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Batman Arkham Origins Takes Inspiration from the Legends of the Dark Knight

Batman Arkham Origins is going to be very truthful to the comic books, particularly the Legends of the Dark Knight saga. 

Creative director Eric Holmes discussed this an interview with GameInformer.

“The main inspiration for Arkham origins is the comic book series Legends of the Dark Knight,” 

“It’s a series that started in 1989 and followed in the wake of a big trend of going back in time to examine early career years which I think was started primarily from Batman: Year One.

“Legends of the Dark Knight represented really important stories for the Batman mythologies because every time Batman met someone, or encountered some idea in the world – for example, the Venom drug – it was the first time he’d ever run across it rather than the 80th time.”

Check out the rest of the interview on GameInformer.

Batman Arkham Origins will be released on the Wii U, PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 this October.


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Author: Francis@PE (18964 Posts)

  • koopzilla

    I have to say I'm a little worried for the Wii U version of this. They did an excellent job with Batman Arkham City. But it seems they botched the Wii U version of Injustice from what I've been hearing. Right now Wii U is the most powerful system, Disk storage capacity is far greater than X-Box, the online works perfectly. So why are features left out, video compressed, no ability to play with friends? There is absolutely no excuse. Oh, and we know Wii U can have DLC, Assassins Creed had it, but it looks really iffy if the Wii U version of Injustice will get the DLC at all. This is just completely asinine, and totally unacceptable. I hate to say this, but it's almost as if they made is watered down on purpose to give them the excuse our games won't sell on Nintendo systems later on. Well yeah, why would we buy a version you didn't even try on?

    I have high hopes that they do a great job with this game, but Injustice has put that doubt in my head, and I will be waiting a while after it launches to buy it to make sure. I'd be interested to know your opinion on the whole Injustice thing.

    • Furious Francis

      That's why the Wii U version got delayed in Europe. But remember, that was ED Boons first game with the Wii U. I chalk it up to inexperience with the Wii U. Plus those issues will be fixed with a patch.

      The team working on Origins, has already worked on the Wii U, and from what I'm hearing, it's the lead platform.

      • koopzilla

        I really am hoping this gets patched. I'm not too into Mortal Kombat honestly, I was always way more into Capcom, Namco, or SNK fighters. I have had some good fun with Mortal Kombat though. My wife and son both want this game, but I'm not sure about it right now. My son is really excited about the Batman Beyond suit, which I think is DLC. So I am hoping it gets the DLC, I just don't understand why they won't just come out and confirm it for Wii U when they have already announced it for other systems quite a while back, or if not why we wouldn't get it. So I'm waiting a while on this one.

        I am really hoping the Wii U version of Origins is great, you make a good point about them having worked with the Wii U before.