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Darksiders II is Returning to the European eShop next week


Good news for European Wii U owners. Darksiders II is returning to the eShop after months of being delisted. Players can download Death’s epic quest on February 27th. Now that the IP is firmly under the care of Nordic Games, the game can be continued to be sold. Via: Nintendo Everything, Source: Nintendo UK

Crytek Might buy the Darksiders Franchise

Crytek initially didn’t put a bid on the Darksiders IP back at THQ’s auction. But it seems like the owners have had a change of heart. As Crytek is now looking to purchase the Zelda inspired series. 

Crytek Employees Former Members of Vigil in new US based Studio

Crytek has generously opened up a new studio for the former members of the Vigil Staff from THQ. The new studio is based in Austin Texas, and for many staffers who worked on the fantastic DarkSiders 2, a new start. 

Which THQ Franchises will make it to the Next Generation Systems?

By Furious Francis, editor in chief

Despite having some solid franchises like WWE, Darksiders, and Saints Row. THQ still bit the bullet in 2012, filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy. THQ still has some awesome IP’s that could be awesome next generation games. Which THQ franchises will we next generation systems and which THQ franchises do you guys want to see on the next generation systems?

Digital Foundry: Face Off Darksiders 2 on Wii U

Digital Foundry is back comparing the Wii U ports and this time they are taking a look at Darksiders 2 for the Wii U. Hit the link to find out how Darksiders 2 fares on Wii U. 

Gametrailers -Re/Port: Wii U A-List

Gametrailers has  taken a look at some of the ports for the Wii U. They go through Batman Arkham City, Mass Effect 3 Special Edition, Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor’s Edge, and DarkSiders 2. Check out the video below.

DarkSiders 2 Wii U vs. Xbox 360 comparison Video

The Wii U is officially out and here come the expected slew of comparison videos. Check out this new video on Darksiders 2 on the Wii U vs. Darksiders 2 on the Xbox 360. 

Darksiders 2 Massive Steam Sale, 66% off till November 15th

Darksiders 2 is getting a massive discount thanks to Steam’s mid-week madness sale. Get the details below. 

THQ shares nose dive amid bankruptcy fears and financial losses.

THQ might be in some serious trouble. The firm posted their financial report yesterday, with that report came news of more than $21 million in losses as well as delays to major games in the companies games list.

Darksiders 2 might not break even

Bad news regarding Darksiders 2 and THQ. Darksiders 2 has put up some fairly decent numbers since launching late August, but it seems the sales have halted and the game is struggling to reach the 2 million units sold.

Darksiders 2 Abyssal Forge DLC is out next week

Darksiders 2 is getting some new DLC called the Abyssal Forge, next week.

Wii U Is “Surprisingly Easy” To Develop For says Darksiders 2 dev

Vigil lead designer Haydn Dalton says the Wii U is surprisingly easy to develop for.

Lateset UK Charts Has Fifa 13 Beating Out Resident Evil 4 – Through October 6th

The UK sales charts are heating up with some excellent titles ranking near the top. Hit the Link to get the full list and positions

Wii U: Darksiders 2 Off-Screen Play and More

Darksiders 2 First DLC Argul’s Tomb Out Now.


THQ has today announced that two downloadable content (DLC) packs, Argul’s Tomb and the Death Rides Pack, have been made available for the recently released Darksiders II. Both DLC packs are available to download now via the Xbox LIVE Marketplace and PlayStation Network for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 respectively, and on Windows PC.

Darksiders 2- gameplay with commentary





Checkout this great video for a peek at Darksiders 2. Commentary by Art Director. Feel free to tell us what you think about the game in the comments below.