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Beyond Good and Evil 2 is a ‘Good Fit’ for Wii U says Ubisoft’s Ancel

Beyond Good and Evil 2 and Rayman Legends creator says that the Wii U would be  a good fit for the much anticipated Beyond Good and Evil 2. He also chimed in about the next Zelda game. Check out what the Legendary creator has to say. 

Ancel had this to say when asked if Beyond Good and Evil 2 is right for Wii U.

“You’re right when you say that both the Wii U and Beyond Good And Evil fit very well, but for now I am only focused on Rayman Legends.”

“That’s [also] why I believe in an incredible Zelda game, the GamePad and classic control fit very well with such action-adventure games.”

– This is a big revelation because a few months ago people were saying that the Wii U couldn’t handle a game like Beyond Good and Evil 2. Well it looks like Nintendo’s got another AAA franchise signed up for Wii U.



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