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Capcom had a Metroid Prime Style Mega Man in Development Before it was Canceled


Man, this would have been cool. Capcom greenlit a Mega Man, first person shooter, made by the creators of Metroid Prime in 2010. The game was canceled when Keiji Inafune left the company a few years ago. 

The reboot was code named Maverick Hunter, and was being developed by Armature Studio. Armature Studio was founded by the Metroid Prime Creator. The game was going to take a darker tone than the past Mega Man games, while having the structure of the Mega Man X series.

The game was canned six months into development though. Check out some of the footage of the game, other than the character design, which I’m guessing wasn’t complete, everything looks solid.

You can actually watch the game running through the link here. 

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  • Silver

    I'm not exactly sad that this game got canned.

    With Metroid, the Prime style game-play works. The mechanics of the game translate well to first person view. The biggest thing that made Metroid Prime a great game for me. Is that it was a first person adventurer, not a first person shooter. I personally don't like this style of game-play for Megaman, and I definitely don't want it turned into a FPS, because knowing Capcom. They wouldn't focus on creating an adventure. Just another shooter that sells for the sake of being a shooter. This actually looks looks like it takes more cues from the Transformers War For/Fall of Cybertron series.

    Not to mention I'm a little jaded by the stagnation that is the FPS genre.

    • Furious Francis

      Did you see the video though? It actually looked kinda fun. There was some melee finishers in there, and if upgrades were handled like Metroid Prime\’s, this would be very appealing.

      • Silver

        Yeah I watched the video. That's where I got the whole looks like those Transformers games.