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Capcom’s Profits are half of what Investors Expected, Multiple Games Canceled

Capcom is projecting to make about half of it’s expected year end profits, and because of that, multiple undisclosed projects have been canceled.

Many of these projects were localizations, or new games that would tap the market in 2013 and on. However, Capcom has stated that these project are “no longer compatible with the current business strategy.

” In addition to that, Capcom also said, “In view of the sudden and significant changes in the operating environment of the digital contents business, Capcom reviewed it’s business expansion strategy for the sector and restructured its game development organization.”

Ouch, many of Capcom’s fans have been complaining about a multitude of issues with the company. And just like Square Enix, this is what happens when you don’t listen to the fans. Hopefully Capcom can dig themselves out of this hole.


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  • koopzilla

    Maybe if they didn't spend tons of money making games then cancelling them. Or do so much to piss off their fans. Where the hell is Megaman for his 25th anniversary? And I don't count a crappy i-phone game, or a fan made game they allowed to exist. Capcom has been one of my favorite companies since the NES, but what are they thinking?

    I've been saying for years that Sony and MS are pushing graphics too far too fast. Nintendo was right to step back from that some and try other things. But third parties don't take advantage of cheaper development costs and a larger customer base. They are also missing out on an oppurtunity to push the industry forward with new innovations instead of making the same old thing with better graphics. They are flooding the market with FPS's. They need to wake up, and soon. Look at all these major companies failing or barely treading water these last several years.

    • RicardJulianti


      If there is any sort of silver lining here, it's that they still expect to turn a profit, unlike Square Enix who is posting a massive loss.

      My article is becoming more and more relevant by the day….hopefully companies see what is happening before it's too late.

      • MrSiIver

        Honestly more than anything, it makes me wonder who's next?

      • Ogya

        I hope their investors point them in the direction of your article :).

        They need to go back to basics and look at what made them good in the first place. Making great and fun games with lower development cost cannot be a bad thing and the Wii U is there to help them make that possible if they can't find a platform to do it on.

        Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure HD remake for the Wii U might not be a good start :). I loved the original on the Wii.

        • RicardJulianti

          All it takes is some twitter/facebook messages, haha. Seriously though….they HAVE to know that the difference is not that big of a deal. Numbers only mean so much when people are physically incapable of telling the difference. This goes for all companies, not just ones in financial trouble. There is almost no reason to spend all that money when a lower res version will look almost exactly the same to the vast majority of the audience. Spread the word…..

          I enjoyed Zack & Wiki, but a remake would be dumb….just make a new one that makes use of the gamepad. Honestly, the Wii U has enough port things as it is, mostly because it's early in its life. A Zack & Wiki remake would end up coming later and it would get swallowed by new titles.

  • sergio111293

    Developers have to stop jumping the gun in Graphical improvements. :/
    And all these graphic whores demanding prettier games are idiots, they're not helping the situation.
    They're pretty much telling the Devs to go bankrupt.

    • Furious Francis

      I would love to see a evolution in game art. Graphics are cool, but the only thing thats going to get the industry back on it's feet is the distribution of game to all platforms to maximize revenue.

      No more being lazy because you don't want to port a game.

  • Silver

    It’s crazy to see everyone crashing. Like you said though, that’s what you get when you ignore your fans. It’s actually the same situation as Square. They pour money into all these western titles, and none of them sell enough.

    I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Deep Down was canceled. It looks like an incredibly expensive game to develop. There’s also the problem of it being a new IP. So less people will actually know about it. Kinda like how Sony blows all this money on new IPs, but no one buys it.

    Either way new Megaman game, please.

    • Furious Francis

      Yeah, there is no way Capcom can afford at this moment to continue with Deep Down's development. New IP on the PS4? That is expensive.

  • donzaloog

    Maybe if you didn’t pretend that a certain gaming company doesn’t exist for your more mature games, you would’ve sold more.

    It’s starting to become painfully obvious that the push to HD with the PS3/360 did more harm than good for the industry.

    • Silver

      I think the whole industry needs to get over this “mature” image. If anything its killing the industry by limiting its fan base. The best examples are look at games like Super Mario Brothers for the NES,and then Wii Sports for the Wii. It opened up gaming to a lot of people, because it was something that could appeal to anyone. Anyone could pick these games up and play them. As they didn’t limit their audiences. Those games tend to spread like wildfire.

      On the other hand these “mature” developers who claim to make these “mature” titles, limit their audiences, spend movie budgets, then fall flat on their faces. I agree with you about the HD era doing more harm than good. As its made these developers think they’re Hollywood movie directors, or rockstars.

      • donzaloog

        It also cost us a lot of good development companies most notably, THQ. Capcom needs to go back to its roots and support all platforms equally. Stop making excuses and make it happen. We both know the Wii U can handle what you’re doing right now, but there you are ignoring it. I don’t care if the game is a month late, just make it good.

        3rd parties will soon realize that they tried to do too much too fast and will have to run back to Nintendo to save their asses again. With it’s relatively low development costs the Wii U will be a safe haven for them.

        I hope they don’t do it like Ubisoft did during the Wii gen and use the Wii U to make their casual games that actually make money then put their “hardcore” games on the other 2 and leave out the Wii U.

  • jesgrad07

    I really think it was silly of them to cancel Megaman Legends 3. It would have been great. But they keep releasing remakes…instead or VC. Only new game I know they are making off the top of my head is Deep Down…What else are they making?

    • Furious Francis

      Remember Me is from Capcom, and it's a new IP, no Wii U version though

      • jesgrad07

        Oh the irony of that title…I certainly did not remember that one XD