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Destiny – New Twitter Screenshots *Update* (2/23/14)


Activision and Bungie are somewhat annoying me with their single Twitter screenshot thing they have been doing with Destiny. So I will be making one post (this one) then adding the screenshots as they come in. 

Destiny – Shrike Personal Transport Device Detailed

shrike_concept (1)

Destiny will feature a personal transportation system called the ‘Shrike’. This handy device will take you where you need to go in a hurry. Check out a fresh batch of screenshots of the device below.

New Destiny Screenshot Features the Venus


The Official Destiny Facebook page has added one new screenshot of the game. It asks players if they are “brave enough to journey to the Venus.” See the screenshot below. 

Destiny – One new Screenshot


Bungie has released one new screenshot of Destiny on Twitter. Check out the full screenshot below. 

Destiny – PS4 Screenshots look Great


Bungie has released brand new screenshots for Destiny on PS4. See all the screenshots below. 

New Destiny Screenshots ‘Fly me to the Moon’


Bungie has released some brand new screenshots for Destiny. They show off the moon, as well as the surround starts off earth. Check it out below. 

Bungie says Halo Tactics “Won’t Work” in Destiny PvP Matches


In Halo, there are certain tactics that seem to be replicated by everyone in order to get easy kills. Halo 2 had the infamous ‘noob’ combo, with a charged plasma shot, followed an Assault Rifle burst. However, Bungie says popular Halo tactics will ‘not work’ in Destiny’s PvP matches. 

More Amazing Screenshots of Destiny on PS4


Bungie has released another batch of screenshots for Destiny on PS4. The game is looking as sharp as ever. Check out the new screenshots below. 

New PS4 Destiny Screenshots look Stunning

destiny_6 (2)

I have to say, Destiny on PS4 looks amazing. Check out the latest screenshots from OPM below. 

Destiny’s Development Budget Costs $140 Million


Ctaku has provided a massive list of game budgets over the past 30 years. You can check it out here. One of the more interesting titles on the list is Destiny, with a development budget of $140 million. That’s $60 million less than Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. Due note that a lot of the development budget of these games are spent on advertising. 

Bungie isn’t Ruling out Destiny for PC


Destiny is officially coming to the PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, and Xbox One. PC and Wii U have not been ruled out at the moment. In a new interview with Bungie’s Technical Art Director Ryan Ellis, he made it seem like a PC port is possible. 

Destiny was once a 3rd Person Shooter


At one point, the first person shooter Destiny was a third person shooter only. This is according to technical director Ryan Ellis. 

VGX 2013: Destiny Combat Trailer – Updated


Check out the new trailer for Destiny from the VGX Awards 2013.

Destiny Release date set for September


Bungie has announced the official release date for Destiny. You can expect the space fairing epic to drop on September 9th, 2014. PS3 and PS4 users will be able to access the beta next summer. The game is coming to the PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PS4. Thanks to Anti and TheBowelsOfTrogdor for the tip! 

Tons of new Information on Destiny via GameInformer


Destiny has received an information blowout thanks to GameInformer’s January issue. Get the details below. 

Bungie Discusses ‘Destiny’ Differences Between the PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, and Xbox One


Bungie has commented on the Differences between the current and next-gen versions of Destiny. 

Brand new Destiny Trailer, Beta Coming to PlayStation Platforms First


Bungie has released a brand new trailer for Destiny, as well as announcing the beta will be coming to the PS3 and PS4 first.

Bungie Posting Destiny Beta Codes this week


Want to test out Destiny early? Make sure to keep it locked on Destiny’s  Twitter page, because the team has stated they will be posting beta codes this week. 

New Destiny Trailer Heads to the Moon


Check out this new Destiny trailer that shows the origins of the alien epidemic.

Destiny – PS4 Boxart Revealed, new Trailer Coming Tomorrow


Bungie and Sony has revealed the boxart for Destiny on PS4. Sony has also announced a new trailer is coming tomorrow as well. 

Destiny Creative Director and Writer Leaves Bungie

15 year Bungie creative director Joe Staten has left the company. 

Destiny Community Thank you Trailer has new Gameplay Footage


Bungie has a brand new community thank you trailer where they thank all the fans for the support and praise of the game. There is also some new footage of Destiny as well. Check it out past the link.

Official Destiny E3 demo in full 1080p


Remember the Destiny demo Sony showed off at their press conference? Now you can watch it in full 1080p resolution. Check it out past the link.

Destiny: Bungie Unveils new World + plot and Class Details

Destiny, the MMO-ish shooter by Halo creators Bungie, has discussed the game more on their official website.

Bungie Promises ‘Destiny’ will look “Awesome” on any Platform it’s on

Destiny, the MMO/Shooter from the creators of Halo. Have stated that Destiny will looks amazing whether you’re playing it on PS3, Xbox 360, or PS4. Even saying the game will looks “Awesome”. 

Destiny Races and Classes Revealed + Detailed by Bungie

Bungie is crafting a massive MMO style shooter called Destiny, and today they have detailed the classes and races you’ll be playing as in the full game.

Bungie discusses co-op and Story Elements in Destiny

Bungie is currently creating a massive MMO style shooter called Destiny. And co-op, is going to be a big part of the experience. In an interview with IGN, Bungie discusses various elements of the game. 

Bungie’s Destiny was Going to be a Modern day Fantasy game

Destiny, the MMO-ish shooter from Bungie, was at one point going to be a modern day fantasy game. Bungie ahs discussed what made them make the switch and how the original concepts were laid out.

Destiny will Receive the full Experience on Current and Next-gen Hardware

Destiny is currently in development for the Xbox 360, PS3, and has been confirmed for the PS4. Bungie has stated that no matter what platform you play it on, you will get the full experience. 

Bungie says Destiny will Appeal to all Skill-Levels

Destiny will have plenty for the hardcore gamers to get into, but new players will be able to pick up and play this as well. 

Destiny Heading to the Xbox 360 and PS3 and to “Future-gen tech”, no PC Version

Destiny is coming to the PS3 and Xbox 360 and next generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony in the future, but the PC is not getting a version of Bungie’s newest IP. Bungie has given the excuse of “nobody” uses a keyboard and mouse any more to justify their decision. 

Bungie’s ‘Destiny’ gets Debut Video and Developer Documentary

Bungie has finally pulled back the curtain on Destiny, the companies first large scale game since it completed Halo Reach on the Xbox 360. Check out the video below. Just make sure your body is ready.