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Borderlands 2 – Psycho Bandit Becomes a Playable Character in next DLC

Borderlands 2 has never been a game to take itself too seriously, and this next DLC character proves it. The Psycho Bandit, a character you’ve killed in the game, many many times. Will now be a playable character in the next DLC.

Gearbox Software announced the character DLC at PAX East this weekend, with a short but sweet trailer. Krieg, as they call him, will have a special ability that lets his Buzz Axe replenish his health. Krieg has a Hellborn skill tree that allows him to do bonus fire damage when he is on fire (makes sense doesn’t it). The Bloodlust tree will grant Craig bonus damage from explosive kills. The Mania tree is a high risk high reward path. The Buzz Axe will recharge must faster, but turns friendly fire on.


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  • Amigaengine

    Hopefully all proceeds will be sent to Sega as some part of a compensation package for the outstanding bullshit road Randy Pitchford paved with Sega's money.

    • Furious Francis

      Yeah, that was complete BS. Pitchford kinda scammed SEGA. I'm surprised their not taking legal action against them. I would.