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Soul Sacrifice Delta Dated for Japan

Soul Sacrfice Delta

Keiji Inafune’s Soul Sacrifice Delta has been dated for Japan. PS Vita owners can get their hands on the game on March 6th, 2014. The price is set at 4,980 yen for a retails copy. You can download it off the PSN store for 3,900 yen. Source

Soul Sacrifice gets free Quest and Boss DLC

Soul Sacrifice is getting my favorite kind of DLC, free. Check out some of the new bonus quests and bosses you can tackle in the game. 

Soul Sacrifice Boss Battle DLC Coming on July 18th – Trailer


Soul Sacrifice is getting some new DLC that include a few new gods. Cert who loves chaos and Romulus who prefers order. Those in Japan with the game will be able to go up against the Iron Maiden on July 4.

Soul Sacrifice Review Round-up

Soul Sacrifice is out on the PS Vita this week and many publications have started to release their review scores. Can Keiji Inafune’s action RPG revitalize the PS Vita in the Western markets? 

Soul Sacrifice gets a new Developer Walk-Through Video

Soul Sacrifice is one of the best games for the PS Vita. If you have one, you should check out this video and seriously consider buying this game.

Soul Sacrifice demo Saves Transfer over to the full game

The demo for Soul Sacrifice will hit PSN today in North America and tomorrow in Europe. Sony has stated that players who pick up the demo will be able to transfer their saves to the full game when released. 

Soul Sacrifice is Getting a demo next week

A demo for the upcoming action RPG Soul Sacrifice will be releasing on the PS Vita next week. Hit the link for more details on what you can expect in the demo. 

Soul Sacrifice sold through 76% of its Initial Stock

Sony’s Soul Sacrifice is selling quite nicely in Japan right now. The game sold a healthy 114,446 thousands units on launch, pretty good for a new IP with a small install base. More information has been released saying, Soul Sacrifice sold through 76% of it’s first production run. 

Soul Sacrifice gets First Review, plus Gameplay Details

Soul Sacrifice seems to be a hit. Famitsu has reviewed the game and they like it. More information below. 

Soul Sacrifice – New TV Spot and Trailer

Soul Sacrifice in launching in Japan this Spring, and Sony has started marketing Kenji Inafune’s answer to Monster Hunter. Check out the TV Spot and new trailer below. Souls Sacrifice hit Europe on May 1st and America on April 30th. 

Soul Sacrifice Launches in the US this April, May in Europe

Soul Sacrifice, the PSVita exclusive, launches in retail stores and PSN this April in the US. Europe is getting it ion May. There are also pre-order bonuses for those who plan on pre-ordering the game. 

Soul Sacrifice dated, PS Vita Bundle & Limited Edition Console Pics

Soul Sacrifice has been given a release date in Japan. The exclusive PS Vita game by Mega Man Creator Keiji Inafune new IP is coming out on a strategically bad day. The game is set to take on Capcom’s Monster Hunter 4. Hit the link for pics of the console bundles and the release date.

Soul Sacrifice – Death Mechanic in the game looks to innovate.

Soul Sacrifice is a game that seriously tempting me to buy a PlayStation Vita.  There is a new death mechanic that makes the gameplay very interesting.