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Killzone Shadow Fall – Japanese Subtitled Developer Diary


PlayStation Japan has uploaded a brand new developer diary taking a behind the scenes look at Killzone Shadow Fall’s development team Guerrilla Games.

Wii U Would Run Killzone Shadowfall! (Sorry Wii U-nbelivers) – ACHP


(The picture is purely comical and is not meant to be truthful)

Brayden Cole from ACHP thinks the Wii U can run Killzone Shadow Fall. Listen to his reasoning below.

PS4 – Killzone Shadow Fall Trailer (Japan)


Sony has released a brand new Japanese trailer for Killzone Shadow Fall on the PS4. Check it out below.

Killzone: Shadow Fall Title Update 1.09 is Live – Adds Clans, Warzone Features, 30FPS lock


Sony has released title update 1.09 for Killzone: Shadow Fall on PS4. The patch adds a host of new features to the game. Get the full patch notes below.

Killzone Shadow Fall, Battlefield 4, and AC4 Black Flag are $34.99


Canadian Target stores have Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Battlefield 4, and Killzone: Shadow Fall for $34.99 each. Grab your games here. Thanks AntiActivity for the tip!

Killzone Shadow Fall Sales Exceed 2.1 Million, says Sony


Sony’s Worldwide president Shuhei Yoshida has announced that Killzone Shadow Fall has broke 2.1 million units sold worldwide. 

Killzone Shadow Fall Clan System Coming in February


Guerrilla Games has listen to the fans, as they will be adding a clan system to Killzone Shadow Fall. 

First free Killzone Shadow Fall Multiplayer maps Revealed – Cruiser & Hangar


The PlayStation Blog has revealed and detailed the first free multiplayer maps coming to Killzone Shadow Fall on PS4. Get the first screenshots and details below. 

Killzone Shadow Fall Patch 1.08 is Live + Details


Guerrilla Games has issued a brand new patch for Killzone Shadow Fall on PS4. The update fixes multiple issues with crashing, such as the spectator rollover crash. 

Killzone Shadow Fall and Ryse lead for most Traded in Current gen Games


Cramgaming has reported that Killzone Shadow Fall and Ryse Son of Rome are the most traded in games of the current generation (PS4, Xbox One, Wii U) in the UK. You can read their full report here

Killzone Shadow Fall gets Exclusive Launch Content for Japan

Killzone Shadow-Marshal-Vid

Sony Japan has announced that Killzone Shadow Fall will be getting exclusive launch content for the game’s launch in Japan on February 22nd. 

Killzone Shadow Fall vs Killzone 3 – Tech Analysis

Killzone Shadow Fall

Check out this tech analysis of Killzone Shadow Fall vs Killzone 3. It shows the PS4 has multiple advantages to create bigger, smoother, and more advanced worlds when compared to the PS3.

Killzone Shadow Fall’s Multiplayer will be free for PS Plus Users this Weekend


PS Plus members with a PS4 can play Killzone Shadow Fall’s multiplayer for free this weekend. The online portion will be available from December 28th – December 31st. More details over on the PS Blog. 

Killzone Shadow Fall hits 1 Million Units sold, Dead Rising 3 is over 600K


Sony and Microsoft have a couple hit games on their hands. As Killzone Shadow Fall has sold over 1 million units (bundles included). While Dead Rising 3 has sold over 600,ooo units worldwide since launch. Congrats to Microsoft, Sony, Guerilla Games, and Capcom for their good sales figures.

Killzone Shadow Fall Title Update 1.06 is Live


Sony has released a brand new Killzone Shadow Fall title update. This brings it up to 1.06. The update is fairly small at 83mb, which fixes in-game stability. 

Guerilla Games Discusses Killzone Shadow Fall’s Reviews and more


AusGamers got to sit down with Killzone Shadow Fall dev lead Eric Boljes, and they discussed reviews, gameplay, and more. 

Killzone Shadow Fall v1.05 Patch out now


Killzone Shadow Fall has a title update, v1.05 patch is out now. More details past the link. 

Killzone Shadow Fall Behind the Scenes PS4 Video


Get a behind the scenes look at the Killzone Shadow Fall’s features. Mix that in with a little bit of humor, and you’ve got a pretty good video.

Killzone Shadow Fall – Multiplayer Starter Guide


Want to learn how to dominate in Killzone Shadow Fall? Check out this video guide here.

Killzone Shadow Fall – PS4 vs PS Vita Remote Play – 1080p

Killzone Shadow Fall

RajmanGamingHD has uploaded a one to one comparison video of Killzone Shadow Fall running on the PS4 to PS Vita. Check it out past the link.

Killzone Shadow Fall – Angry Review


Angry Joe reviews a Sony game for the first time! First up, Killzone Shadow Fall on the PS4.

Killzone Shadow Fall Multiplayer gets Official 24-player team Deathmatch Warzon


Killzone Shadow Fall’s developer Guerrilla Games, has updated the Warzone playlist with 24-player team deathmatch game types. More info on the 24 player Warzone past the link. 

Killzone: Shadow Fall PS4 Single-Player Frame-Rate Tests

Killzone Shadow Fall

Digital Foundry has captured the frame-rate of Killzone Shadow Fall on the PS4. Check it out past the link.

Killzone Shadow Fall’s Multiplayer is not 60fps “a lot of the time” as Guerrilla Games said, they Lied to our Faces


The Developers of Killzone Shadow Fall, Guerrilla Games, stated that their game’s multiplayer was in 60 fps “most of the time” with dips only coming when you die. However, Digital Foundry has done an official frame rate test and uncovered that the game barely ever reaches 60 fps. Most of the time, its in the 40-50′s range, sometimes even dipping down into the high 30′s.

Get Killzone Shadow Fall on PS4 for $44.99 Via Ebay

Killzone Shadow Fall

PS4 users can pick up Killzone Shadow Fall on PS4 for $44.99 on Ebay, brand new. See the listing here. Check out out Killzone Shadow Fall review round up here

PS4 Launch Games not Living up to the hype?


Francis talks about the hype surrounding the PS4 launch line-up, and the general issues surrounding all console launches. Subscribe to my PE News Channel for more original videos. 

Killzone Shadow Fall Video Review – GamesRadar


Check out GamesRadar’s Killzone Shadow Fall Review. You can see the review round up as well. 

PS4 – Killzone Shadow Fall Review Round-up – A bit Shaky

Killzone Shadow Fall reviews have begun to drop, and it shows the shooter might not be as great as fans were expecting. The early scoop is the game has terrible AI, despite being on the most powerful console every made. 

Sony Shows off the Killzone Shadow Fall Engine Technology in new Trailer

Killzone Shadow Fall

Want to see how the world of Killzone Shadow Fall comes together with the PS4′s technology? Check out this new Killzone Shadow Fall Tech Trailer from Sony.

Killzone Shadow Fall – Launch Trailer


Sony has uploaded a brand new launch trailer for Killzone Shadow Fall on the PS4. Watch it below. 

Killzone Shadow Fall Remote play in Craptastic 240p via YouTube

Killzone Shadow Fall

YouTuber Steven ter Heide, has uploaded a 1998 240p  video of Killzone Shadow Fall’s remote play on feature. Check it out past the link.

Killzone Shadow Fall gets a 15 Minute Video Detailing new Mechanics

Killzone Shadow Fall

Killzone Shadow Fall has a brand new gameplay walkthrough from OPM, detailing the mechanics of the PS4 launch day shooter.

Killzone Shadow Fall – 14 Minutes of Multiplayer Footate

Killzone Shadow Fall

Check out this 14 minute gameplay clip of Killzone Shadow Fall’s multiplayer.