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God of War Ascension Director Leaves Sony Santa Monica

God of war 2

God of War Ascension lead director Todd Papy has left Sony Santa Monica. The director stated this on Twitter.

Sony Santa Monica done with DLC for God of War Ascension

God of war 2

Sony Santa Monica is officially done with God of War Ascension DLC, and will now be moving on to other projects.

God of War Ascension Co-op Weapons Revealed

God of War Ascension

Sony has a new video showing off some of the new weapons for God of War Ascension. Check out the official description and video below.

God of War Ascension had a Budget of Around $50 Million

Sony is a big spender when it comes to their main franchises. A new report has came out stating that God of War Ascension had a budget of around $50 million to make. That would put God of War Ascension around the same budget of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. 

God of War Ascension and Gears of War Judgment “Significantly Underperformed” in March – Report

Gears of War Judgment and God of War Ascension both severely underperformed in March, when compared to their predecessors. 

Is Online Multiplayer Ruining the Single-Player Portion of Games?

By Furious Francis

Action-adventure games have always had a special place in my heart. Before I knew Super Mario Bros 3 was a platformer, I considered it an action-adventure game. You were jumping on enemies heads, traveling to distant lands, and wearing different suits to unleash new powers. It had all the make up of a current action game. My brother and I would take turns playing as Mario and Luigi in the game’s “sudo” co-op mode. Playing Mario Bros 3 on my NES, was a fun event in our household. The interactions between my  brother and I, in person,  were enough for us back then. So what has changed so much from early 90′s? Why are classic single-player franchise’s getting force-fed online multiplayer?

God of War Ascension team is ‘Nerfing’ the Difficulty in Trial of Archimedes

Sony seems to be changing a lot of things with the game because some fans, or certain bald headed guys think its wrong. In the latest change to God of War Ascension, Todd Pappy has said the team is working on a patch to reduce the difficulty in the Trail of Archimedes. 

God of War Ascension’s Trophy “Bros Before Hos” will be Renamed Following Backlash

We live in very sensitive times. The God of War Ascension trophy, “bros before hos” will be renamed following some reviewers and people complaining. Full story below. 

God of War Ascension Review Round-up – Get all the Scores here

God of War Ascension’s reviews have starting sprouting everywhere online. Check out all the scores here. 

God of War Ascension, Co-op Mode Trailer

God of War Ascension will feature a co-op mode called Trail of the Gods, where you and a buddy can team up and take down waves of enemies. Similar to Ninja Gaiden’s Ninja Trails Mode. Check out some new information along with a brand new trailer.

God of War Ascension – New Developer Video Discusses Empusa

There is a new God of War Ascension developer video that focuses on the mythological succubus Empusa. Greek mythology has the Empusa as a one time demigoddess and daughter of Hecate.

God of War Ascension – Single Player Trailer

Sony has released a new God of War Ascension trailer showing off the single play story and gameplay. The official demo is hitting PSN tomorrow in Europe. North American users will be getting the demo tonight. 

Sony Announces God of War Ascension European Bundles

If you live in Europe, and some how don’t have a PS3, your in luck. Sony has announced three separate European bundles of God of War Ascension. 

God of War Ascension – Developer Video Shows off the Motion Capture

God of War Ascension has a new video showing off the actors who do the motion capture for the game. Check out the video below. 

God of War Ascension “From Ashes” live Action Trailer is out

God of War Ascension has a new live action trailer that embodies the pain Kratos is going through in God of War Ascension. Check it out it below, its really touching. 

God of War Ascension Trailer, Enter the Manticore

God of War Ascension’s new trailer shows off the first footage of the Manitcore. Its a nasty monster that Kratoes will be battling in the single player. Check out the trailer past the link. The game hits your PS3′s in March. 

God of War Ascension purchase nets you Early Access to The Last of Us demo

God of War Ascension will be coming packed with early access to The Last of Us demo, Sony has announced.

God of War Ascension Single-Player demo Coming in February

God of War Ascension will be getting a full single-player demo in February. More details below, along with some collectors edition screenshot. 

God of War Ascension gets a Single-Player Teaser Trailer

A brief but awesome new teaser trailer has been released for God of War Ascension. Check it out past the link. 

Metal Gear Rising, God of War Ascension, Bayonetta 2, Castelvania LOS 2, Which Action game will Reign Supreme in 2013?

By Furious Francis editor in chief

2013 is looking to be a massive year for the action genre. The List of action games is quite impressive, but were going to focus on four titles to be early runners for action game of the year. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Bayonetta 2, God of War Ascension, and Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 are all coming out in 2013 and have big name developers attached to them. Two of the four games on the list are developed by Platinum Games, so we know what genre they do best. We’re going to rank what games we think will be best in 2013 from 4th to 1st. Please comment on what you think. Which one of these games are you most excited for, and what game do you think will be the best?

God of War Ascension Developer Diary Discusses Multiplayer Challenges

God of War Ascension will have a heavy influence on multiplayer. Hit the link to check out the challenges the team had when designing the game’s multiplayer. 

God of War Ascension – New Ares alignment trailer

God of War Ascension is till a few months away from release but that won’t stop Sony Santa Monica Studio’s from releasing this new trailer that focuses on the Ares alignment.

God of War Ascension pre-order from GameStop gets you a King Leonidas multiplayer skin

God of War Ascension pre-orders at GameStop will get you a exclusive King Leonidas mulitplayer skin.

God of War Ascension beta access through PlayStation Plus or Social Game

God of War Ascension will have a multiplayer beta but its not open to all at the same time. Hit the link for the details on how to get in early.

God of War Ascension multiplayer powered by Zeus

God of War Ascension is heading for a series first, multiplayer powered by the one and only Zeus.

God of War: Ascension- Demo with Total Recall Blu-Ray

New York Comic Con: The Last of Us, PS All-Stars, GoW: Ascension

God Of War: Ascension Panel Highlights From Pax Prime Released

The God of War Ascension panel from PAX Prime has been released by Sony on highlight video form. Panelists include: Mark Simon – lead designer, Patrick Murphy – principal character artist, Marianne Krawczyk – writer of the God of War series, and Todd Papy – game director. God of War: Ascension will release March 12 in North America, March 13 in Europe, March 14 in Australia and New Zealand, and March 15 in the UK.

God of War: Ascension- Villain revealed

God of War: Ascension is the prequel to the God of War trilogy and throughout all of those games we face different enemies.

God of War: Ascension multiplayer video




check out this new gameplay footage on the multiplayer for GoW Ascension. Pretty cool if you ask me. Tell us what you think about this gameplay footage in the comments below.

Playstation at PAX

Alongside the 360 and the Wii U coming to PAX, Sony is headed with a big package.

God of War: Ascension gameplay vs Satyr





New Footage: God of War: Ascension – Gameplay vs Satyr.