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PE Reviews Discussion – The Mass Effect Franchise

Mass Effect

Francis discusses his favorite new franchise of last generation, Mass Effect. Why are the games so good, what’s next for the franchise? Subscribe to my PE Review Channel for more videos daily!

Bioware has Mass Effect 4 in a Playable State


Bioware and EA might be gearing up to reveal Mass Effect 4 sometime soon, as the game has been confirmed to be in a ‘playable status’.

Bioware’s Casey Hudson Talks Mass Effect 4


Ok, like many of you know, my favorite game of last generation was Mass Effect 2. So I love Mass Effect. Bioware’s senor producer, Casey Hudson, has shed a few new details on Mass Effect 4′s development progress and setting. 

Mass Effect 4′s Story won’t Touch Shepard’s Events “Whatsoever,” says Bioware


Mass Effect 4′s plot will not include Shepard’s story arch “whatsoever,” according to lead story writer Mac Walters. 

Bioware has more plans for the Wii U

Mass Effect 3 Special Edition on Wii U just came out but Bioware has more plans for the Wii U because they think the system is cool. 

Mass Effect 4 will be Released mid to late 2014, says Bioware

Mike Gamble, Mass Effect 3′s producer has told Gamer Syndrome that Mass Effect 4 is scheduled to launch “late 2014 to mid 2014.” with more news coming next year. 

Mass Effect 4 Needs To Innovate ‘Start by ditching Hoard Mode’

By Furious Francis Owner and editor-in-chief

I’m a huge Mass Effect fan. I have all the games across the Xbox 360 and PS3, and I intend on buying Mass Effect 3 Special Edition on the Wii U. However, Mass Effect 3 misfired on a few key points, but what really leaves a sour taste in my mouth with Mass Effect 3. Is the blatant laziness of copying Gears of War’s hoard mode, the annoying fetch quests that were useless, and the utter laziness of making all the original endings the same. Now that we know Mass Effect 4 is in development, here are some major features the game needs to have in order to return to its former ‘Mass Effect 2′ glory and innovate all together.

Mass Effect 4 uses the Frostbite 2 engine, Details here

Mass Effect 4 is already in development and will sport a brand new engine this time around. Hit the link for the first details. 

Mass Effect 4 Development has started

Mass Effect 4 is in the “early stages” of development according to Bioware lead designer Casey Hudson.