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Guild Wars 2: Origins of Madness Launches Today


Guild Wars 2: Origins of Madness, is the first update to the popular MMORPG in 2014. Players will battle against the arch-villain Scarlet Briar in massive, new locals. More details can be found here. Or you can watch the trailer below.

Guild Wars 2 Showing its legs, Continues to sell, says ArenaNet

Guild Wars 2 has been a big hit for ArenaNet, the sales are continuing to poor in. The user base is alive and kicking. In a new interview, ArenaNet’s Colin Johanson said the user base and sales are strong. 

Guild Wars 2 Seeing Player Counts Rising


Guild Wars 2 is seeing a rise in player counts after a post launch slump. 

Guild Wars 2 Patch will fix loot drop Issues

Guild Wars 2 fans have been complaining about irregular loot drops, as far as rarity. ArenaNet has spotted the issue and will be working on a fix. The next major patch should address the issue this month. 

Ban Hammer Coming to Guild Wars 2 Players who use Snowflake Exploit

The Guild Wars 2 developers have issued and will be issuing permanent bans to those who use the exploit in the Wintersday Holiday Event. Full details below. 

Xenoblade Chronicles & Guild Wars 2 top Time Magazine’s 2012 Games list

Time magazine has fantastic games taste as two of the top ten games on the 2012′s Best of list are non-mainstream hardcore RPGs. Get the full list below. 

Guild Wars 2 Wintersday Holiday Event is Coming, Toymaker Tixx

Its that time again. Guild Wars 2 will be having another event in December. ArenaNet has a few new details. 

Guild Wars 2 Developers Planning to Release New Dungeons and Creature Variations

Guild Wars 2 is will be adding new content in the coming months following the success of the Lost Shores Event. ArenaNet has listed their plans for the popular MMORPG below.

Guild Wars 2: Lost Shores – Giant Crab, Massive Damage –

Guild Wars 2′s Lost Shores event is finally launching on November 15th and in the new screenshots below the world of Tyria will change forever but not before you attack this Giant Crab for Massive Damage! Details and screenshots below. 

Guild Wars 2 Free Weekend along with Lost Shores event

Wanna play Guild Wars 2 for free next week? Then see which one of your friends has the game because Guild Wars 2 is having a free weekend if a friend who has the game refers you. This event goes along with the Lost Shores event teased last week. 

Guild Wars 2 hits at an massive world event by months end

Guild Wars 2, the fantastic MMORPG, might be having a “massive one time world event that will change Tyria forever”.

Guild Wars 2 update explains and discusses Qualifying Points (QP) and PvP Deets

The Guild Wars 2 Halloween update brought about some new details on tournament participation leading to better chances on qualifying for future events.

Guild Wars 2: Trailer

Here is a trailer of Guild Wars 2. Check it out and leave your comments below.