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Amazon: The Wonderful 101 for $23.99

The Wonderful 101

Amazon has the vastly underrated The Wonderful 101 for $23.99. The Wonderful 101 is personally one of my favorite games of last year, and packs a ton of content well worth the asking price. If you’re looking for an innovative, new, and action packed game for Wii U, look no further than The Wonderful 101. If you’re still not convinced, watch me play the game here. Via: GoNintendo 

Amazing Wonder-Red Cosplay

The Wonderful 101 cosplay

Check out this amazing Wonder-Red cosplay. 

GameStop: The Wonderful 101 and Ninja Gaiden 3 The Razor’s Edge for $29.99 each

The Wonderful 101

GameStop has some fantastic deals this weekend, as The Wonderful 101 and Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor’s Edge are $29.99 each. Splinter Cell Blacklist is also on sale for $19.99 on the PS3 or Xbox 360. Get all the sales and deals below. 

Amazon and Best Buy have The Wonderful 101 for $24

The Wonderful 101

Both Amazon and Best Buy have the best price on The Wonderful 101 to date. You can pick up Hideki Kamiya’s latest masterpiece for $23.99. The Wonderful 101 is a great game, and at that price, it’s a steal!

Hideki Kamiya Wants to make Mii’s Playable in ‘The Wonderful 102′

The Wonderful 101 Close

Platinum Games director Hideki Kamiya has stated he would like let players play as their Mii’s if the The Wonderful 101 ever got a sequel. 

The Wonderful 101 is $30 at Target and GameStop

The Wonderful 101

GameStop and Target both have The Wonderful 101 for $30 for in-store pickup. Amazon has the game for $35 online. The Wonderful 101 is one of the best games on Wii U and received a glowing review from Playeressence. Source 

Let’s Play The Wonderful 101 on HARD Part 3 “Ohhh YEAH!”

Part 3 W101 MS Cropped

Francis faces off against Geathjerk Commander,Lambo, in this epic showdown to wrap up Mission 001-C in The Wonderful 101. Subscribe to my PE Reviews channel for more Let’s Plays, Reviews, and more.

Let’s Play The Wonderful 101 ON HARD! Part 2 “Exposed!!!”

Lets Play TW101 part 2 Cropped MS

Part 2 of Francis’s complete The Wonderful 101 on Hard Let’s play is LIVE. Subscribe to my PE Reviews channel for gameplay videos, Let’s Play’s, Reviews, and more.

Amazon has The Wonderful 101 for $49.99

The Wonderful 101

Amazon is currently selling The Wonderful 101 on the Wii U for $49.99, saving you $10 on this amazing action game. I’m also doing a Let’s Play on the game, you can watch the first part here. Grab your copy of The Wonderful 101 here. Or you can watch my review on the game past the link.

Let’s Play The Wonderful 101 on HARD! Part 1 – ‘Too Slow!’

Lets Play TW101 Part 1 cropped MS

Francis plays The Wonderful 101 in his first official Let’s play! Subscribe to PE Reviews to get new episodes all week. Watch part one below.

The Wonderful 101 Update is live in North America and Europe

The Wonderful 101 back

Nintendo has announced that the previously Japanese only update for The Wonderful 101, is now available in the west. 

The Wonderful 101 gets an Update Patch in Japan

The Wonderful 101 Ttitle

Platinum Games has released a brand new update for The Wonderful 101. The update fixes the Wonderful Figure no.24 and other stability issues. This brings the version number to 1.1.0 in Japan. No word on when it is coming to the west. Thanks Anti for the tip.

Hideki Kamiya Wants to make a Action game Spin-off Starring Wonder-Blue from The Wonderful 101

The Wonderful 101 WB

Platinum Games game director Hideki Kamiya, has stated on Twitter he wants make a action game spin-off with realistic graphics starring Wonder-Blue, from The Wonderful 101. 

Playeressence Video Review – The Wonderful 101

The Wonderful 101 M

Furious Francis gets The Wonderful 101, but it seems the game goes much further than expected. Subscribe to PE. Reviews, our new review and gameplay based channel.

The Wonderful 101 -The Won-Stoppable Wonderful 100 (Wii U)

The Wonderful 101 Ttitle

Unite those vocal chords and sing along to ‘The Won-Stoppable Wonderful 100 (English Version)’! Did you know the lyrics were devised by Hideki Kamiya himself?

The Wonderful 101 is on sale for $50.74 at

The Wonderful 101

What to get a great deal on my lead candidate for Wii U Game of the year? The Wonderful 101 is on sale at for the low price of $50.74. The Wonderful 101 is one of the best games I have ever played. The combat, story, and gameplay are insanely fun. There is enough replay value and content to last you over 50 hours. Take advantage of this deal, pick your copy of The Wonderful 101 here

Robert Boyd Says Games Like The Wonderful 101 are a poor fit for the Gaming Press

the wonderful 101 man

Designer and critic Robert Boyd has stated that heavy skill based games like The Wonderful 101 are a poor fit for the gaming press. His reasoning was that reviewers who are pressed for time and unable to stick with a game long enough to build skills and scores, will be quicker to dismiss a game like The Wonderful 101.

US & CAN eShop Sales: Wind Waker HD #1, The Wonderful 101 Moves up to #8

The Legend of Zelda WW HD

Nintendo has published the North American eShop and Canadian eShop sales charts for this week, and as expected, The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker HD debuts at number 1. The Wonderful 101 surprisingly has risen on the eShop charts. As positive buzz of the game might be spurring eShop sales for The Wonderful 101. Full charts for the US and Canada below. 

Playeressence Review: The Wonderful 101 – Wonderfully Awesome

The Wonderful 101

By Furious Francis 

The Wonderful 101 is the must have Wii U game for the year, read my review to find out why. 

Wii U eShop Sales: Rayman Legends Still Going Strong, Charts 3rd


Digital gaming is obviously becoming a bigger part of Nintendo’s strategy, as the digital deluxe program is proving to be more than successful for the Wii U. Check out this weeks North American eShop sales where Rayman Legends took 3rd while The Wonderful 101 debuts at a modest 11th place. 

ONM Hands out a 93% Score for The Wonderful 101

The Wonderful 101 back

ONM has reviewed a slew of Wii U and 3DS games, dishing out great scores for The Wonderful 101, Rayman Legends, and Steamworld Dig. Get all the scores below. 

The Wonderful 101 – Nintendo World Store Launch Footage

The Wonderful 101 Ttitle

Check out this short video of The Wonderful 101 launch event at the Nintendo World Store.

PE Now! The Wonderful 101 is Finally here! Go BUY IT!!!

W101 - Crop

The Wonderful 101 is finally here! Furious Francis briefly discusses the game and some other news.

North America – The Wonderful 101 Launch Trailer is Epic

The Wonderful 101 M

Check out The Wonderful 101 launch trailer for North America.

Hideki Kamiya has a Special Message for Bayonetta and The Wonderful 101 fans

The Wonderful 101 3

Check out this special message from Platinum Games director Hideki Kamiya for Bayonetta and The Wonderful 101 fans. 

Wii U – Inside The Wonderful 101 with Hideki Kamiya PAX Speaking

The Wonderful 101 Ttitle

Hideki Kamiya discusses the development of The Wonderful 101. There is a ton of cool information in this 4 minute video, check it out past the link. The Wonderful 101 launches on Sunday in the US.

Nintendo Downloads North America: The Wonderful 101 and Toki Tori 2+

The Wonderful 101

Nintendo has updated their eShop offering for North America this week and The Wonderful 101 leads the way. Get the full offerings for this week below.

Kamiya on The Wonderful 101′s Technical Challenge, game Balance and Inaba Thinking Multiplayer was Impossible

the-wonderful-101-Wonder Pink

Hideki Kamiya discusses multiple challenges facing the development of The Wonderful 101. 

Hideki Kamiya at PAX Prime 2013

Hideki Kamiya

Hideki Kamiya, creative director at PlatinumGames Inc. attended PAX Prime 2013 to interact with fans and talk about his new game The Wonderful 101.

The Wonderful 101 Might have Originally been Slated for Wii

The Wonderful 101 Ttitle

In a new interview with Hideki Kamiya, he reveals that The Wonderful 101 might have been originally slated for the Wii and not Wii U. 

Playeressence X Nintendo Episode 27 ‘My Body is Ready”

My bodys is ready crop

Furious Francis’ body is ready for the onslaught of games this September and October. Hideki Kamiya will block Star Fox idiots, Nintendo X Capcom, and much more! PE X Ninty Episode 27 is LIVE!

The Wonderful 101 is the top Selling Wii U game in France

The Wonderful 101 M

Playeressence member Maestro has pointed out that The Wonderful 101 is the top selling Wii U game in France in the S.E.L.L video game charts for week 34. Pikmin 3 and New Super Luigi U round out the top 3. See the full charts for all systems and games here. 

Combo and Shop Upgrade Guides for The Wonderful 101 – Gamesradar

The Wonderful 101 Close

Gamesradar has written two separate guides for The Wonderful 101. One guide deals with The Wonderful Mart, where players can spend points to upgrade their heroes and purchase new abilities. While the other guide walks you through the many combos the game has to offer. The Wonderful 101 is out in Europe and Japan, while North America gets the game on September 15th.