like Final Fantasy and the Deep Down game from Capcom?

That Damn Wii U CPU 


Sony showed Nintendo how to unveil a system. Nintendo, take notes and do a better job with the Wii U 2 or Wii 3. Put enough power so games can run at 60 FPS in 1080p no problem. And for the love of god, get rid of that Wii/GameCube hybrid – CPU in the Wii U. I still love Nintendo and their games, but they need to make sure their platforms are powerful enough for 3rd party developers to make clean ports of PS4 and Xbox 720 games with no hit in graphics or frame-rate. I’m interested to see if the PS4 gets a larger variety of games this generation compared to the last generation. Shooters dominated last generation, so I’m hoping we see a bit more variety in the line-up.  I’m still a little worried about the PS4, but I’m really impressed by what Sony has accomplished.

I’m disappointed with Nintendo, but we all make mistakes. Here are my three sticking points Nintendo needs to follow for the Wii U

1. The Wii U should not be on the market for more than 5 years. The Wii U 2 or Wii 3 needs to come out in 2016-2017 and be a major leap over the PS4 and Xbox 720. Backwards capability with Wii U software and accessories standard. No streaming BS. 

2. Nintendo needs to learn how to build better functionality of social features into their systems. A universal achievement system is needed by E3, no questions asked. MiiVerse needs to expand and become the killer social app Nintendo wants it to be. 

3. Develop games faster and with more functionality. The New Super Mario Bros series has been around since 2006. There is no reason or excuse for the absence of online multiplayer in New Super Mario Bros U or Nintendo Land for that matter. 

What do you guys think of the Wii U and the PS4. Has Nintendo completely dropped the ball? Is a new system needed by 2016 or later? Put them in the comments below.

PS. Bravo Sony…. great reveal, can’t wait to pick up a PS4.

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  • Kitsune

    I am also disappointed in Nintendo but it was a given.. They dug themselves into a hole in the first place by "chump changing" the Wii U's functionality. To be honest, the Wii U is going to be as far behind the "720" and PS4 just like the original Wii is far behind when compared to the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. E3 is their last hope. You were right on the money with this article Francis. I hope they step it up and stand their ground to show they are still willing to please their gaming audience. Attempting to live off of reboots of their own games over and over is just going to hurt them in the long run. Especially when they don't improve them (for the better). We'll have to ride it out and see what happens at E3..

  • MGV

    Well, that would only suck if Ninty really does have plans to release a new console so soon… at least for those who just purchased a WiiU. They did do the same with the GameBoy Advance by releasing the DS 3 years after.

    • Furious Francis

      We should see a new console from Nintendo by the end of 2016 latest 2017.

  • chadboban

    You guys commenting calling this a troll article have no idea how many articles Francis has written in defense of Nintendo. The thing is he doesn't let his love of Nintendo or Sony blind him from seeing their faults. Now I love both Nintendo and Sony and plan to get both consoles because of the exclusives they offer me, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna look away when I see Sony or Nintendo making mistakes. For example, Sony saying they won't drop the price of the Vita in North America is a huge mistake as the thing is not only flopping in Japan, but everywhere, also I think the should've at least made the DS3 usable on the PS4 for cloud gaming PS3,PS2 and PS1 games at least, so that folks won't have to go out and but even more controllers should they want to play some local multiplayer games. Nintendo also needs to improve the marketing of the Wii U and get some more games on the thing (which i have no doubt they'll do, Nintendo first party games are top tier in their quality). Nintendo have an open window here, until holiday 2013, and in that time they HAVE to make people want the Wii U and I'm sure they can do it if they put their minds to it (not to mention we haven't even seen what Retro is working on, which I'm sure will be nothing short of stunning).

  • Furious Francis
  • Durran

    You sound POWWARRR obsessed. You basically have no idea how game development will work this next gen, or where the Wii U will fit into it… do you.

  • Stealth20k

    this article is a joke of someone using generalizations, half truths

    We already know Nintendo's gonna have a great E3. They said the new Mario, Zelda, and Smash Bros. were gonna be revealed.

    I'm pretty sure the Wii U is 1080p and 60FPS.

    There's no way Nintendo is gonna release another new console this quickly. I highly doubt any would sale unless like it's as powerful as PCs or it can do your chores or it can cure diseases.

    Oh. The guy who wrote this wants their next console to come out in 5 years. Nevermind. But I still think they should wait until gen 9 definitely begins, just so there's no more confusion.

    An accomplishment system is totally useless. I don't get why it became so popular. I'll only want it to come if you get prizes for the accomplishments, like trophies of Nintendo characters (similar to SSBM and B), or a small amount of eShop credit.

    "There is no reason or excuse for the absence of multiplayer in New Super Mario Bros U or Nintendo Land for that matter." What's he talking about? There's multiplayer in both.

  • hfih

    this article is a joke of someone using generalizations, half truths

    shitty article

    • joseph

      this article reads the same way that i feel! i was a killer nintendo fan, but not anymore. nintendo has burned me for the last time. i have a wii u and am waayy disappointed. all the homies laugh at me cuz i was bragging about the wiiu and it ended up barely on par with current gen! no system based voice chat??!!! are u kidding me??? sloppy childish operating system!! i thought the wiiu was gonna be more hardcore??? not!!! silly theme music of the wii u makes me realize that nintendo just doesnt get it dawg! it ntakes 45 seconds just to answer a video call while im playing a game!!!! by the time that slow trash video chat loads up, my friends have been hung up!!……. waaaakkkk!!!!

      • Furious Francis

        There going to fix the OS so I\’m not mad about that. By on \”par\” you mean a little bit better. Because Need for Speed Most Wanted on Wii U looks a lot better than the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions. But yeah, they need voice chat and more features. I\’m not sure what your talking about with the music. I mean you can just mute it if you want.

        Yeah, Nintendo has misjudged what gamers want a bit. They better basically relaunch the Wii U. The Spring and Summer updates and games are critical to the Wii U\’s success from here on out.

  • tanto

    you troll nintendo every time. This article is written like someone who doesnt have a damn clue