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CANDLE Indie Kickstarter game uses Direct X11, and is Confirmed for Wii U

candle for wii u

CANDLE, a dynamic graphic adventure, is officially confirmed for Wii U, however, the interesting thing about the game is that it uses Direct X11 shaders for dynamic lighting.

Final Fantasy 15 producer Tetsuya Nomura suggested that Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy 15 can’t be on Wii U because it doesn’t support Direct X11. Either way, check out the Kickstarter video for CANDLE.

Here is what the developers said about bringing the game to Wii U.

“We really want to take Candle to Next-Gen consoles, so we immediately talked to Nintendo and showed them our precious game.”

“We love Nintendo platforms since our childhood has been full of them, so it was natural for us to go for it. We are already thinking about dedicated gameplay on Wii U – we are not doing any kind of quick port. We will designe specific gameplay features for its gamepad: all the menus, inventory and minigames will be tactile-controled on the touchscreen, as well as other unique actions concerning Teku’s candle. We will talk more deeply about this when we start developing all that stuff.”

Thanks pm60 for the tip!

The Official Kickstarter page for CANDLE

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  • Liquid-Sun

    This makes me lose even more respect toward Nomura and Squeenix.
    Exposed by an indie developer. smh

  • guest

    DirectX is a proprietary API owned and used by Microsoft, it is only Used on Xbox and PC. WiiU does not have it, PS3, PS4 does and will not have it. So no, the WiiU DOES NOT support directX, so Square was technically not lying. What the developers are saying is that the graphical effects created with direct X, will be re-created on the WiiU by using other features that are supported by WiiU.

    • Jon Turner

      They still need to be called out on this.

    • Richard

      They were right that it doesn't support it but neither does PS4 so they were lying in that regards and on top of this they said the WiiU couldn't handle it. Do I really have to point to X? Square needs to pull their heads out of their asses and learn to ADAPT like this indie developer. Their a major 3rd party developer with so many other resources so if these guys can adapt then so can they. That's my two cents.

  • Mahrii

    I will support your efforts and thank you for not taking the lazy route. Thanks for sticking by Nintendo and caring enough to give us something special.

  • ryuken13

    This must be some sort of error. All the whining developers say the Wii U is too weak.. How can it handle Direct X 11?? < I am being sarcastic..> It would be nice if the developers were honest about why they don't support Nintendo instead of crapping all over them by saying the console is "weak"..

  • Trilink

    Also if anyone knows why can't i post as Trilink as in my username despite already registering and being logged in on, could anyone shed some light on this?

  • Shannon Kyanzaki

    looks like SE has been exposed by an indie company…sad isn't it…

  • Trilink

    Not an IT teckie at all so apologies if this sounds stupid, but isnt Direct X11 software? So couldnt it be patched into the Wii U at a later date? Or is it not as simple as that?

    • Richard

      The problem is that Microsoft own Direct X so they would have to pay a lot of money.

      • Trilink

        Ahh i wasn't aware of that, but if Microsoft owns Direct X11 dont they also own Direct X10? Which correct me if im wrong, the Wii U uses? Although i would never want to give Microsoft money for anything, so in a sense i dont really blame Nintendo. Also if anyone knows why can't i post as Trilink as in my username despite already being logged in, as opposed to posting as a guest using a name/email below. One more thing how do i change my dp in wordpress? Many Thanks in advance

        • Richard

          No the WiiU uses something else as well as the PS4. I can't remember the whole name but its Opensomething.

          • Jon Turner

            Open GL, I think.

  • Dien

    Anybody thinking indie games like these should have came out more on the original Wii for retail than all the shovelware that was produced on that system?

    Anyways, Kingdom Hearts III on the Wii U please. Cancel the Xbox One version because Microsoft doesn't deserve it and it's a waste of money especially on the Nintendo fans part who helped fund this game.

    • RicardJulianti

      The problem with the Wii was that Nintendo had some seriously crazy limits. Indies described it as being a "nightmare" so….yeah.

      • Jon Turner

        Either way we need to get the word out and let S-E know they are making a mistake. There is no longer an excuse for them NOT to bring us KHIII (although I don't really buy the BS that they are intentionally avoiding WiiU; the real reason seems to be slow sales, not the capabilities).

        • Richard

          The problem with that excuse though is that they will easily make their money back from the Xbox One and PS4 versions alone. If they were to put it on the WiiU it would be just extra money for them.

          • Jon Turner

            So… what's wrong with that? If they brought it to WiiU, then it WOULD be great cash. I don't really think we're NOT going to get KHIII. Once they see the sales for the system, they'll want to jump on the train, too. Something tells me way may see this on WiiU. FFXV probably not, but that series has lost all of its magic since the masterpiece that was FFVI.

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  • Gameroid24

    WOW someone should email this to Square Enix or do something to let them know that we caught them in their lie

  • *NormalGamer*

    The more indies that expose the big third-parties, the better.

    Excited to see more of this game. ^_^

    • *NormalGamer*

      Now that I think about it, I wonder if ‘this’ is what Iwata means about third-parties that aren’t currently supporting the Wii U will regret it later when other developers (Shin’en, Nnooo, VooFoo and now Teku Studios) do much better examples of Wii U support. ^_^

      • Richard

        To me almost all 3rd party companies are dead with the exception of Platinum Games, Sega, and Ubisoft.

  • WSJ4L

    It's funny how these indie devs are more willing to take advantage of the Wii U's power than the big third parties. Keep on making great games and exposing the third party BS, guys 🙂

  • timg57867

    AAAH, Direct X 11 and 1080p are just hype figures. It BARELY offers anything above Direct X 10.

  • Hi guys! Teku Studios here.

    Just to clarify, we will ADAPT our DirectX11 features to Wii U, not that it supports them natively. However, we are very happy with Nintendo and its console, and we think that it well deserves that extra effort 🙂

    Thanks for your comments!

    • RicardJulianti

      I mean, of course it doesn't support them natively since Microsoft owns DirectX 11, haha. The key thing is that it is possible to do what you guys are doing. It annoys most of us that a large studio that is spending tens of millions of dollars on a game can't be bothered to adapt the features to Wii U, but will adapt them to the Playstation 4. They act as if the Wii U doesn't have DX11 equivalent features, which is simply not true.

      Quick question about the Stretch Goal. If the stretch goal isn't met before the campaign ends, does that just mean that the Wii U version will come out later than the PC/Mac/Linux version……or will it not be released at all?

      Anyway, the game looks gorgeous, I love the hand-painted art style. Congratulations on getting the game funded! Also, whoever was wearing the Monkey Island t-shirt in the video is my favorite person, that game was my childhood, haha.

      • The Wii U version is already in development and will come out regardless. However, we are developing it with exclusive features, and adapting its control and minigames to the Gamepad's capabilities. We love on a creative level what Nintendo's new console has to offer, so we don't want to make a quick port. This is why this version will come out several weeks later, since we can't afford that big development team to make everything at once.

        If we reach that stretch goal, we would hire someone else and release all PC, Mac, Linux & Wii U versions simultaneously.

        P.S.: I'm the one wearing the Monkey Island tee xD

        • RicardJulianti

          Excellent! Love to see developers willing to take full advantage of Nintendo's hardware. When they first announce the Wii U, my mind started racing with all of the possibilities. If I had any programming knowledge I would make a game myself, haha.

          I fully believe that developers that are currently "indie" are the future of the industry. Not that all of the larger studios will fold, but in the sense that everyone gets their start somewhere. With things like Kickstarter, it's much easier to get your name out there than before.

          Anyway, keep being awesome! Feel free to stick around the site and comment on articles that interest you.

          • Thanks a lot for your kind words!

            For sure! I'll stick around the site 🙂

          • Maestro

            That's really cool to give some precision, I'm keeping an eye on the game (like a lot other indie games).

            DX11 is just a tool for developer, but I prefer to see how a dev can adapt a thing to another, instead a already-done thing. After all a problem have its answer, it just need a little thought about it, not a mere excuse (unless it is an economic problem)

    • lonelyplayer

      why do you guys chose DirectX when mac, linux, wii/u, ps3/4, vita, 3ds, ios, android don't support it?

      • Richard

        PS4 don't support it either which is even more evidence that Square is full of crap.

      • RicardJulianti

        When developing on PC, I believe it is the only option. Microsoft discontinued support for OpenGL a while ago in order to push DirectX. Considering most things are developed on PC and then ported over to different systems….and now that PC's only include support for DirectX if they use Windows….DirectX is the API of choice.

        DirectX is like the automatic transmission of the API world if I understand everything right. It's easier to use, but with manual transmission (OpenGL) you are able to squeeze out more performance.

        • lonelyplayer

          no, you can develop on "PC" (windows) using opengl. I don't think microsoft have ever supported opengl since it's the direct competition.
          I think the only reason why game devs use DirectX is because its the first API that most them learn.

          here's more info about the subject:

          • RicardJulianti

            From the first link you posted: "On Windows, it's a fact that the DirectX graphics drivers are better maintained than the OpenGL graphics drivers. This is caused by the vicious cycle of vendor support. As game developers are driven from OpenGL to DirectX by other factors, the graphics card manufacturers (vendors) get less bug reports for their OpenGL drivers, extensions and documentation. This results in shakier OpenGL drivers, leading even more game developers to switch from OpenGL to DirectX. The cycle repeats"

            I think I thought they stopped supporting GL because of the FUD campaign they did…..thought they went through with removing support.

            DX is updated for more regularly. It falls into the second reasoning I posted originally. Manual transmission vs automatic. It's easier and the support is better .

          • lonelyplayer

            Actually OpenGL is updated more regularly, DX11 like 1 or 2 years ago, the last version of opengl was released like 1 month ago, just like a the history. OpenGL is not as hard as microsoft (and you?) want us to think, besides writing the game 1 time for all platforms is not as hard as writing the games 2 times (DX for windows, xbox and OpenGL for wii, ps, mac, linux, android, ios).

          • RicardJulianti

            I simply quoted the link you provided which suggests that on Windows systems (where the vast majority of games are developed if they are coming to PC) Direct X drivers are better maintained….which means better updates to them. If you are so well versed in DX, please educate all of us since the only ones who really know what's going on at the moment is Teku Studios.

            I am merely providing speculation.

    • Furious Francis

      Teku, thanks for taking the time to comment on the site. We are all a fan of this game and your work, I would love to review it and put it up on the site, or if you guys want to send me more footage I would be happy to share it with my audience.

    • azj1987

      Thank you for commenting on this site. Your game looks like it will be great. I think that Francis and everyone else involved with this site have helped to create a great community.

  • Matthew Wesley

    "But Squenix said that KH3 isn't coming due to directx 11 being NOT supported on the wii u"… another fallacy debunked. It's crap like this that reaffirms my belief that Squenix isn't going to make it to the next gen… and doesn't deserve to.

  • Mike PF

    *3rd party developers

  • Mike PF

    Wow square you got exposed, exposed! I am loving the indie support in the Wii U, I will be supporting more indie developer then this lazy developers.

  • Richard

    Wait a minute…didn't Square say they weren't going to port KH3 and FF15 to the WiiU because it didn't support DirectX 11? ….Square Enix you bunch of liars!

    • RicardJulianti


      They were exposed the very second they said that since the PS4 doesn't use DX11 either. It's strictly a Microsoft product.

  • sparkticle

    Square Buttface. They were just wrecked by an indie developer. Good way to go, dying company.

    This game is pure art, it's beautiful. The time and effort they're putting into this game looks limitless. Good way to go, growing company.

  • darkgamer001

    Square Enix Exposed

    • Furious Francis

      big time.

  • Maestro

    Indies developers are exited as hell with Nintendo, not the big 3rd party. It really means something, I'm happy to pay for the game that dev put love in it and enjoy their game.

  • sasori obi

    square enix will make an excuse.

    • Furious Francis

      They always do

      • azj1987

        The excuse is that the gamepad does not support Direct X, only the console does. I know that doesn't make sense, but what they end up saying will probably make less sense.

  • UncannyOmninaut

    I already mentioned it on the Project Phoenix article but I'll mention it again.

    SteamWorld Dig is an excellent indie game and it combines metroidvania, rudimentary platforming with Dig Dug an old 80's game. If that is your thing I suggest downloading it now in the PAL 3DS eShop, not certain if it is out yet on the North American eShop.

    • Furious Francis

      I want to play this one.

      • UncannyOmninaut

        I'm kind of addicted to this game at the moment. Man there is way to many games out and coming out. I haven't had time to even play the Wonderful 101 demo because of this game. Not that really matters since the actual game comes out next friday here in the PAL regions. Pre-ordered that already.

    • jesgrad07

      It is out in the US and it is a great game. I suggested it on the Mario & Luigi Dream Team Demo article.

  • GeneralBrown178

    Square Enix? the square I know and love is long dead….
    But on a happy note this game looks interesting.