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Live Playeressence X Nintendo This Sunday 11 AM PST – E3 Discussion and New Super Luigi U Play-through


What’s up everybody! Furious Francis here, and I want to let you guys know I’ll be hosting a Live Playeressence X Nintendo on Sunday! It’s going to be the final E3 wrap-up and play-through of New Super Luigi U. More details past the link. 

No Playeressence Mailbag Tonight But……

Hey guys, due to Memorial Weekend I won’t be having a Mailbag tonight. But I will have a new E3 countdown featuring the new 3D Mario game for Wii U. Sorry about that, but trust me, this E3 countdown will be good. 

Playeressence Mailbag Sunday May 19th, 2013

Welcome to the first ever Spreecast LIVE show! It was really awesome and I want to thank everybody who showed up to ask questions and make things fun! The Playeressence Mailbag is going LIVE every Sunday at 6 PM PST! Make sure to subscribe to my Spreecast channel to get all your questions answered.  Check out the archived show below.

LIVE Playeressence Mailbag 6 PM PST Spreecast & Bit.Trip Runner 2 Review in Progress

The Playeressence Mailbag is going LIVE by 6 PM PST! Hope to see you guys there to answer all you’re questions. Follow the link below to watch on Spreecast by 6 PM Pacific Standard Time!

Introducing my new Spreecast Channel – LIVE Playeressence Mailbag Today by 6 PM PST

Hey everybody! Furious Francis here, and I got some exciting news for you guys today. I just signed up with Spreecast, and I’ll be doing live shows like the Playeressence Mailbag on there. I wanted to do a live-stream of Bit. Trip Runner 2 today, but none of the broadcasting tools I downloaded for live-streaming is working on my PC. It’s the same issues I was having with PowerDirect. I really need to take my PC to get fixed :( . Hit the link for more details.

***Update Not set to Private*** Playeressence Mailbag:Sunday May 12, 2013

Furious Francis all of the users questions in the Playeressence mailbag. Should Nintendo make their own Football game to rival Madden? Why are my top 5 five games of all time? And should gamers stop counting on Square Enix to get their RPG fix.

Playeressence Mailbag: Sunday May 5th, 2013

Furious Francis is back again to answer all of the users questions! Should Nintendo and Sega team up? Just how big is Xenoblade 2? What’s your Nintendo ID and many more questions get answered on this episode of the Playeressence Mailbag.

Playeressence Mailbag – April 25th “Wii U Price cut, bias Journalists, & more”

Welcome to the first ever, Playeressence mailbag. In this show Furious Francis answers all of his loyal viewers questions, in only the way he can….with class and style. Check it out!