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Battlefield 4 Patched on PS3 and PS4


EA has released another patch for Battlefield 4 on the PS4 and PS3, get the full details past the link. 

Xbox 360 – Battlefield 4 Patch is Live


EA and DICE have issued another patch to Battlefield 4 on the Xbox 360. This patch fixes a host of issues surrounding multiplayer for the title. Get the full list of fixes below. 

Battlefield 4 PC Update is Live


Battlefield 4 has received a brand new title update for the PC. The patch fixes multiple issues with the game’s multiplayer. Get all the details below.

Battlefield 4′s Popularity is the Reason why the Launch went bad, says EA


In an interview with Rock Paper Shotgun, EA’s Rich Hilleman claimed that Battlefield 4′s launch was terrible because of the IP’s popularity. Get a snippet of the interview below.

Killzone Shadow Fall, Battlefield 4, and AC4 Black Flag are $34.99


Canadian Target stores have Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Battlefield 4, and Killzone: Shadow Fall for $34.99 each. Grab your games here. Thanks AntiActivity for the tip!

EA ‘Claims’ Titanfall won’t Experience the same Issues Battlefield 4 has had


EA’s vice president Patrick Soderlund, explained to investors that Respawn’s Titanfall, will not experience the same problems Battlefield 4 has seen. 

EA: ‘Do not make Videos that Focus on Glitches in Battlefield 4′ and we’ll pay you on YouTube (Just don’t tell Anyone we are)


It looks like Microsoft was not the only company to be inviting collusion to the YouTube space. EA was doing the same thing! In the case of Battlefield 4, they knew the game was glitchy, and paid YouTubers to make videos that didn’t talk about those glitches at launch. They did this for a wide variety of their other games as well. 

Best Buy: Battlefield 4 is on sale $25 – PC


Best Buy has Battlefield 4 on PC for $25. Grab your copy here. Buyers beware, the game is still having technical problems

Broken game is Broken – Battlefield 4 Edition


Despite the various patches DICE has issued to Battlefield 4, it seems the game is still experiencing issues. This new video highlights some of the problems with the game’s online play.

DICE Issues new Battlefield 4 Patch on Xbox One

Battlefield 4 Xbox One

The Xbox One is the latest system to get a patch for Battlefield 4. Get all the updates, fixes, and additions below (mainly fixes). 

Battlefield 4 Patch is live on PS3 and PS4

Battlefield 4 PS4

DICE has issues a patch on Battlefield 4 on the PS3 and PS4. The patch addresses stability and balancing issues the game is having. Full patch notes for both version past the link. 

Battlefield 4 PC Patch Live + Details


EA has issued another patch for Battlefield 4 on PC. Get the full details of the patch below. 

Battlefield 4 Running on the AMD Mantle API


Check out the world premiere footage of Battlefield 4 running on the new AMD Mantle API. AMD says its’ up to 45% faster than Direct X, or whatever you played Battlefield on before. See the video below.

Second Class-Action Law Suit Filed Against EA over Battlefield 4 Quality Concerns


Battlefield 4 is a bit of a mess at the moment. Despite multiple patches, the game is having issues. And now EA has drawn the attention of someone’s legal team. More details past the link. 

Battlefield 4 PC Patch Addresses ‘Kill Trading’ and more


DICE has released a patch for Battlefield 4 on PC that address a host of issues. Get the full rundown past the link. Get the full details here

GameFly PC sale: Battlefield 4 is $31.99


GameFly is having a big PC game sale. And the headliner is Battlefield 4 for $31.99. See the full list of titles below. 

Battlefield 4 Xbox One Update Delayed

Battlefield 4 Xbox One

Battlefield 4 was supposed to get update on the Xbox One about a week ago. However, DICE has issued a statement saying it will be delayed till the next title update. 

DICE Issues Battlefield 4 Patch Notes for the PS4

Battlefield 4 PS4

Although EA is being investigated for Battlefield 4, that didn’t stop DICE from releasing a brand new patch on the PS4. The patch fixes a host of issues from stability, audio, and more. See all the details from the patch below. 

Holzer Holzer & Fistel, LLC Announces Investigation into Electronic Arts, Inc. (EA)


Battlefield 4′s launch was a mess, the game barely worked. There were so many random glitches and problems, DICE actually announced they have stopped working on games like Mirror’s Edge, to fix Battlefield 4′s issues. That caused EA’s stock to go tumbling. And it seems like things are getting worse, as EA is being investigated for “statements issued” during the development and sales of Battlefield 4. Full details and information here. Thanks Maestro for the tip! 

EA’s Stock Plummets After Hitting Reset on Battlefield 4


Battlefield 4 is having multiple issues right now accross all platforms. DICE knows this, and announced they will be holding off working on other projects to fix Battlefield 4. Investors didn’t take too kindly to this information, as EA’s stock dropped by 8.28%. More details here. My take past the link. Thanks Anti for the tip!

EA: ‘We Reached a Level of Quality at Next-gen Launch that we Didn’t last time’


Despite NBA Live 14 being one of the worst reviewed games of the year, and Battlefield 4 having all sorts of issues. EA feels that they have reached a level of quality unlike last generation. 

Battlefield 4 Executive Producer gets Kicked from own game – Friendly Ai


Battlefield 4 Executive Producer Patrick Bach Kicked from Own Game by Server Admin.

Battlefield 4 – Protect The Tower Gameplay (PS4)

Battlefield 4 PS4

Battlefield 4 has some new gameplay footage called “Protect the Tower’” on PS4. Check it out past the link.

Battlefield 4 Second Assault Trailer


EA has released a brand new trailer for the Battlefield 4 Second Assault DLC. 

Battlefield 4 is Currently Getting Smoked by Call of Duty Ghosts

Battlefield 4 PS4

Many thought Battlefield 4 could challenge Call of Duty Ghosts as the top-selling shooter, but now the sales numbers are in. And Call of Duty Ghosts has properly smoked Battlefield 4 is sales on Xbox 360, PS3, and PS4. Now these numbers are from VG Chartz, but even if they are inaccurate, its clear Activision’s shooter trumped EA’s glitchy shooter. 

Battlefield 4 and Need for Speed Rivals – PS4 Remote play Footage

Battlefield 4 PS4

IGN has uploaded some new videos showing off the remote play feature of the PS4 on Need for Speed Rivals and Battlefield 4.

Battlefield 4 Angry Rant! EA FIX YOUR GAME! – AngryJoeShow


Once again, EA pushes a game out the door far before its clearly ready. Angry Joe is not happy about the massive problems plaguing Battlefield 4.

Battlefield 4 Creative Director: ‘Being a Commander on a Tablet is True Next-gen Experience’

Battlefield 4 commander mode

Battlefield 4′s Creative Director, Lars Gustavsson, has stated on a Battlefield 4 PS4 video, that playing with a tablet in commander mode is a “True Next-gen Experience.” 

PS4 – Battlefield 4 Tech

Battlefield 4 PS4

Sony and DICE have uploaded a brand new video showing off the tech behind Battlefield 4 on the PS4.

Battlefield 4 Review (PC) – ProJared


ProJared, the best reviewer on YouTube, has uploaded his review on Battlefield 4. Check it out below.

Battlefield 4 is Unplayable on the PC, says BF4Central


The online gaming site BF4Central is reporting that the PC version of Battlefield 4 is “practically unplayable.” 

Battlefield 4: Xbox One vs. PC Comparison – Digital Foundry


Digital Foundry is back with another graphics comparison between the PC and Xbox One version of Battlefield 4.

Battlefield 4: Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4 Frame-Rate Tests


Digital Foundry has compared the frame-rates of the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Battlefield 4, and I have to say, its pretty impressive. Both versions keep a solid 60fps during gameplay. There are some dips here and there, but overall its pretty solid. See the video yourself below.