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Brazil Nintendo Showcase: Wii U Launch

brazil Wii U

While the PS4 is currently crushing it in Europe right now, the Wii U officially launched in Brazil this weekend. See some of the pictures past the link. 

More details, pictures, and information here. 

Thanks eyeofcore for the tip!

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  • lindyshutterbug

    Off Topic:

    Went by the local mall to see how things were going with the Nintendo Mall experience. Was happy to see a mix of young and old gamers playing, having fun, and taking their picture with Luigi. Seems like most of the kids were playing on the console displays while there were quite a few adults with 3DSes sitting around the area (good place to congregate for a street pass). There was even one person dressed as Mario.

  • timg57867

    With this we can pretty much confirm that the Wii U will easily sell more than zero units there. And in case you're wondering what I am talking about:


    • lindyshutterbug

      Indeed only the rich could afford a PS4 in Brazil. At $800 a Wii U is not something to sneeze at, but PS4 at $1000 more? I wonder what the markup on games in Brazil.

  • blaze91

    wow that's awesome. its nice to see fans at launch enjoying themselves

  • Bloody hell, to think Nintendo was going in Brazil in a very subtle way… I guess I was wrong. Even bringing Charles Martinet along the ride! XD

  • King Slime

    It'sa me Mario!

  • revolution5268

    I'm jelly!