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Street Fighter X Tekken Version 1.08 is Coming to the PC on Monday

Capcom will be releasing a new patch for Street Fighter X Tekken. This will bring it up to version 1.08, the patch will release on PC on Monday, April 22nd. Boot up Steam or Windows Live and the patch will download automatically. 

Street Fighter X Tekken DLC Heading to PC next week

Capcom will be bringing the rest of the DLC for Street Fighter X Tekken to the PC on February 6th. More details on this long awaited DLC for the PC players. 

Street Fighter Grand Finals set for San Francisco on December 8th

The Street Fighter Grand Finals finally has a date and location set. Capcom has set December 8th in San Francisco for the big tournament. 

Street Fighter X Tekken Version 2013 Major Updates listed here

Capcom has detailed the new change logs for the free update of Street Fighter X Tekken Version 2013.

Street Fighter x Tekken Vita: at NY Comic Con

Street Fighter X Tekken has been shown at the New York Comic Con 2012 today.

Street Fighter X Tekken: Rebalance Version in 2013

The New York Comic Con has been going on since Friday and today we hear news from Street Fighter X Tekken from Capcom being supported next year.