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Animal Crossing New Leaf – Tourism Trailer

Animal Crossing New Leaf is gearing up for it’s Western release this summer. Nintendo has uploaded a new trailer that shows off the different activities you can expect to do in Animal Crossing New Leaf.

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  • Is this available? if yes, how can we avail?

  • koopzilla

    Looking forward to this. I was pretty burned out on it after the DS one because it was so similar to the Gamecube one, but it looks like they are trying some new things, plus it's been a long time since I played Animal Crossing (I skipped over the Wii one). I just wish they would have done something about the characters hideous faces, even if they just let you use your Mii or something it would have been better.

    • wooferz

      I believe you can use a Mii face for your character.

      • koopzilla

        Really, I haven't heard this. I hope so because I just can't stand that ugly face with the weird eyes and triangle nose. lol.