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Bayonetta 2 Enemies have 3.5x the Number of Reactions as Those in the Original


Bayonetta 2 is a AAA product that involves a multitude of different people with ranging skill sets to complete. In the latest Bayonetta 2 blog update, lead motion designer Takaaki Yamaguchi discusses his role in the Climax Action game of the year.

Hello everybody! I’m the lead motion designer for Bayonetta 2, my name is Takaaki Yamaguchi. I’ve been making motion in action games for over ten years now. That fact is starting to make me feel old.

Anyway, let’s talk about what a motion designer does. We discussed this back in our old Bayonetta blogs as well, but basically, we give movement to anything in the game that requires motion. We end up playing an important role in several areas of the game—making sure all the characters don’t look like they’re stumbling around, getting the main character’s controls to feel right, making enemy movement easy to understand, and so on.

Working on a sequel, it was our job to carry over the feel of the motion from the original Bayonetta, and make it even better. For this blog, I’d like to talk specifically about damage motion for enemies. You know, that motion you see when you land a huge deathblow on an enemy and they get knocked back and explode or whatever. You might have never thought that deeply about it, but for an action game, getting the right reaction out of the enemy after you’ve pulled off a killer combo is absolutely critical. Do a slack job and the thrill of battle will turn into a total letdown. Enemy damage motion is something I’ve always regarded as highly important in the games I’ve worked on. I always am asking myself if there’s not something new I can try to create more satisfying combat than before.

My challenge to myself for Bayonetta 2 was to create the right enemy motion for each attack. We had plenty of enemy reactions that would change depending on what attack Bayonetta performed, but I wanted to take this further for Bayonetta 2. It’ll probably be easier to understand if you just see it, so take a look at the videos below.

This is Bayonetta:

This is Bayonetta 2:

What’d you think? It’s easy to focus on Bayonetta, but if you watch the enemy in both videos, you’ll notice it plays the same motion for each attack in the first video, while in the second, the enemy’s reaction changes based on the kind of attack being performed.

This is just one example from the game, but each little detail like this I think really added up to make a great feeling game overall. Doing a little research, I realized that the enemies in Bayonetta 2 have an average of 3.5x the number of reactions as those in the original.

Well, I could keep writing and posting videos about how this game feels, but obviously there won’t be any way for you to know until you’ve actually put the controller in your hands and are playing the game yourself. If I’ve driven anyone’s curiosity, please try playing the game after its release.

Source: Platinum Games, Thanks Bay2OnWiiU4Life for the tip!

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Author: Francis@PE (12835 Posts)

8 Responses to Bayonetta 2 Enemies have 3.5x the Number of Reactions as Those in the Original

  1. […] 2 is a AAA product that involves a multitude of different people with ranging skill sets to complete. In the latest Bayonetta 2 blog update, lead motiondesigner Takaaki Yamaguchi discusses his role in […]

  2. android138 says:

    day one purchase for me!!!!! cant wait for this to drop.

  3. Freelancepimp says:

    It's the little things that make a big difference.

  4. Bay2OnWiiU4Life says:

    You're welcome, Francis. Bee Tribe have done their homework on enhancing Bayonetta Ultimate and stays true to the Xbox 360 original… everything including the Nintendo exclusive 4 costumes for the Umbra Witch to wear. Platinum Games, meanwhile, have once more pushed the envelope. After looking at the attack reaction, not only it looks more beautiful in HD, but the combo points are more improved than the original counterpart.

    I just can't seem to get rid of that smile out of my face because of the fun, challenge, dedication and love that they have put into a AAA sequel on a Nintendo HD console. I'd be more than grateful for Nintendo and Platinum Games to take my $60 this October.

  5. Maestro says:

    Indeed there is a better reaction from the ennemies where the attack come from, the sound design is really lovely :)

  6. TLH14 says:

    I wonder if they also added new movements to the enemies in the remake. I tried checking the Treehouse Live demonstration, but Kuroda was killing everything so fast I couldn't tell either way.

  7. diendongditch says:

    I never notice that and I'm happy to know. It brings more impact in the fighting and makes it look more realistic. I'm rewatching the first trailer from E3 2013 and I can see it.

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