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Capcom “Disappointed” with Early Darkstalkers Resurrection Sales

Capcom’s US Senior Vice President Christian Svensson is not happy with the early sales numbers of Darkstalkers Resurrection for PSN and XBLA. 

In the Capcom Unity blog, Svensson announced the game did not sell up to expectation.

“Sadly, it’s not as high on that list as it really needs to be to be successful,” he said.

“We’re working on promotions and the like to improve the situation. We’ve not given up. But I’m disappointed in the opening sales response relative to any other fighting title we’ve put out on the same platforms given the frequency and urgency of requests we’ve had here over the last several years and the quality of the execution.”

Svensson went on to say the game was the most fully featured re release of a fighting game Capcom has made.

“And before people jump to the wrong conclusions, I’m not blaming fans who did buy it and supported the brand. I’m very thankful for those guys (thank you, to all of you),” he added.

“I’m more disappointed by my misread of the information in this particular case.”

I’m not sure about these HD remixes of old games. Capcom needs to rethink their strategy when it comes to digital releases. DuckTails is a good start though. Hopefully more people pick up the game.

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  • koopzilla

    If it were on Wii U I would get it because I love Darkstalkers. I don't really see much point in getting it on PS3 at this point since the PS4 won't play those games at all. I hope they don't use this as an excuse not to make an actual new Darkstalkers game though, which I can totally see them doing.

    • Furious Francis

      There totally going to use this as an excuse to not make another DarkStalkers game.