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Titanfall Won’t Necessarily Require 40GB of Space


Reports broke that Titanfall on Xbox One would need 40GB of space to run on Xbox One. However, that is not completely the case according to Respawn.

Titanfall – Official Collector’s Edition Unboxing – Its Massive

Titanfall Collectors Edition

Check out this official Collector’s Edition of Titanfall on the Xbox One. This might be the biggest collector’s edition ever. The box is quite massive, it actually comes with instructions on how to open the collector’s edition box…..seriously.

Dead Rising 3: Chaos Rising Trailer


Microsoft has released a brand new trailer for Dead Rising 3: Chaos Rising DLC. The video gives gamers a look at some of the new weapons, vehicles, and mission coming with it.

Xbox One – March Update Detailed by Major Nelson

Xbox One

Microsoft’s Major Nelson has discussed some of the new features and functionality with the March update. This video focuses on the enhancements to the Party and Friends on Xbox One. 

Microsoft Announces a “Truly Next-gen Twitch” App on the Xbox One


Microsoft has announced their version of Twitch on the Xbox One. It boasts a host of new features that let’s players stream their games live straight to Twitch TV. Get more details on Xbox Wire, or check out the informational video below.

Titanfall runs on Valve’s Source Engine


While Titanfall might not have the best graphics, and is currently running at 792p, users will be happy to know it runs on the tried and true Source Engine from Valve. CRAVE points out this engine is not the easiest to develop for, but it is well accomplished and has a number of improvements. Titanfall also has a story, within the multiplayer. You can read more on at Crave. Titanfall launches on the Xbox, PC, and Xbox 360 this March. 

Xbox One Price Cut is only for the UK, not Coming to Other Territories


The Xbox One got an official price cut today in the UK, along with a free game, Titanfall. UK residence can now pick up the system for £399.99. This price cut is not coming to all regions though. It’s only for the UK. Microsoft’s UK MD Harvey Eagle explained the decision in a new interview. 

Dead Rising 3 – New DLC ‘Choas Rising’ Coming on Tuesday


Microsoft has confirmed that Dead Rising 3 will be receiving some new DLC tomorrow. The Chaos Rising expansion details are a bit scarce right now, but it is expected to include new vehicles, weapons, and a new story strand. More details can be found on CVG, check out the official announcement and wallpapers here. Thanks Anit!

UK – Xbox One gets a Permanent and Official Price cut to £399.99, Comes with a free Copy of Titanfall


Microsoft has announced a permanent price cut for the Xbox One in the UK. The new price will now be £399.99. This goes in tandem with the Titanfall bundle that nets users a free download code for the game. More details on the price cut and bundle can be found on Total Xbox. Thanks Anti for the tip!

Xbox One “Titanfall” Special Edition Bundle Available March 11 for Limited Time

XboxOne_TitanfallBundle_US_ANL_RGB (1)

Microsoft has announced a limited edition “Titanfall” Special Bundle. This bundle will be released on March 11th, 2014 for $499.99 at select retailers. Get the full details below. 

Xbox 360 Ultimate Game Sale Finale Discounts Saints Row 4, Oblivion, and Metro Last Light


The last day of the Xbox 360 Ultimate Game Sale is upon us. Some of the best deals have Saints Row 4 50% off, Metro Last Light 50% off, and LIMBO for 80% off. Check out all the deals over on Major Nelson’s Blog

Mistwalker JRPG on Xbox One in the Works? **Update**

Lost Odyssey 111

Mistwalker developed some of the best JRPGs for the Xbox 360 in Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey. But it seems like the talented studio might be at it again with Microsoft. The firms studio boss Phil Spencer teased Twitter fans that a reveal would be coming on this upcoming Tuesday. **Update** A lot of people seem to think this means Mistwalker isn’t working on a Wii U game, which would be false. All indications point to Mistwalker working on a Wii U game right now. This news could mean there is a game in the works for Xbox One down the line. 

Titanfall had Around 2 Million Unique Users Playing the Beta


Microsoft exclusive Titanfall is gearing up for launch in less than a month, and some interesting facts have been unveiled about the beta for the game. Respawn Community Manager Abbie Heppe stated that the beta “had around 2 million unique users playing.” Heppe also discussed prepping for launch and much more. Check out all her statements on Polygon. Titanfall hits the Xbox One and PC on March 11th. Xbox 360 owners can grab the game on March 26th. Thanks to Guest for the tip! 

Halo 5 Will be Released this year According to the Official Xbox Magazine Cover

Halo Xbox One

This is a rumor, let me state that clearly. However, according to the Official Xbox Magazine Cover, Halo 5 is coming out in 2014. See the details below. 

Titanfall gets Pre-load Option on Xbox One, Takes up 15.88GB of Space **Update**


Microsoft’s Xbox store is showing that Titanfall will be available for pre-load on the Xbox One. This will allow Xbox One owners to download the full title on March 11th, then have the download be active at 12 AM PST. Get the rundown from Microsoft below. **Update** Microsoft has now stated the game won’t be available be available for pre-load. Source: Polygon

Titanfall – Pilot Loadouts Walkthrough

Titanfall cover

Xbox Wire walks your through Titanfall’s loadouts and abilities.

Microsoft and Crytek Cancel Ryse SmartGlass Challenge Editor


Ryse Son of Rome was supposed to get a SmartGlass Challenge Editor shortly after launch, but Microsoft has confirmed to Polygon that the feature is cancelled. A Microsoft rep discussed the decision in an official statement.

Major Nelson Tries out Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare


Major Nelson and the Xbox Wire preview Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare.

Microsoft is Looking to Hire Former Irrational Games Employees


Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has stated on Twitter that the firm is looking to hire former Irrational Games developers who were laid off this week. A Twitter user suggested to Spencer that Microsoft recruit these developers for 343 Studios of Black Tusk. Spencer simply responded with “We are.” See the full tweet here. Thanks Anti for the tip!

Brayden Cole Discusses Microsoft and Developer Support

A Critical Hit Productions

Brayden Cole discusses the Xbox One and Microsoft.

Microsoft is Still Working on a Plan for the Gears of War Franchise


Microsoft’s Phil Spencer discussed the Gears of War franchise with a fan on Twitter. Spencer stated that the first game from Black Tusk has to “reignite” the “franchise and grow it,” and how it wont be a “quick turn.”

Xbox 360 Game Sale – Darksiders 2, Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, and more

Lost Planet 2

Microsoft has discounted several titles for the Xbox 360 in a new game sale. See all the titles below.

Fable: Anniversary – Out of the Box – ScrewAttack


The guys from ScrewAttack check out Fable Anniversary for the Xbox 360.

Respawn Briefly Discusses the Xbox 360 Version of Titanfall


Titanfall is still coming to the Xbox 360, despite nobody seeing or hearing a word about it. But Respawn’s Drew McCoy has ensured fans that the game is “coming along really well” and just needs a few extra weeks “to polish it up.” 

Jewelry Store Offers Free Xbox One with Purchase of Engagement Ring


In a move that I feel is brilliant, Perrywinkle’s Jewelry Store is offering a free Xbox One with a purchase of select engagement rings. You can check out the deal on their website here. The only catch is the ring purchased needs to have a 3/4 carat diamond center stone. Through my own experience shopping for engagement rings, the minimum you’ll find for that specification is $799.99. But still, it’s a good deal if you are looking to propose. I spent WELL MORE than $799.99 on an engagement ring for my fiance and I didn’t get a damn thing other than the ring….which I gave to her. If you live in the New York or Vermont area you might want to check it out. Thanks Guest for the tip! Source: Washington Post

Forza Motosport 5 Surpasses 1 Million Units Sold, Free DLC for All


Microsoft has announced Forza 5 has passed the one million units sold threshold, so everyone who owns the game will be receiving free DLC. The Road America track will now be free, as well as the new premium DLC pack. More details on the pack and its contents can be found at Xbox Wire, Gematsu, and VG247

Amazon – Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition for $39.99

Tomb Raider

Amazon’s Gold Box deal has Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition for $39.99 on the Xbox One and PS4. The enhanced version of Tomb Raider features 1080p visuals and multiplayer DLC. Grab your copy here! 

Ryse Son of Rome ‘Mars Chosen Pack’ DLC gets Priced and Detailed

Ryse Son of Rome

Ryse Son of Rome will be getting new DLC titled ‘Mars Chosen.’ The pack will be released on Feb. 28, 2014, more details past the link.

Xbox One Deals – $50 off the Consoles, Dead Rising 3 $49, Forza Motorsport 5 $49, and more

Xbox One

Total Xbox has rounded up a slew of Xbox One deals for consumers. $50 off the Xbox One, game deals, and more from a variety of retailers. 

Recent Xbox One Patch is Causing some Issues


The most recent update for the Xbox One system is causing some problems with Kinect and games crashing. Some forum users have been reporting issues to Microsoft about it, and Total Xbox has also pointed out some problem as well. Microsoft’s support team did issue a temporary fix to the problems. You can find that below. 

Unconfirmed – Titanfall to Feature 14 Maps, Splitscreen Multiplayer

Titanfall cover

Some beta testers have run through Titanfall’s code files and discovered data for 14 multiplayer maps. There was also data for some form of splitscreen modes. Get all the map names below.

Titanfall – Burn Cards & Top 10 Picks Videos

Titanfall cover

Microsoft has uploaded to two new videos on Titanfall for the Xbox One. Check them out below.

Microsoft Claims the Xbox Product line sold the most Software in January 2014 to US Consumers

Xbox One

Microsoft has claimed that the Xbox 360 and Xbox One sold the most software combined for January in North America. According to VP or Marketing Yusuf Mehdi, The Xbox 360 and Xbox One sold a combined 2.27 million units for January. Mehdi also revealed the Xbox One owners are buying 2.7 games per console since launch in the US. Source: Xbox News, Thanks Anti for the tip!