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Humor – Zen Gamer Zone Exclusive: Mario Interview – NinZend0


Due to a chance encounter, I have been given the prestigious honor of interviewing the King of Platforming and face of the industry, Mario. And it all went swimmingly, right up until I mentioned Knack’s presence in-studio. Then, it just got…. uncomfortable…

Super Mario 3D World Doesn’t mean Nintendo will Abandon Super Mario Galaxy


Legendary Nintendo producer Shigeru Miyamoto has stated that Nintendo releasing Super Mario 3D World, doesn’t mark the end of the Mario Galaxy style games.

Breaking news: Super Mario 3D World Looks a lot Better than Super Mario Galaxy 2


Super Mario 3D World is Nintendo’s  first ever 3D Mario game in HD, and it looks spectacular. Nintendo Enthusiast has posted comparison of SM3DW and SMG 2.

Nintendo Tested Mario Galaxy for Online play


Did you know Nintendo tested out online play for Mario Galaxy on Wii? The news broke out with a interview with Shigeru Miyamoto and key members of Tokyo EAD.

Eurogamer: Super Mario Galaxy Is The Game Of The Generation – NinZend0


Eurogamer has named Super Mario Galaxy it’s game of the generation and rightfully so. After what was sure to be a long and arduous process they whittled it down to just one game – Super Mario Galaxy.

Nintendo Finally Lowers the Price of Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Others

To say Nintendo’s games hold their value is an understatement. But it seems sales have finally slowed down to the point where Nintendo has officially lowered the price of three Wii gems. Super Mario Galaxy, New Super Mario Bros Wii, and Wii Sports Resort are all $29.99 as of today. 

Xbox 360 & PS3 Owners who Skipped the Wii, Should pick up These Wii Games on Their Wii U’s

By Furious Francis, editor-in-chief 

The Wii U is out in the US, Australia, Europe, the UK, and is hitting Japan this week. Many Wii U owners might have skipped the Wii generation in lieu of the Xbox 360 and PS3 due to the lack of HD visuals, friends codes, and bad online infrastructure. Thankfully, Nintendo has fixed all the defiencency’s the Wii had while including fully functional Wii into the Wii U. If you didn’t play some of the Wii’s best games, booting those games up on your Wii U is easy, and up-scales the games to 1080p via HDMI. Check out the list of must play Wii games, for your brand new Wii U.