Nintendo Wii U 4

Best Buy Selling Wii U Basic Set with Nintendo Land for $299.99


Best Buy has a nice deal on the Wii U Basic Set for a limited time only. You can pick up the Basic Wii U Set for $299.99 with Nintendo Land. Nintendo Land usually comes with the Premium Wii U set for $349.99. Nintendo Land as a standalone is $59.99. So there is a nice savings of $50. My thoughts and details below. 

I only recommend buying the Wii U Basic Set if you don’t care about getting points on eShop purchases. The Basic set also doesn’t come with some of the stands you get in the Premium set. Also, the amount of memory is lower in the basic set. The Basic set comes with 8GB, and the Premium set comes 32 GB. However, you can purchase an external HDD for cheap, and control how much memory you need.

Check out my review of the Wii U right here. 

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  • kneehighspy

    hey Francis, I thought I read somewhere today that Nintendo was supposed to announce some new game releases tomorrow for the wiiu. have you heard anything of that nature? just curious as I did pick up a wiiu over the weekend like I mentioned I would on some posts a few days ago.

    only picked up smb wiiu and just curious as to what may be coming down the pike. later.

    • Furious Francis

      Nice, I would get Monster Hunter Ultimate or Need for Speed right now to go along with New Super Mario Bros U. In April we have the update thats supposed to make the console much faster. I would also check out Runner 2 for the Wii U eShop. Injustice Gods Among Us releases next week. In May, you have Deus Ex Human Revolution, and Resident Evil Revelations.

      So quite of bit of stuff to play. But I would really recommend Runner 2 on the eShop. It\’s only 15 bucks. If RPG and action games are your thing, check out Monster Hunter.

      If your looking for a challenge, ZombiU, or Ninja Gaiden might be good for rentals or used for cheap.

      • kneehighspy

        thanks, I think I'll give zombiu a run and see how that goes. thanks again.

        • Furious Francis

          No problem.