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New Famitsu Scans Show Off Costumes for Super Smash Bros. for 3DS’ Entire Starting Roster

Famitsu recently released a 100-page supplement for Super Smash Bros. for 3DS showing new details for the game, including every single costume for the game’s initial 38 character roster (excluding Little Mac, who has 8 more costumes than the other characters). The fine folks at Nintendo Everything were kind enough to scan the entirety of this latest supplement, so check it out below.

Mario Kart 8: I’m Getting Mario Karted! – Part 2

Mario Kart 8 Lets Play MS part 2

Sherbet Land was not kind to me in Mario Kart 8, but will I overcome the barrage of items? Subscribe to PE Nintendo for new videos on Monday’s Wednesday’s, and Saturday’s!

New Super Smash Bros. Character to be Revealed July 14

Sakurai has taken to Miiverse to announce an announcement! There will be a new character revealed on the official Smash Bros. website, Monday, July 14, 7:00 am PST (10:00 am EST, 4:00 pm CET). Check out Sakurai’s Tweet below.

Nintendo Downloads EU (7/10/14) – Pokémon Trading Card Game & Pop’n Twinbee lead

This week’s European eShop update offers two new Virtual Consoles, Pokémon Trading Card Game for the 3DS, and Pop’n Twinbee for the Wii U.

Nintendo’s also offering a trio of titles for sale this week, Nintendo Pocket Football Club on the 3DS eShop for €11.79/£10.79 until July 13, 2014, and for those who only own either NES Remix or NES Remix 2, players can pick up the second title for €6.99/£6.29 until July 24, 2014. Shin’en’s Jett Rocket II: The Wrath of Taikai can be picked up on the 3DS eShop for €4.99/£4.25 until July 24, 2014. Get the full details below.

Mario Kart 8 Sold 512,467 Copies in Japan for the Month of June & McDonald’s Toys are Part of Nintendo’s Licensing Business

Famitsu and Kadokawa has revealed Mario Kart 8 sold 512,467 copies in Japan for the entire month of June, according to Senior Research Analyst David Gibson. Furthermore, the recently launched Mario Kart 8 themed Happy Meal toys currently available at McDonald’s are part of Nintendo’s licensing business mentioned back in February.

Groudon Reference Image for Pokémon Art Academy Available for Download Until July 20

Nintendo of Europe has announced a reference image of Groudon for the 3DS title Pokémon Art Academy is currently available for download until July 20, 2014.

Nintendo will be Releasing Two Free New Puzzles Per Month for Pushmo World

Nintendo of America has announced two free new puzzles will be released every month for their Wii U eShop title Pushmo World. Their first puzzle Game Time is now available for download, while Watering Can will be released at a later date.

McDonald’s Now Offering Mario Kart 8 Toys with Happy Meals in North America

Mario Kart 8 fans are now able to pick up toys featuring Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Bowser, Toad, Yoshi and Donkey Kong at participating McDonald’s restaurants in North America.

Sakurai Showcases Mega Man in Latest Super Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS Miiverse Post

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U director Masahiro Sakura has released a new Wii U screenshot highlighting the character models for Mega Man.EXE and Mega Man Volnutt. Sakurai also included a new character trophy for Mega Man X in his latest post.

Embed Links Added to Bottom of Miiverse Posts

Miiverse logo
A recent update to Miiverse now allow users to embed and share Miiverse postings to any website. Users will only need to locate and click on “Embed this Post” at the bottom of the Miiverse post, then copy and paste the code to any site.

Nintendo Downloads NA – Armillo, Guacamelee, & Squids Odyssey lead

Squids Odyssey
This week’s North American eShop update features indie titles Armillo and Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition for the Wii U, and Squids Odyssey for the 3DS. Nintendo has also released a free demo for Tomodachi Life on the 3DS eShop for anyone to try out their quirky title.

ATLUS has launched a sale for Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl and Etrian Odyssey IV: The Legends of Titan on the 3DS eShop, the sale will start on July 7, 2014 and end on July 21, 2014. Get the full details below.

Hyrule Warriors GAMECITY Exclusive Postcards Revealed

Koei Tecmo has revealed four of five GAMECITY exclusive postcards previously mentioned as pre-order bonuses for anyone who orders any edition of Hyrule Warriors directly from GAMECITY. The four revealed postcards features Link, Impa, Zelda, and Lana, while a fifth character will be revealed later.

Pokemon Art Academy – How to Draw Yveltal & Xerneas Videos

N3DS_PokemonArtAcademy_logo-1 (1)
Nintendo of Europe released video guides on How to Draw Yveltal and How to Draw Xerneas videos in their upcoming 3DS title Pokémon Art Academy.

Nintendo Downloads EU (7/3/14) – Armillo, Chibi-Robo, Squids Odyssey, Guacamelee, & Pokémon Art Academy lead

This week’s European eShop update features a trio of highly anticipated indie titles, Armillo and Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition for the Wii U console, and Squids Odyssey offered as the very first Cross Buy title for both 3DS and Wii U platforms.

Nintendo will also be offering a couple of 3DS titles on the eShop this week, Chibi-Robo! Let’s Go, Photo! and Pokémon Art Academy. Get the full details below.

Shigeru Miyamoto Unable to Attend Japan Expo 2014 due to His Father’s Health

Nintendo of Europe has released a new notice on the Nintendo France Twitter page indicating Shigeru Miyamoto is unable to attend Japan Expo 2014 due to the health of his father. Miyamoto was supposed to attend the Japan Expo event on July 4, 2014.

Pokémon: Symphonic Evolutions Tour Announced for Washington on August 15 & Philadelphia on September 19

The Pokémon Company has announced a live orchestral concert tour featuring music from the Pokémon series in Washington, DC on August 15, 2014, and Philadelphia, PA on September 19, 2014. Pokémon: Symphonic Evolutions will feature new musical arrangements from nearly 20 years of Pokémon history. Check below for more details and ticket information.

Amazon Canada Taking Pre-Orders for Star Fox Wii U

star_fox_wii_u_by_bluefalcon8-d5928r2 (1)
Nintendo has yet to officially reveal any footage for the upcoming Wii U version of Star Fox, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping Amazon Canada from taking early pre-orders for the title.

Nintendo Minute – June Favorites (Shovel Knight, Child of Light, Pushmo World & more)

Kit and Krysta will be starting a new Nintendo Minute feature to focus on their monthly favorite 3DS and Wii U eShop titles. For the month of June, Shovel Knight, Child of Light, Pushmo World, Night Sky, and many more are featured in this video.

Nintendo Pocket Football Club Puzzle Swap Added to European StreetPass Mii Plaza

Nintendo of Europe announced Puzzle Swap pieces for Nintendo Pocket Football Club were released to European 3DS handhelds today. Check the StreetPass Mii Plaza for the new arrival.

Meet Shigeru Miyamoto at Japan Expo in Paris, France

Lucky folks in Paris, France and neighboring locations will have an opportunity to meet and greet Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto in person at this year’s Japan Expo on July 4, 2014.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate – E3 2014 Live Gameplay Video – Day 2

Capcom released a new Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate video featuring live gameplay from their second day at E3 2014.

Hyrule Warriors Article Scans from Famitsu Issue No. 1334

NoticeMeSenpai on Twitter released a couple of scans from this week’s Famitsu magazine featuring character reveals for Hyrule Warriors.

Nintendo Downloads NA – Shovel Knight, Wii Sports Club, & Castlevania III lead

Shovel Knightwide Title
Prepare to dig up graves for your enemies as Shovel Knight officially graces the 3DS and Wii U eShop this week. This week’s eShop update also include new Baseball and Boxing additions for Wii Sports Club for the Wii U, and Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse for both 3DS and Wii U Virtual Console.

Atlus has launched a sale for their 3DS titles on the eShop starting today, the sale will end on July 7, 2014. Until July 8, 2014, Nordic Games’ titles including Darksiders II are also discounted on the Wii U. Get the full details below.

Wii Sports Club – All Sports Trailer

A new trailer highlighting every sport and features for Nintendo’s Wii Sports Club was released.

Bayonetta 2 Director Details How Nintendo Helped Improve the Game and Interest in Future Collaborations

Bayonetta 2 director Yusuke Hashimoto conducted an interview with CVG during this month’s E3, and he mentioned how Nintendo helped improved the upcoming Wii U exclusive title during the collaboration. Hashimoto even mentioned he would love to work with Nintendo again in the future. Check out the entire CVG interview below.

Hyrule Warriors – Zelda (Rapier) Gameplay Video

Tecmo Koei released an official Hyrule Warriors gameplay video featuring Zelda battling with her magically summoned rapier, shield and bow. The video highlights Zelda’s speedy attacks, as she quickly disposes her enemies with the rapier and bow.

Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata Missed the E3 2014 Due to Growth in Bile Duct

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata recently revealed he has underwent surgery last week due to a growth in his bile duct, which was discovered during one of his routine examinations. This discovery also prevented Iwata from attending this year’s E3 2014 event.

Iwata released this information in a personal letter to shareholders today, and indicated the detection of this growth was luckily in it’s early stages and he didn’t suffer from any symptoms, although he was advised to undergo immediate surgery.

Nintendo Announces Plans to Appeal in an Official Statement on UK Court Ruling in Favor of Philips

On June 20, 2014, UK courts officially ruled in favor of Philips in their patent infringement case against Nintendo. It appears Nintendo’s not stepping away from this fight, since Games Industry International received an official statement from the company stating plans to file an appeal against the judgement.

Hyrule Warriors – Link (Rod) Gameplay Video

Tecmo Koei released an official Hyrule Warriors gameplay video featuring Link battling with the Rod weapon. The video highlights various attacks and forms of the powerful flame weapon.

Inazuma Eleven Go: Light & Shadow – Time for Kickoff! Launch Trailer

Embedded image permalink
Nintendo of Europe has released a launch trailer for Level-5’s Inazuma Eleven Go: Light & Shadow.

Philips wins patent infringement case against Nintendo in UK court

UK court judge Colin Birss has ruled in favor of Royal Philips involving hand gesture and motion recognition patents against Nintendo’s Wii devices today. Birss said Nintendo has infringed on two of Philips’ patents, although a third patent involving modeling a body in a virtual space was not violated by the company.

Hyrule Warriors – Link (One Handed Sword) Gameplay Video

Tecmo Koei released an official Hyrule Warriors gameplay video featuring Link battling with his one handed sword.

Nintendo Downloads NA – Pushmo World & Another World lead

This week’s North American eShop update includes Nintendo’s Pushmo World for the Wii U, including a large number of indie titles such as the classic Another World – 20th Anniversary Edition for both the 3DS and Wii U, How to Survive, GEOM, 2048, and many more.

This week also features some notable sales such as Shin Megami Tensei IV, currently available on the 3DS eShop for $24.99 until June 23, 2014. Fractured Soul and Toki Tori+ are also up for sale until July 3, 2014. Get the full details below.

Aonuma confirms Link’s invulnerable nemesis will appear in Hyrule Warriors

Nintendo’s Eiji Aonuma took an opportunity to answer one of many Hyrule Warriors questions submitted by fans. Check out the video below.

Nintendo TVii update released on Wii U

Nintendo has released a new update for Nintendo TVii today, which includes several improvements and a new home screen. Check below for more details.

Wii Fit U version 1.3.0 update released

A new 1.3.0 update for Wii Fit U has been released by Nintendo. The update will include new courses for Walking Challenge and Climbing Challenge, automatic activity switching in My Routines, and the Graph Screen to monitor weight changes now includes daily information, instead of a monthly average. Check below for more details.

Nintendo’s European release schedule includes 3DS Tetris Ultimate, NIS America publishing Persona Q, and more

An official European release schedule was released last week by Nintendo of Europe, and it appears to include Ubisoft’s Tetris Ultimate for the 3DS with an Autumn release window. Ubisoft has yet to officially announce this title for the 3DS handheld, since it’s currently slated for PC, PS4, PS Vita, and Xbox One platforms.

The list also listed NIS America as the official publisher for Atlus’ Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth in the region, instead of SEGA or Atlus. The game currently has a 2014 release window for Europe. Check out the schedule below.

Nintendo Downloads EU (6/19/14) – Pullblox World, Another World & How to Train Your Dragon 2 lead

This week’s European eShop update features the release of Nintendo’s Pullblox World for the Wii U, along with Another World – 20th Anniversary Edition and How to Train Your Dragon 2 for both 3DS and Wii U. Get the full details below.

Hyrule Warriors Treasure Box & Hero’s Muffler Revealed

Nintendo and Tecmo Koei released official photos of the Hero’s Muffler and Treasure Box Accessory Case (With Sound) included with the purchase of the 13,800 yen Hyrule Warriors Treasure Box in Japan.

NPD May 2014 – PS4 Tops Hardware, 3DS #2, Wii U Sales up 85%

Wii U PS4 Xbox One

The NPD Group has released more sales data for the month of May. The PS4 topped hardware, the 3DS came in second, and Wii U sales are up 85% from last month thanks to Mario Kart 8. The crazy racer sold 1.2 million in two days of being tracked.