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Shadow of the Eternals is not Dead, says Precursor Games

Shadow of the Eternals d

Precursor Games’ Phil Haymes, has stated that Shadow of the Eternals is not dead. The game is alive and kicking, however, we shouldn’t expect any new news on the game soon. 

Shadow of the Eternals Project is now on hold


Precursor Games has announced the promising Shadow of the Eternals game is on hold. After two failed Kickstarters, and multiple questions surrounding the credibility of the project, Precursor games could not get enough support from the gaming community. Precursor has issued a official statement on the project. 

Shadow of the Eternals Falls More than $500,000 Short of the goal


With three hours to go, the Shadow of the Eternals KickStarter is not going to meet their goal. Precursor Games was looking for $750,000 in funding, but only reached $316,606. It’s unfortunate, but this project is not dead, the team plans to develop a licensed game to potentially fund the project. 

Denis Dyack on Wii U Version of Shadow Of The Eternals “We love the Specs”

Shadow of the Eternals d

In a three-hour live-stream of Shadow of The Eternals, Denis Dyack says the Wii U version will look just as good as the PC version of the game when it’s finished.

Shadow Of The Eternals Sanity Systems Video

Shadow Of The Eternals Kickstarter page has a brand new video showing off the sanity effects. Sanity can help or hinder you, as being able to see doors on ceilings, then using the sanity effect to rotate the surrounding area to reach that door.

Shadow of the Eternals Concept Art Video

Shadow of the Eternals d
Shawn Jackson of Precursor Games shows off various artwork from Shadow of the Eternals. The Spiritual Successor to Eternal Darkness is in KickStarter right now. Precursor still needs over $500,000 with around 16 days to go.

Shadow of the Eternals Kickstarter Campaign adds some new Tiers


Shadow of the Eternals Kickstarter is heating up with some new incentives to get people to pledge their hard earned cash. 

Dennis Dyack Talks Wii U and Shadow of the Eternals


Dennis Dyack will be brining Shadow of the Eternals to the Wii U, PC, and PS4 if all the goals are met. Gamespot sat down with Dyack and discussed why the game is coming to Wii U and the sales of the system. 

Shadow of the Eternals ‘we’re not Trying to sell 20 Million Copies’

Shadow of the Eternals d
Dennis Dyack discusses Precursor Games’ philosophy on Shadow of the Eternals, and what the team is trying to do. The Cry Engine 3 powered game is confirmed for the Wii U and PC, with a stretch goal for the PS4.

Shadow of the Eternals adds a PS4 Stretch goal


Shadow of the Eternals Kickstarter is back, and Precursor Games has added a PS4 stretch goal to campaign. The team is looking for $750,000 with 29 days left to go. David Hayter, the voice of Snake from Metal Gear Solid, will be doing voice work for the game. 

Precursor Games Wants to know what System you Would buy Shadow of the Eternals on


Are you interested in Shadow of the Eternals? Well Precursor Games wants to know what system you will purchase the game on. Users can pick between the Wii U, Xbox One, PC, and PS4. As of the time I’m writing this, the Wii U is winning 50% of the vote. Head over to the forums to cast your vote. Thanks Gryphonofmight for the tip!

Shadow of the Eternals Kickstarter Funding Returns July 25th

Precursor Games has announced they will be resuming Kickstarter funding for Shadow of the Eternals on July 25th. Full details below. 

Shadow of the Eternals dev Arrested on Child porn Charges

Kenneth McCulloch

Kenneth McCulloch, a developer on Shadow of the Eternals, was charged with possession of child pornography after police seized “significant” number of computers during a search. Precursor Games has issued an official statement. 

Precursor Games Talks Shadow of the Eternals Focus


Dennis Dyack and the staff at Precursor discuss Shadow of the Eternals graphics, settings, and story plot.

Shadow of the Eternals Crowdfunding Campaigns Suspended by Precursor Games

Precursor Games has suspended all crowdfunding campaigns for Shadow of the Eternals for the time being. 

Shadow of the Eternals gets CryEngine 3 Development Video

Shadow of the Eternals is a visually impressive game. Check out how the developers build the world around them using the powerful CryEngine 3. 

Shadow of the Eternals Video Shows off new Characters

Denis Dyack has a new video showing off two new characters in Shadow of the Eternals. Check the video out past the break.

Shadow of the Eternals adds Kickstarter to it’s Funding Efforts

Shadow of the Eternals now has two revenue streams coming in. Kickstarter has officially been announced for Shadow of the Eternals. 

Precursor Games is Interested in Re-Releasing Eternal Darkness for the Wii U

Precursor Games has officially stated they are interested in re-releasing the original Eternal Darkness for the Wii U. 

Playeressence X Nintendo Episode 9 “Frostbite 2 is just too Powerful for Wii U”

Furious Francis discusses Shadow of the Eternals, Sonic the Hedgehog, Resident Evil Revelations, Nintendo’s plans at E3, and how DICE and EA are the biggest liars/douchebags in the industry.

Precursor is Planning for $5 an Episode for Shadow of the Eternals & Bundles

The Technical Director at Precursor Games, Sean Thompson, has revealed how much each episode will cost for Shadow of the Eternals . As well as possible bundles and/or pricing methods. 

Precursor Games has been in Contact with Nintendo over Shadow of the Eternals

Shadow of the Eternals is the spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness, and some might even say it’s more than that. With a recent gameplay analysis from GameExplain, it’s becoming more evident that Shadow of the Eternals is more of a true sequel, than spiritual successor. 

Shadow of the Eternals – Trailer Analysis

GameExplain has combed through the footage of Shadow of the Eternals. Check out this full analysis of the game with ties to Eternal Darkness, Insanity Effects, and characters. This is a must see analysis. 

Denis Dyack Discusses Shadow of the Eternals and more

Denis Dyack discusses the fine details of the Shadow of the Eternals, crowd-funding, and more. Check out the interview past the link.

Shadow of the Eternals gets an Amazing 9 Minute Gameplay Demo

Shadow of the Eternals gets an amazing gameplay demo courtesy of IGN. This game is a system seller/Killer App for the Wii U. Check it out past the link. And prepare to be amazed.

Don’t Trust your gut Feelings: Shadow of the Eternals is Confirmed for PC and Wii U

Shadow of the Eternals is basically Eternal Darkness 2, new details have surfaced about this brand new horror game. Get all of them past the link. 

Shadow of the Eternals is the Spiritual Successor to Eternal Darkness, gets a Trailer

Dennis Dyack is involved in this new game, Shadow of the Eternals, which has been confirmed as the spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness. Check out the trailer below.