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Child of Light Release date set for April + new Trailer


Ubisoft has uploaded a brand new ‘Feature Trailer’ for Child of Light. The game is set for release on April 30th on the Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4, Wii U, and PC. Watch the new trailer below.

Source: Ubisoft YouTube, Thanks to Ricard Julianti for the tip!


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  • tokai82

    Love everything about this game so far. The Art style is amazing and its an RPG! Thanks PE, this and the Sonic game as well! 2014 is looking better already.

  • Really like artistic games as this 🙂

  • Ludwigwasq

    This is a game that looks phenomenal.

  • AaronBren

    According to IGN, they also announced a price of $14.99. That's great news, as I was slightly concerned it would be too high. That price for a beautiful looking RPG sounds like a day 1 for me.

    Maybe if enough people buy it they'll consider porting Might and Magic X – that would be unbelievable.

  • Andre

    would definitely buy a physical version of this, whatever "collector's-edition-deluxe-combo-with-audio-CD-and- artbook" they could come up with… but if it's limited to the eshop, I'm afraid I'll have to get the pc version 🙁 unless nintendo remembers of the existence of latin america + caribbean by the end of april

  • RicardJulianti

    For all those interested….Gamersyde has provided some awesomeness. 1080p/60fps trailer. Beautiful.

  • DrMyster

    This game looks so good,, I can't wait to play it. Keep the Rpgs coming and the Wii U will bounce back.

  • JTurner82

    This is an eShop release, but still AWESOME news. It shows that Ubisoft is not abandoning the WiiU… at least as of now.

    • erich80

      Oh, eShop? I didn't know that.

      Anyway, it seems to be interesting, a 2D platform with some elements extracted from RPG. I'll keep an eye on this game.

      But with regard to Ubi not abandoning the Wii U as of now… I'm not that sure. I feel they already started doing so. The Crew, Rocksmith 2014, Southpark TSOT, all of them are skipping the Wii U. Also, we need to consider the Rayman Legends and Watch_Dogs issues, and the poorly-ported AC Black Flag, which was responsible to an undeservedly badmouth about Wii U hardware capabilities some time ago.

      • JTurner82

        We don't know for sure if they are or not. We'll see as the year goes on. But WATCHDOGS is STILL confirmed to be coming.

  • Gryphonofmight

    I think this will sell really well on Wii U. Its the kind of game Nintendo fans like!