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Just Playing: Aliens Colonial Marines

Hero the Impaler tracks down some aliens with his motion tracker in Aliens Colonial Marines. Is this game as bad as the reviews say it is? Find out for yourself here with 8 minutes of footage and voice-over.

Just Playing: Dark Souls Round 2 PvP – Hero the Impaler Destroys the Competition

Hero the Impaler is a Dark Souls master, check out his tips and trick to dominate the competition in this hardcore competitive RPG.

Just Playing: Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor’s Edge Tips and Strategy

Getting whooped in Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor’s Edge? Playeressence’s Furious Francis lays down some survival tips and strategy for dominating the enemies in this enhanced port for the Wii U.

Dark Souls: Hero the Impaler Shows you how to Dominate in PvP

Playeressence’s Hero the Imapler has tips and a new video for Dark Souls Multiplayer. In this video Hero goes over multiple strategies for Dark Souls PvP multiplayer. You do not want to miss this one.

Playeressence Presents ‘Just Playin’ – New Super Mario Bros U Multiplayer

Whats up loyal Playeressence fans, I’m Furious Francis and we got a new show for you guys. Its called ‘Just Playing’  and in this show, its all about the games. No commentary, or background chatter. Just us playin’ some games. Its to the point, clean, and fun. Check out the first edition in New Super Mario Bros U for the Wii U were my and my friends tear through multiple multiplayer modes like Coin Rush and Boost Mode.

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