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Rumor: The PS4 will Release in October, Will cost Cost £300

Now Gamer has broken the news that the PS4 will be releasing this October, and will run you 300 Euros. This information comes from Sony Gaming CEO Andrew House. 

House spoke to the British tabloid newspaper The Sun (a really crappy newspaper btw). In the piece, it talks about the PS4 launching this October, for 300 Euros.

Sony is looking to appeal to female gamers more with a broader variety of games. He said “It’s not all about shooting games”. Which is a big departure for Sony. As the company spent a bulk of their money on big budget shooting games like Uncharted, Resistance, MAG, and Killzone.

However, he did add a unnecessary comment saying “We’re not going down the route of making the console pink of course..”

“I think the key is to have people – and increasingly women – with different sensibilities creating different games. It is not all about shoot em up games.”

While this could very well be false, coming from The Sun and all, It looks to be good information. 300 Euros s not cheap, but at the same time, you’re getting a lot when you buy a PS4.

What do you guys think about the launch date and price?


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  • koopzilla

    I don't know. The Sun is about the most unreliable source I can think of. And can Sony afford to lose that much money with this thing in the shape they are in? That's what, $380 or so, that seems like it would be a major loss for them. I would guess between 450 and 598 US dollars. Of course, they could be planning on making up for it in other ways, like paid online or overpriced memory.

    • Furious Francis

      Yeah, I saw The Sun and was hesitant to post it. However, you never know.

  • James Cribbin

    This can't be true, that's cheaper than what the Wii U cost in Europe.

    • Furious Francis

      Sony could be planning on charging for online play. Plus the Wii U has already been getting price cuts everywhere.

      I think Nintendo will announce a new model of the Wii U at E3.

      Premium model with 120 GB Harrdrive, and download code for Nintendo Land for $300 and the old Deluxe model for $250 with no version of Nintendo Land but everything else.

  • darkgamer001

    Imo there is almost no way that it will cost £300 for the tech it supposedly has in it. Either Sony are flat out lying about the supposed specs, or they're taking such a huge loss on each system that it will obviously bankrupt them, or The Sun is making up bs again….and considering how much football (soccer to you americans :P) transfer rumours they make up, yeah…I'm leaning towards the latter.