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An Interesting take on Nintendo not Holding a Major Press Conference at E3

Wii U E3 2012

Thomas Whitehead over at NintendoLife.com has a very well written, and interesting take on Nintendo shaking things up at E3. Check it out below. 

Via NintendoLife.com

So here’s how the E3 game is supposed to be played by the three major game manufacturers. They appear at E3, talk up how exciting it’s going to be, and then hold a high-profile press conference that’s viewed by thousands of gamers before being mercilessly dissected. At that point senior figures conduct interviews to talk up what was revealed, and much debate is had about who “won E3”, with a focus typically on those three major press conferences. That’s the game, and Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony are all supposed to play it.

Except Nintendo has decided not to play. If this was a playground, Nintendo would be saying “I’m taking my ball over here instead, and I’m going to bounce it and kick it however I want”, as Microsoft and Sony go back to some enthusiastic arm-wrestling. Satoru Iwata informed investors, and those of us snooping at the President’s Presentation targeted at those moneyed men and women, that Nintendo would instead host its own smaller events, meetings and presentations:

At the E3 show this year, we are planning to host a few smaller events that are specifically focused on our software lineup for the U.S. market. There will be one closed event for American distributors, and we will hold another closed hands-on experience event, for mainly the Western gaming media. Also, I did not speak at last year’s presentation, and I am not planning to speak at these events at the E3 show this year either.

Apart from these exclusive events for visitors, we are continuing to investigate ways to deliver information about our games directly to our home audience around the time of E3. We will share more information about them once they have officially been decided.

During the E3 period, we will utilize our direct communication tools, such as Nintendo Direct, to deliver information to our Japanese audience, including those who are at this financial briefing, mainly focusing on the software that we are going to launch in Japan, and we will take the same approach outside Japan for the overseas fans as well.

Check out the rest of the article on NintendoLife.com 

– Their user base seems to be split. A lot of people want Nintendo continue doing Nintendo Directs and have a large scale press conference. It seems like most of you guys think it’s a good idea to forgo the big conference and focus on other ways to engage consumers.

Either way, a lot of people are going to be looking at what Nintendo does at this year’s E3.

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  • Daniel Gutierrez

    I'm Mixed on this decision on that Nintendo isn't doing a major press conference. I can see why people are not happy Nintendo not doing a press conference and that it will hurt spreading the word about the wii-u. but at the same time im not that disappointed as long as new nintendo games are shown like smash bros 4 and a new 3D Mario game. because in reality i want to see new games announced and release dates for many of games everybody wants know about. So i think the Nintendo Direct will do just that and have a very long presentation showing off the new games and trailers for nintendo fans. Yes i know only hardcore Nintendo fans watch the Nintendo Direct and that's fine. why?. because internet sites like IGN and Gamespot and Machinima and Gametrailers will cover the new games nintendo is releasing this year and people will know about. If you're a gamer you want to know everything on whats going on in the gaming industry. You dont need an event like E3 to know what games are coming out. and i think people are getting overblown that the fact that nintendo is not doing a traditional E3 major press conference. Look at Sony when they announced the PS4 back at February . They didn't need to host their own event but they did. Now look at Microsoft with their own Xbox event coming in May. Yes their still having a press conference in E3 but they have a good reason. Their both releasing new Hardware and everybody wants to know about the features, specs and most importantly price. All i'm saying is that Microsoft and Sony also do their thing just like Nintendo so i hope some people calm down and understand its not the end for nintendo for doing something different like not hosting an E3 press conference.

  • koopzilla

    I think the worst thing about this whole thing is it has brought the Nintendo is doomed crowd out in full force. I just watched a video on youtube talking about the positive and negatives of it in a fair unbiased way.

    …Then I scrolled down and looked at some of the comments and was reminded of the massive amount of ignorance on youtube. So many people saying Nintendo is doomed. People saying Microsoft and Sony are the only ones who innovate. That just blows my mind when I hear people say that. Their main thing every time is just make the graphics better. As far as I'm concerned Nintendo are the true innovators, taking chances on coming up with new ways to play games, then everyone follows suit when they realize it's successful. Somebody was saying he won't pay $500 for the dumbest console ever made that only has one good game (NSMB). As if Nintendo are not going to make any more games for it, and they are shopping at some crazy place selling Wii U's for $500. One guy was saying that Nintendo themselves stated that they are in massive debt, and can't afford to make a system as powerful as the PS4. Which obviously is just plain wrong, they just had the most successful console and handheld of last generation, have tons of money in the bank, and could just do what Sony and MS are doing, but choose to differentiate themselves from the competition. All kinds of people were saying the Wii was a massive failure. Since when is outselling all the competition considered a failure? I don't know where the hell people come up with this shit. Makes me think people actually do listen to the crap Pachter says.

    • Titan64

      Did Nintendo kick a puppy to garner that much hate? Reading a comment section, besides this one, of any website is just depressing. Hell one time and this is true, the comment section was so bad, I didn't go on the internet for one day. It was that bad. I wonder what store they would be going to have Wii U's sell that high because that is ridiculous. If anything, Nintendo played it smart in the 7th gen by opting for a low powered system because they knew they were not ready for HD consoles while Sony and Microsoft have taken a hit from HD. And when Nintendo finally had an HD console, the doomed crowd hated it and continured. If Nintendo kicked their puppy, it was probably scrappy doo (obscure reference ftw).

      • koopzilla

        Well, to be fair I've wanted to kick Scrappy Doo since I was a kid. I used to get so pissed when an episode came on that had Scrappy Doo in it, he'd just ruin the whole episode. I love animals, but if Nintendo kicked Scrappy Doo, I would applaud them for it. LOL.

        Yeah, I know I should stay away from comment sections on many sites, especially on youtube, some people can be so cruel, or show such an extreme lack of intelligence.

        • Titan64

          This might get out of hand but If Scrappy doo came onto a Nintendo Direct wearing a "I hate Nintendo" T shirt, saying that trademark phrase "Puppy Power" and Iwata backhands him into the wall, that would be the single most badass thing ever. But that is getting out of hand. The sheer stupidity of Youtube comment sections would make an interesting college lecture.

    • timg57867

      Don't worry. They'll be singing a different tune by this Christmas. Let those fools enjoy it while they can…

      • Furious Francis

        Oh yeah.,… they will be. A new Mario, Watch Dogs, Splinter Cell, Mario Kart, Zelda, and more

    • RicardJulianti

      The internet sucks. I really get the feeling that most of the people who make comments like that aren't old enough to remember playing the NES or Atari as a kid. At best PSX.N64, but more likely PS2/Xbox….teens, possibly some in their 20's, but clearly no level headed rational adults. When they say that Sony or MS are the ones who innovate, I like to read off this little list of things Nintendo brought to home console gaming (other than saving the industry itself of course)

      Start/Select buttons, D-pad, Saved games (for crying out loud), analog control stick, camera controls in a game, rumble, peripherals (Light Gun, Super Scope), motion gaming (bringing up the NES Power Glove when they say Sony made it with the Eyetoy), portable gaming (not home console gaming, but it bares mentioning), Episodic downloadable games (Famicom Stellaview), 2 screen gaming (GBA/Gamecube link cable, maybe something before that even, and of course DS), Shoulder buttons, Wireless controllers,…..who innovates again?

      I could go into a whole thing talking about all the points you mentioned….but I'm just not feelin it. I agree with you, people are dumb. haha

  • RPX850

    Hi, First Time.

    Nintendo has a bigger issue at E3 than just game announcements. They have to deal with distribution (retailers), analysts (finance guys) and media (press) about the concern with the WiiU. As that console is flopping badly at the moment and that people need to wait until after the second Holiday season to determine its place in the home console market.

    Nintendo need to focus on controlling the message of WiiU throughout E3. Can Nintendo do that is going to the question? The answer or results is after E3 occus.

    • RicardJulianti

      That's why I see Nintendo's E3 strategy as a smart move. Instead of giving the usual single press conference that talks to everyone at the same time, they are dividing it up.

      Everyone gets exactly what they want out of E3 directly from Nintendo. Gamers get games without all of the sales and marketing fluff that they don't care about. The press is getting one on one time with Nintendo, hands-on demos in a smaller press conference that isn't being streamed, before the show starts and without the public booth issues (lines, time…dumb people). Business partners (investors, analysts, retailers, distributors etc) will be shown games that will increase the appeal of the system, but will mostly talk sales and marketing strategy and how Nintendo plans to move 6m units (9m cumulatively) over the next year and other business stuff…..they care less about "Look at this awesome trailer! and more about "We are going to bundle Mario Kart with the Deluxe Wii U for $329!"

      It is interesting that you say the console is "flopping badly". Yes sales fell off a cliff when there weren't any games, but overall it isn't doing all that poorly. Nintendo has moved 3.45m units in 4.5 months. Granted, that is "shipped" but they have gotten their money from those units. Retailers don't take a chunk of the money they earn from sales and ship it off to Nintendo, they pay for a quantity of units at a discount that would give them their profits once sold. The Xbox 360 had a lead over the other two consoles of somewhere between 6.9-7.6m units from what I can find (sources vary wildly). so the Wii U is right around the halfway mark in less than 6 months on the market.

      I see it more as a fish out of water type scenario. Everything was going fine until something unexpected happened and now the console is hopping around, still alive but trying to find its way back to where it can thrive. The unexpected circumstance was EA actively pulling and cannibalizing support and Ubisoft getting scared. People claim that Nintendo "needs" third party support, so they got it and gave 3rd parties what they wanted, which was room to breathe away from the crushingly dominant sales of their first party titles. 3rd parties didn't hold their end of the deal, which led to where we are today.

      You should usually wait until after at LEAST the second holiday season to determine the console's place in the market, especially when the competitors aren't out yet. If the first 5 months of the 360 determined how it would ultimately perform, it would be sitting just about where/below where the Wii U is now. The PS3 would have been a massive failure, which simply isn't the case.

      People had a very poor outlook on the 3DS and Nintendo managed to get that fish back in the water and now it is absolutely dominating everything else on the market. I believe they are fully capable of doing just that for the Wii U. E3 is going to be huge, so I'm glad there is little over a month (!!!) until we find out what's in store. Nintendo's franchises in HD for the first time? It's going to be hard even for the most dissuaded to resist.

      Welcome to the site! Don't worry I comment like this all the time, it's not just you, haha.

  • Aika

    Great article you made. 🙂

    • RicardJulianti


      I plan to have another one out sometime before the next Xbox reveal, so look out for that. I'll have my realistic predictions for each company at E3, and probably a few "out there" predictions too.

  • Aika

    Mostly I hate like other website bash wii u, give no praise about it, for me I love the wii u alot I hope they announce more games or dates.

    • Aika

      not trying be fangirl, I love nintendo and sony.

      • RicardJulianti

        I agree with both of these statements. Other sites generally bash the Wii U and Nintendo in general. IGN for instance had "No E3 Conference for Nintendo" as a headline, which is misleading. Nintendo is having a press conference, it just isn't going to be anything like the others. It's a smaller gathering with hands-on demos and won't be streamed on the internet.

        During the Wii U game drought, hardly any site was reporting on the many indie developers announcing games and praising Nintendo for their indie-friendly approach. IGN (again) had a developer commentary for NFS that was very positive, but never posted it on the front page, they only put it on the Wii U page. Other developer commentaries get posted around twice on the main page.

        My article: http://playeressence.com/the-wii-u-might-be-getti… was posted on N4G and there were lots of comments that were bashing it and the Wii U seemingly for no reason other than they don't like Nintendo. As you can see by the comments there, it is getting very positive remarks, and I believe it is close to 2,000 total views.

        No worries, Nintendo will absolutely be making announcements of games and release dates. W101 is supposed to be out before the end of June, Retro's game was supposed to be shown at last year's E3, Smash Bros will be shown, Mario and Mario Kart will be given release windows (that Nintendo is likely to meet), Wind Waker will probably be given a date, there will likely be a few surprises too.

        I grew up with Nintendo, but I also have a 360, a PS3, and plan on getting a PS4 eventually. Nintendo gets far more hate than they should, especially considering if they didn't exist, neither would the game industry.

      • Furious Francis

        You're good Aika! Welcome to the site!

  • sergio111293

    Man, E3 is getting closer & closer. Every time you turn around, Nintendo keeps on surprising us with new plans & ideas.
    I hope this new strategy works for them.
    I think a Nintendo Direct E3 Special would blow a regular E3 conference out of the water & its just getting me more excited. 🙂

  • Frank Urbanski

    Man. I honestly cannot wait for E3 now. This one's going in the history books. Two new consoles and Nintendo's rogue-like approach. I get that people are worried about the change, but how can you not be excited about this year? The last half of 2013 on to 2014 is gonna be crazy.

  • MrSiIver

    Never been a fan of sites like NintendoLife, and MyNintendoNews. The communities there are just awful places to be. I'm also not a fan of the articles these places put up to attract trolls for clicks, and hits. With that said, he did bring up an "interesting" interpretation of this situation.

    Like I've said before, in my opinion E3 is irrelevant, and it has been for years. I've found that many people who are still hanging on to E3 to be traditionalists. They want a conference, because thats the way it's always been. Personally though, I'd rather have short meaningful Nintendo Directs than one long conference full of business malarkey.

    Companies are realizing that they can use the net to get their messages out more cost efficiently. Instead of having to rely on press, and throwing business circuses.

    • Guest

      Nintendolife isn't as bad as MyNintendoNews or WiiUdaily but the chatter between the "fans" can still get bad…I should know since I signed up on Nintendolife. 😛

      • MrSiIver

        So far this is the only gaming based website I've found that I feel is worth posting on. We have a small community, but we all pretty much all know each other, and thats cool. It's kind of like being part of a family. Francis does a great job with the site, and he's one of the few people in the gaming media that I feel has integrity.

        He doesn't allow trolls to come to the site, and then ignore it so that he can get more clicks from arguments. Nor does post troll articles that will create arguments. It's a very positive community, and I'd like to think that while we all are sure to have different opinions on a number of subjects. We're all still friends here. In an internet gaming community, thats unheard of.

        • Guest

          Yeah, I think I am going to stop posting as Guest and sign up soon!

          • MrSiIver

            Go for it, we'd all be glad to have you!

          • Furious Francis

            Yeah man, that sounds good.

          • timg57867

            Just did! I am the guest! Pleasure to be on board Francis! :3

          • Furious Francis

            What up TimG! I see you a lot on my YouTube! Glad to have you identifiable now!

        • RicardJulianti

          A positive gaming community? Better put a stop to that! *ignorant comment* *Ignorant comment* *flaming* *trolling*


          Even though the community is still small, I have noticed it growing recently. I feel like the thumbs up system works pretty well too and I rarely see downvoted comments. Not sure who it was, but I saw someone mention how level headed we all are on that EA article. Even though EA blows chunks generally (Dante's Inferno was pretty sweet imo), we don't think that the employees are terrible people that need to be layed off. On other sites it pretty much is *ignorant comment* and so forth.

          We all may have our disagreements, but it never flies off into raging arguments. It kind of reflects on the industry as a whole. The big sites are full of just…..fools to put it nicely….who think that their opinion is the law of the land and their company is the best thing ever while others should just give up. They take joy in the misfortunes of others. The bigger games also have all sorts of trolls and whiny fanboys and children who scream obscenities because you beat them in a match. It's ridiculous!

          There is no reason why we can't all just be tolerant and enjoy what we enjoy while others do the same and that's what we do here. As the site grows, hopefully it keeps up. I comment far more often here than I used to on IGN and I barely visit there anymore. Really IGN used to be okay……then the Wii fell off and the Wii U happened. Now it's a cesspool, even among the staff.

          • GeneralBrown178

            I agree, IGN is one of the worst gaming sites IMO. That site is just full of trolls(Even the Staff are Trolls lol).

          • Furious Francis

            The IGN staff are some of the biggest fanboys in journalism. Especially the IGN PlayStation Team.

          • RicardJulianti

            Seriously. I made the mistake of watching part of their NVC vidcasts discussing the 3DS announcements, and everything was going fine until one guy started talking about LttP2 being a rehash and so on. Then they jumped on the Wii U for not being 100% perfect right out of the box…..while the 360 was plagued with issues as was the PS3 (YLOD and that price tag, and the very frequent SKU revisions). Audrey was the only one not flying off the handle and blindly bashing things, but still admitted to the faults.

            Being Nintendo's first step into HD, they have done a great job. The speed update came out 5 months after the console released while MS didn't even acknowledge RROD for a long time and didn't actually fix the problem for 3 whole years. THAT is messed up. The "NXE" has made the system slower….mine takes over a minute to a minute and a half to boot up….the OG 360 was never that bad. Wii U marketing has been abysmal and the drought could have been avoided, but there were never "promises" as they suggested, only plans. Plans can be broken as things outside of their control happen.

          • Titan64

            LttP2 is a rehash….excuse me I have to find a desk to facedesk. From the trailer, it looked different from the first one by oh idk..the paper link, the magic meter being refilled, the new level designs..hello? Ign, I gave up on them a long time ago when they did the review of Sonic Unleashed in the most blatant misinformation of Critique ever. Now that I hear, they are just Asshat Pachter and Blackbond on steroids: Trolling for the sake of tears. Oh yeah when Sony or Microsoft and in some cases Valve fuck up, we forgive them but when Nintendo fucks up, its like WW3. Yes, we all hold Nintendo to a higher standard and I will admit, they are not perfect but when there is some bullshit, we have to call it out. Xbox and its RROD, Sony and the PSN Debacle, and Valve for even allowing War Z to come back on Steam. Selective Outrage much.

          • RicardJulianti

            He probably just saw that the overworld was the same and was like, "REHASH!"……it's a sequel set in the same world, why should it be different? The dungeons aren't the same and they will help showcase the 3D that many developers seem to mostly chuck in because they can. It's actually kind of similar to the Wii U situation in that Nintendo will be showing ideas with the gamepad that no one else thought of or cared enough to implement. They will show that the "hook" for their system is viable and can be used extremely well. Niintendo had it out of the gate with the Wii and Wii Sports, but relied too heavily on third parties (that people said they "needed") for the 3DS and Wii U.

            I understand WHY they picked Moriarty to do the Castlevania review since he is a big fan of the series, but he couldn't leave his expectations at the door. That is rule #1 for journalists of any kind, leave out the bias…..I know that and I wasn't even a journalism student. For a movie or game I am super hyped about, I leave all of that behind when it starts. Same goes for games that get bashed like crazy….Alone in the Dark is regarded by most to be this horrendous game that should be avoided at all costs. I still bought it, and I enjoyed it actually. Some things weren't the best, but I still had fun playing it.

            IGN overall has shown their incredible bias during the Wii U drought. Instead of posting all of the positive press indies were giving Nintendo, praising them and announcing games….IGN ignored it all. They had a developer commentary about NFS in which the developer said that he loved the Wii U and that "it punches well above it's weight" for how much power it draws, praises the system for what it can do. IGN doesn't post it on the front page, at all. Other dev commentary videos get posted at least once, maybe up to 3 times with different headlines to draw more clicks.

            People were certainly outraged over the PSN screw up and the $599 price tag, but does anyone mention it anymore? No, they praise Sony for PS plus and for their "supercharged PC" (that is weaker than current dedicated gaming pc's now). Yet Nintendo has a console that sells slowly after a couple months (3.45m in 4.5 months is nothing to scoff at, it's around half the 360's lead even) and it's straight to, "It's the Gamecube all over again!!!! Nintendo is DOOOOOM3D1!!!"

            Get real, folks.

          • Titan64

            Ricard, have you been looking at my list for games we played? I have played Alone in the Dark and Projared summed it up. A game with great ideas but had many flaws behind it. IGN is full of trolls and now that joke is becoming a reality. Can't Spell Ignorant without IGN. And I think you summed it up well, or someone else did I believe: IF its shiny, people will buy it. Also have you heard anything about Iwata's comments. Basically he was going over some business talk but one section about the Wii U made me…well…is smile the right word. Here it is:

            to fix this by creating a situation in which third parties not currently actively supporting Wii U will regret that decision once third parties that did support it start to produce hits on the system.

            He could've worded it like "We will show third parties that the Wii U is a nice system for them" but he went all bad ass on it. I don't think Iwata is, Ironically, not playing any games anymore.

          • RicardJulianti

            Yeah, I saw that comment from Iwata…..sounds like revenge mode to me, almost like he is confirming the EA bull. Those Nintendo Ninja's are out for blood, haha.

            I don't think he is referring simply to things like Watch Dogs or Splinter Cell either. Probably more along the lines of W101 and Bayonetta, with possibly some surprises. Exclusives.

            Watch Dogs and Splinter Cell are great wins for Nintendo, and I plan on picking up at least Watch Dogs on the Wii U, but I don't know if they are the kind of thing that will make other third parties "regret not support[ing]" the system because they will be massive hits on the Wii U. The Wii U install base can only grow and it is already about halfway to where the 360 was with its lead. I fully believe Iwata knows about at least 1 exclusive that is going to be a surprise and will be a hit. Okami news is supposed to break next week, and the Wii version sold better than the PS2 version after all….

            The way Nintendo words things overall can be quite mysterious at times. Reggie said that "…as we prepare for E3, the pace of launches for Wii U is going to dramatically increase." In the interview he had just talked about the 3DS having new games over the next nine months, so why would he say the Wii U thing that way? He could have said "after E3" or "over the course of the year", but he didn't.

            Granted, he could be referring to the games coming out in May mostly. RE:Revelations, Fast&Furious, Sniper Elite V2, LEGO DC 2, Deus Ex, eShop whatevers and VC titles. W101 and Wii Fit are both still Q2 titles though and I feel like with all of the media coverage they have been giving, they would have announced if they were delayed.

          • Titan64

            Yeah Nintendo is kinda weird in that sense. One minute you can be talking about something, next thing, Nintendo throws a curveball, sometimes bad, but other times awesome. There was this list going around with a bunch of titles being set up in the fall so he could've been referring to that. Or I can just stop speculating because its hurting my head lol. But Iwata is definitely out for blood. And about that Okami news, I believe it is going to be an Okami game announced for the Wii U given that the sequel did sell good. And often, when it comes to Nintendo, Capcom doesn't fuck around (Well except for Mega Man Legends 3, still pissed capcom). If they are going to do Okami, I wonder what other mythology they could do with the series. ( wouldn't mind egypt cause okami would fit nice in there).

          • Titan64

            I remember going to G4, thank god I don't anymore after the travesty review known as Other M (REALLY?! SEXISM?!), and it was about Dante's Inferno and people just tore that game a new one because it was a ripoff of God of War. I found Dante's Inferno to be more interesting then God of War mainly because its loosely based off the actual Dante's Inferno.(And because Christian [Mythology]…dont want to start flame wars here), and I found some of the gameplay elements to be interesting. Although all I did was spam Cross because they costed nothing and did some good damage. And It reminded me of the old castlevania. In fact, Castlevania imo, created the hack and slash genre. Aside from my off topic nature, I found that review to be honest about the game but you know, the community hates it because its cool to hate something not in the traditional view.

        • Furious Francis

          @Mr. Silver – I really appreciate the praise man. I do my best for you guys, and I want playeressence to be a friendly community.

          Yes, you are correct. I will not post troll bait, or anything from Michael Pachter. I want a positive community here.

          • GeneralBrown178

            Good thing I signed up to this Website Then 🙂

  • Titan64

    I still find it to be a good idea if they do it right. Who knows what might happen but I can probably guess. We might still get the big showroom with games and games alone and have others on the side. They may send Reggie or hell even Iwata to meet with the "main stream media" We have to wait and see how it will play out but I believe its still a good idea. But one thing I will mention is that people seem to believe E3 is this big ass event that gets covered by the general media but in reality, it might get one news story and thats it.

    • Guest

      Yeah. E3 is NOT as important as all these websites and people on the Internet are making it out to be. Seriously, if Nintendo is able to pull this off, than the people who run E3 had better make some HUGE changes cause once Nintendo pulls off a successful gimmick, you can expect the rest of the flock to follow!

    • RicardJulianti

      People just like to harp on the fact that Nintendo isn't making a big expensive press conference. Some people still think they aren't meeting with the press at all for crying out loud.

      I don't get why people think that about the "main stream media" either….sure CNN and the like will run stories on it, that they snag from IGN, N4G, CVG, and so on….but they will tuck it away in the Technology and Media section of their site, which is usually near the bottom Getting on Jimmy Fallon would be big though since he has a whole "Video Game Week" and is a big gamer. I think he does it the week of E3, or the week after. He doesn't discriminate on games though, he had the Wii U on his show after it was unveiled even without games to play. I don't regularly watch but I wouldn't be surprised if he had it last year too.

      Miyamoto did a big press tour……when Nintendo didn't really have too terribly much to talk about, they will definitely have a big push around E3. Iwata, Reggie, Trinen and Miyamoto will likely all give interviews and show off things, maybe even the director of whatever Retro is working on as it will likely be a big showcase title.

  • wooferz

    You guys have to stop blindly following and agreeing with the decisions Nintendo makes. THINK FOR YOURSELVES SOMETIMES! …Sorry but I just had to say it.

    • wooferzee

      -4? My point proven. Fanboys can't take any criticism.

      • wooferzee

        More downvoting? Thanks for further proving my point. Learn to take criticism, fanboys. Nintendo is far from a perfect company.

        • revolution5268

          so does the other companies but i dont see you complain about, face it you hate nintendo either way.

          • wooferz

            I hate Nintendo? Really? That's why I typed those comments from my GamePad. Nice job at making baseless assumptions.

        • RicardJulianti

          When I manage to see a response from you that doesn't completely fly off the handle, I will provide a counter argument to your opinion. We could even have a civil conversation about it. So far, whatever you are saying is so incendiary in tone that it gets downvoted into oblivion before I even get a chance to see it. All I see is you calling people fanboys for having a difference of opinion/downvoting you.

          It is okay to have a different opinion, but present it in a calm well thought out manner. This isn't IGN or N4G.

          • Furious Francis

            Nailed it again Ricard. There is nothing wrong with disagreeing with someone, it's just the way you put it that turned people off Wooferz.

            Ricard and I had a disagreement about Bethesda other other day, but we didn't put your disagreements in CAPS locks and try to call each other out. Be civil about it, and you will not get downvoted.

    • Furious Francis

      Your comments are getting deleted because of the down votes.