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Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 Gameplay Walkthrough

Castlevania LOS

GamesHQMedia has uploaded part one of their Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 demo walkthrough. Watch the footage past the link.

I love this version of Castlevania, but I feel they have waited too long to release the sequel. Hopefully this does well. I am totally excited to play this game though.

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  • MercurySteam>IGA still

    My comment got deleted because of butthurt metroidvania fans. With there bad stories,broken level up system, and overused formula.

  • Matthew Wesley

    No bloody tears= No Castlevania.

  • MercurySteam>IGA

    MercurySteam gets Castlevania more than Iga with his rehashed formula that bombed in 3D.

    • Matthew Wesley

      To your statement I say… really? Because I believe MercurySteam has destroyed the essence of what Castlevania is… the subweapons are no where close to what they once were. Every confrontation with an enemy is an epic encounter (not in a good way, mind you) such as even skeletons (they're the goomba of the franchise) take multiple hit's to go down. The whip is under utilized (and they supplant the titular ''Vampire Killer'') with the ''combat cross''. Really? The hallmark weapon of the Belmont clan get's replaced with a knockoff? Maybe I'm too much of a purist; perhaps I've played too much NES and Snes Castlevania but Lord of Shadows doesn't feel like a Castlevania game to me… it feels more akin to God of War or Darksiders (not that I have anything against Darksiders, in fact I love the franchise) but this game isn't Castlevania… it's God of War with Vampires.

      • MercurySteam>IGA

        Metroidvania=Metroid with swords

  • Brandon

    first lament of innocence and curse of darkness were anything but good they were bad. second mirror of fate was bad because mecury steams style does not fit well on a 2d plane it worked well in the first lords of shadow. And another point people keep saying is lords of shadow is not castlevania. It has everything pre-mercury steamvania had, gothic art style, creatures from mythology, exploration, whip based combat, smaller scale rpg elements, Dracula, platforming and one more thing a castle lol.

    • UncannyOmninaut

      I respectfully disagree on the Mirror of Fate being bad. If there were any bad elements it was because of Mercury Steams inexperience more than anything else. What MoF really lacked was time in the sense that they should have had a year or two more of development. Just because it is a handheld game does not mean that any less effort should be put into it. MoF as it stands is an amazing game but perfect it is not. The controls of the characters, the story and atmosphere/art style is top notch. What Mercury Steam should have put more work into are the interactivity of the levels like make it more about exploring. It is a bit to linear for the play style they presented. Not that linearity is a bad thing or something "un-Castlevania" since the original games where pretty much marathons of survival up to Dracula. The other thing that MoF should have not done is replace a boss battle with a QTE of course that only happened once fortunately, well technical two times. At least at the second time you had to fight the boss to get to the QTE.

      "And another point people keep saying is lords of shadow is not castlevania. It has everything pre-mercury steamvania had, gothic art style, creatures from mythology, exploration, whip based combat, smaller scale rpg elements, Dracula, platforming and one more thing a castle lol."

      I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who thinks this. Lords of Shadow was good for the series it gave it the much needed kick in the pants to move forward. I'd also argue that Lord of Shadows are more Castlevania than the series was before it. Before LoS, Castlevania was stuck in this loop where they were either making inferior Symphony of the Night clones or just remaking the original NES Castlevania with shittier controls. Once in a while you could get a 3D Castlevania but most of them before LoS weren't anything to cheer about. Then there is Judgement which I can't decide if it is a complete and utter travesty to the series or an amusing side note. The only thing LoS kind of lacks are the classic tunes (for the most part). LoS isn't perfect by any means but it isn't a travesty to the series as many of its detractors claim either.

  • Aiddon

    eh; it seems whatever MercurySteam tries to do it just proves they really don't GET the Castlevania series.

    • Matthew Wesley

      They really don't. Mixing Castlevania and God of War is alienating to old school fans of the series. These people should be forced to play Super Castlevania 4 and Dracula X…. because they clearly don't know the roots of Castlevania.

      • Aiddon

        Mirror of Fate was especially guilty of dissonance; their attempts to try and copy Symphony's formula by putting in halfassed exploration was incredibly distracting. And of course, trying to do the "they're emulating the pre-Symphony formula!" argument doesn't work either because the series was at its core a platformer while LoS is trying to be a hack and slash. LoS is ultimately a game that was clearly not a Castlevania when first created and it shows in its execution. All its attempts to try and mitigate that have fallen flat and clearly show a team that doesn't understand what made any of the previous classic titles great (whether it be IV, III, Rondo of Blood, Symphony of the Night, Dawn of Sorrow, Order of Ecclessia, etc). They can't even seem to emulate the good but not great entries like Curse of Darkness or Lament of Innocence. They just don't know what they're doing.

    • Matthew Wesley

      You want to play a Castlevania game… play Super Castlevania 4. I downloaded it halloween night for $1.50. The game is almost twenty years old (possibly more) and it's exponentially better than Lord of Shadows… which feels more like a Darksiders ripoff than a Castlevania game.

  • Amigaengine

    Another reason for holding onto your 360/ps3. Still plenty of good games coming for these systems