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Ubisoft Reconfirms Watch Dogs is Still in Development for Wii U


Ubisoft has reassured users on Twitter that Watch Dogs for Wii U is still in development. The firm delayed the game last week which many people saw as a sign the game was cancelled for Nintendo’s system. However, that is not the case. Read the tweet below. 

Wii U Version of Watch Dogs Delayed Because of Mario Kart?


Doctre81 has a theory that Ubisoft delayed Watch Dogs on Wii U because of Mario Kart 8. Yeah I know, this one is out there. Watch the video past the link. 

TEEny BiTeS: Media Bias, Watch Dogs Wii U, & Sonic Boom


Mizzah Tee discusses the media bias, Watch Dogs being delayed, and his thoughts on Sonic Boom. This one is short but it’s quite awesome! Subscribe to the Mizzah Tee Show if you haven’t already done so.

Watch Dogs Wii U Delay – Mr. Red Fox, Zen Gamer, & ACHP give Their Thoughts


Warning: Strong Language 

Mr. Red Fox, The Zen Gamer, and ACHP discuss Watch Dogs on Wii U being delayed.

Watch Dogs on Wii U Delayed – My Brief Thoughts

Watch Dogs

Francis briefly discusses Watch Dogs on Wii U being delayed. Subscribe to my PE Reviews channel for more news updates, reviews, gameplay, and more. 

Watch Dogs Delayed on Wii U


Ubisoft has confirmed Watch Dogs has been delayed on the Wii U, but is still in development for Nintendo’s system. 

Ubisoft’s Product Release Schedule Lists the Wii U Version of Watch Dogs


While Ubisoft’s receptionist won’t confirm or deny a release of Watch Dogs on Wii U, the firm’s product release list does. According to the list, Watch Dogs is set to come to the Wii U in “Spring 2014.” This is alongside the PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 versions of the game. See the list below.

Watch Dogs is ‘Still Being Polished’, says Ubisoft Montreal


There has been concern over Watch Dogs being cancelled because of an apparent dismissal of the trademark, but that is not the case. The game is currently being polished, while Ubisoft gears up for its Spring release. Ubisoft Montreal discussed the matter on Twitter.

My Stance with Watch Dogs on Wii U Cancellation Rumors


Hey guys, I know the a lot of you have heard the resurfacing of the Watch Dogs on Wii U cancellation rumors. People continue to press Ubisoft about it and they won’t comment. Watch Dogs on Wii U is available for pre-order on Ubisoft’s website, as well as various retailers. The Limited Edition of Watch Dogs is not coming to Wii U, that we know for sure. Hopefully you guys can understand my stance on not posting this rumor anymore. Until Ubisoft actually, officially cancels the Wii U version, I’m going to take it as if it’s still coming. AntiActivity has discussed the matter a bit below. 

Kotaku’s Stance on Anonymous Sources Is Selfish Journalism – Fate of the game


After the whole Watch Dogs debacle from Kotaku. Stephen Totilo, editor in chief of Kotaku said “Anonymous sources are, I believe, an essential part of reporting.” As an editor myself, I feel this is completely BS, as what Mr. Totilo forgot to mention to his loyal readers is ‘anonymous sources’ are a way for Kotaku to gain more revenue by beating other news outlets to the punch. Fate of the game has written a nice article discussing the practice of journalism, and how Kotaku is breaking many rules for their own selfish gain. Read the article here, then come back to PE to discuss. 

Watch Dogs won’t be Coming any Sooner than May or June

Watch Dogs

Noam Jenkins, the voice of Aiden Piece in Watch Dogs, has confirmed on Twitter that we shouldn’t expect the game to be released any sooner than May or June of this year. 

Watch Dogs on Wii U Vaults 703% on Amazon due to Cancellation Scare


After the big rumor/scare that Watch Dogs on Wii U was cancelled, Wii U owners seem to have responded. On Amazon, Watch Dogs on Wii U has vaulted up 703% in sales. This sudden jump in pre-orders was not coincidence, I think a lot of Wii U owners are looking forward to the game. Maybe this jump in pre-orders will convince Ubisoft to port other games to the Wii U if Watch Dogs is successful. I’ve said this once, I’ll say it again, go pre-order Watch Dogs on Wii U. Thanks darkgamer001 for the tip!

Renegade Kid Shows off the Graphical Improvement of Moon Chronicles (3DS) to Moon (DS)


Renegade Kid finally showed off their new first person shooter Moon Chronicles today, and it looks great. The game is confirmed to support Circle Pad Pro, runs in 60 FPS, and features vastly improved graphics over the DS release in 2009. The firm’s Jools Watsham has shown off a few more screenshots comparing the 3DS release, to the DS release. 

U.S. GameStop Locations say Watch Dogs Pre-Order Cancellation was a Mistake


As you guys saw with my video, Watch Dogs on Wii U is indeed not cancelled on Wii U for the time being. GameStop has confirmed there was an error in the system, and the game is coming. Ubisoft declined to comment on the Wii U version, but reps usually decline to comment on rumors. Add that most reps work nowhere near the people actually calling the shots, its easy to see why a rep would not comment. They have no clue whether its cancelled or not. Anyways……go out and pre-order the game

Is GameStop Cancelling Watch Dogs Pre-orders on Wii U? Let’s Find out…..


Is GameStop cancelling Pre-orders for the Wii U version of Watch Dogs? Let’s call and find out…

GameStop is Still Taking Pre-Orders for Watch Dogs on Wii U in my Area


Just wanted to let you guys know that I called my local GameStop and they are still taking pre-orders for Watch Dogs in my area (Central Valley/Los Angeles). I have video proof as well, but YouTube is acting weird, it won’t finish processing the video. When YouTube works again, you’ll see the video I made. I encourage ALL of you guys to go pre-order Watch Dogs on Wii U. If Ubisoft sees a large amount of pre-orders for the game, we can assure a Wii U release. 

Ubisoft on Watch Dogs for Wii U “we have Nothing to Comment on at the Moment”


A new rumor was brought up that Watch Dogs on Wii U was cancelled, however, many retailers are still taking pre-orders on the game. CVG reached out to Ubisoft to get a statement. A Ubisoft representative said “we have nothing to comment at the moment.” My Take past the link. 

Watch Dogs on Wii U Cancelled? Not According to Amazon, GameStop NA, and EB Games Canada


A rumor has been going around that Watch Dogs on Wii U is cancelled. The source says that an “unnamed” user said GameStop’s in Italy are no longer taking pre-orders for the Wii U version of Watch Dogs. However, it seems like there is no real evidence to back that up, as Amazon is still taking pre-orders in Italy, American GameStop’s are still taking pre-orders, and Canadian EB Games are still taking pre-orders. Thanks to darkgamer001 and AntiActivity for the tips!

Ubisoft Could Learn a Thing or two from Slightly Mad’s Andy Tudor on how to Sell a Wii U game

Andy Tudor

Ubisoft has been biggest supporters of the Wii U from a third-party perspective. However, it seems the firm has no idea of what to say when comparing the Wii U builds’ graphics, compared to Microsoft’s and Sony’s builds. 

OXM says Watch Dogs Launches in March

Watch Dogs RD

The Official Xbox Magazine did a preview on Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs. In the preview, it clearly lists the game for a March 2014 release. Check it out for yourself below. 

Watch Dogs Budget has Exceeded $68 Million


Watch Dogs better be a success, because the executive producer of the game Stephane Decroix, has revealed the game’s budget was $68 million “before”the delay. That means it’s actually exceeded that amount by a good margin. More details can be found on Ctaku

Amazon & GameStop List Watch Dogs for a Summer Release


GameStop and Amazon have both listed Watch Dogs for release on June 30th. The open world action game delayed from its original release in November 2013, to Spring 2014. Ubisoft said it was so the game could be refined. Are you guys happy with the release date if it turns out to be true? 

Real-World Hacking Threats Inspired Watch Dogs


JoyStiq sat down with Ubisoft to discuss what inspired Watch Dogs. Ubisoft said that anonymous and state sponsored hackers were a big influence. 

Watch Dogs Release date Listed for March 21st by Retailer


Ubisoft’s delayed open world action game Watch Dogs, has been listed for release on March 21st, 2014. European retailer Shopto has outed the release of the game, with a delivery day guarantee. This alleged release date goes in line with what most people are expecting, since The Crew got pushed to a Summer release, from Spring. 

Xbox One: New Watch Dogs Screenshots


Microsoft and Ubisoft has released some new screenshots from the Xbox One version of Watch Dogs. See them below. 

Ubisoft Details why they Delayed Watch Dogs


Ubisoft’s American president Laurent Detoc, has explained why the firm decided to delay Watch Dogs on all formats. Dectoc said it was in the company’s best interest, and too improve the quality of the game. 

Watch Dogs Progressing “very well,” will be Top-seller in 2014


Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot says that the delay will add a extra layer of polish to Watch Dogs. The extra time will help the team create a “very high quality” game. 

Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag has a Watch Dogs Easter Egg


Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag has a small Watch Dogs easter egg hidden away in it. Its not that big of a deal, but you can watch the video below.

Amazon Giving $10 Credit for Those who Pre-ordered the PS4 Watch Dogs Bundle


If you pre-ordered a Watch Dogs bundle from Amazon, you might want to check your email. Amazon has announced that they will be crediting $10 to anybody who pre-ordered the Watch Dogs PS4 bundle. The credit can only be used on select PS4 games though. 

Ubisoft is Projecting Watch Dogs to sell 6.2 Million Units, The Crew to Sell 2.5 Million


Although Ubisoft stocks took a plummet today, thanks to the Watch Dogs delay. The firm is still projecting the new IP to sell over six million units when its released next Spring. Ubisoft is also expecting The Crew to hit 2.5 million. 

Watch Dogs Delayed to “Realize the Game’s full Potential,” says Guillemot


Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has issued a statement on the Watch Dogs delay, saying the game needed more time in order to reach its full potential. 

Ubisoft Shares Plummet 22% due to Watch Dogs Delay


As expected, Ubisoft shares have dropped steeply due to the Watch Dogs delay. The companies stock when down 22% to $2.27 a share. 

Watch Dogs Delayed / PS4 & XB1 Launch Lineups Diminished – NinZend0

PS4 Watch Dogs

So, Ubisoft has delayed Watch Dogs into Spring of 2014, a move that’s quite wise given the sheer amount of games releasing in the “Holiday 2013″ window and the fact that the game itself will be better for it.