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Monster Hunter 4 Sales Slash Past 4 Million in Japan


Monster Hunter 4 has been nothing short of a mega hit for Capcom and Nintendo. Capcom has announced the game has shipped a staggering 4.1 million units as of February 13th. Monster Hunter 4G will be released later this year in Japan, where players can transfer over their saves and items from MH4. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is heading to the West in early 2015. Read the Q&A here. Via: GoNintendo, Source: Siliconera 

Special Edition Monster Hunter 4 3DS XL Announced for Japan


Capcom and Nintendo has announced a brand new Special Edition Monster Hunter 4 themed 3DS XL for Japan. Full details past the link. 

Video: Monster Hunter 4 – Zelda DLC Quest #2


Check out more footage of the Monster Hunter 4 Zelda DLC Quest.

Monster Hunter 4 – Zelda DLC Quest Footage


Check out some footage of Monster Hunter 4′s Zelda DLC quest below.

Japan is Crazy over Monster Hunter 4 – Take a look at These Commercials


Monster Hunter 4 will go down as the most successful game in the franchise, and Capcom knows it. Take a look at all of these new commercials for the sprawling action game.

Monster Hunter 4 X One Piece – New Collaboration Quest Incoming


Capcom has announced a new collaboration quest with One Piece for Monster Hunter 4 next week. Players who complete it by defeating a massive Lagombi, will receive ingredients to build Clima-Tact, the same weapon used by Nami in One Piece. Players will also get materials to make Kabuto, Usopp’s weapon. The quest will launch on December 23rd. Source 

Capcom Celebrates 4 Million Copies of Monster Hunter 4 Shipped

Monster Hunter 4

Capcom has celebrated the massive success that is Monster Hunter 4 with new 3DS promos. Watch the short clips below.

Online Retailer Dates Monster Hunter 4 for a Western Release in January


Monster Hunter 4 might be coming to the 3DS early next year, according to Base, a online retailer. The game is dated for January 29th, 2014. What do you guys think? Will we be getting Monster Hunter early next year? Thanks Caley 19 for the tip!

Monster Hunter 4 Ships over 4 Million Copies in Japan


Monster Hunter 4 is a mega hit, Capcom has announced the game has shipped over 4 million units in Japan alone. This includes the downloadable version through download cards and the eShop. Capcom recently said they will be investing their profits into a new 4 billion Yen mobile studio.

Capcom Investing Monster Hunter 4′s Profits into new 4 Billion yen Internal Japanese Mobile Studio


Capcom has announced that it is investing the massive profits of Monster Hunter 4 into a brand new Japanese mobile studio. The studio will open in Osaka, Japan. The studio is a 4 billion yen investment from Capcom and development of titles will begin immediately. Get my take after the break.

Monster Hunter 4 Breaks past 3 Million Units sold in Japan

Monster Hunter 4

Monster Hunter 4 has sold over three million units in Japan, according to the popular gaming outlet Famitsu.

New Monster Hunter 4 3DS Bundle Announced for Japan


Capcom and Nintendo are preparing a brand new Monster Hunter 4 3DS bundle for Japan. The specially designed bundle will come with a downloadable copy of MH4. The price is set for 19,800 Yen and launches November 7th.

Monster Hunter 4 Ships Three Million Units in Japan – Third-Party Record Smashed


Capcom has announced that Monster Hunter 4 has shipped three million copies in Japan, making it the biggest third-party title on the platform.

Japanese Media Create: Monster Hunter 4 and 3DS Dominate – Sales top 2.5 million


Monster Hunter 4 was once again the top selling game in Japan for this weeks’ Media Create sales charts . While the 3DS once again killed the competition, outselling the next closest system more than 10:1

Japanese Media Create: Monster Hunter 4 & 3DS Move Big Numbers Again

Capcom’s Monster Hunter 4 is a unstoppable force in Japan, as the game has once again topped the media create sales charts moving 213,078 units for the week. The 3DS topped the hardware with 134,244 units sold, completely smashing all other platforms on the market. Get the full charts below.

Capcom is Evaluating Monster Hunter 4 in the West

Monster Hunter 4

Capcom is aware that Monster Hunter 4 fans in the west want the game localized. The firm has issued a statement on the matter. 

Monster Hunter 4 Sales top 1.8 Million in two days – 3DS Sells Nearly 300,000 Units for the week


Monster Hunter 4 is really popular in Japan, how popular? Reports are coming in that Monster Hunter 4 has topped 1.8 million in just two days on the market. Not only that, but Famitsu also says 3DS sales hit 298,000 for the week. 

Circle Pad Pro Sales Skyrocket in Japan due to Monster Hunter 4


Monster Hunter 4 is of course having a positive impact on 3DS sales, but Circle Pad Pro sales are also increased due to Monster Hunter 4′s release. 

Monster Hunter 4 has a ‘Monster’ Shipment – Tops 2 Million Units

Monster Hunter 4

Monster Hunter 4 is on track to be the best-selling 3rd party 3DS game in a matter of days as Capcom has stated MH4 shipped a staggering 2 million units already. 

The First 60 Minutes of Monster Hunter 4


Nintendomination has uploaded the first 60 minutes of Monster Hunter 4, Check it out past the link

Monster Hunter 4 – Rajang Screenshots and Details


Rajang gets some new details and screenshots from Monster Hunter 4, check them out below. 

Monster Hunter 4 Introduction Gameplay – 3DS

Monster Hunter 4

Check out some of the first gameplay from the story mode in Monster Hunter 4.

Massive Turnout for Monster Hunter 4 Launch


Monster Hunter 4 has launched in Japan for the Nintendo 3DS and there was a massive turnout for the game. Check out some of the launch pictures taken.

Capcom Talks new Additions to Monster Hunter 4


Monster Hunter 4 could have just added a bunch of monsters and sold millions, but the game’s director Yuya Tokuya, stressed that wasn’t a viable option. New mechanics and gameplay needed to be added to the core elements of the game. 

Monster Hunter 4 Makes 3DS Sales go boom! – BEFORE the game Drops this Sunday

Monster Hunter 4

Monster Hunter 4 has a massive effect on 3DS sales,  Furious Francis discusses the the good news.

Monster Hunter 4 Nintendo Direct Recap – Play as Link in MH4!


Get all the details from the Monster Hunter 4 themed Nintendo Direct below. Mario and Luigi costumes, multiplayer, and how users can play as the Legendary hero of time – Link from The Legend of Zelda! 

Monster Hunter 4 Themed Nintendo Direct Taking Place on Sunday

Monster Hunter 4

Nintendo will broadcast the highly anticipated, Monster Hunter 4 Nintendo Direct this Sunday at 7 AM EST – 4 AM PST. The Direct is highly anticipated because some are saying we could here about the new Nintendo and Capcom collaboration Satoru Iwata teased a little bit ago. 

Highly Likely Rumor: Monster Hunter 4 Pre-Orders top 1 Million in Japan

To say Monster Hunter is big in Japan is a understatement. The latest retail leak has Monster Hunter 4 surpassing 1 million units pre-ordered. If this turns out to be true, Monster Hunter 4 could very well break all those sales records Capcom is gunning for. 

Monster Hunter 4 Awarded a 38/40 from Famitsu


Famitsu has reviewed Monster Hunter 4 on the 3DS, and it’s nothing short of spectacular according to the review. 

Pictures from the Monster Hunter 4 Event in Japan

iwata_mh4-2 (1)

Check out some new pictures from the Monster Hunter 4 event, where Satoru Iwata teased some sort of collaboration between Nintendo and Capcom. 

Monster Hunter 4′s Quest Maker Details


Monster Hunter 4 will have a custom quest maker, users can design, structure, and send out quests via Wi Fi. Get all the details here. 

Awesome 4-Player Co-op Footage from Monster Hunter 4

Monster Hunter 4

Check out this new footage of four player co-op in Monster Hunter 4 on the 3DS.

Capcom Aiming for 2.8 Million Copies of Monster Hunter 4 in the First 7 Months


Capcom has revealed why they chose the 3DS for Monster Hunter 4, and how they plan to sell 2.8 million copies of the game in the first 7 months.