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CPU Clock Speed on the Wii U is not “much worse” than the Xbox 360

According to a tweet by Hector Martin a technology hacker. The Wii U’s CPU might not be as bad as everybody is saying it is. 

The Wii U’s CPU has been taking a beating from certain developers who are too lazy to learn how code with Nintendo’s new system. The Wii U CPU clocks at 1.24 GHz and the GPU core runs at 550 MHz

Hector Martin has this to say about the Wii U’s CPU via Twitter:


So yes, the Wii U CPU is nothing to write home about, but don’t compare it clock per clock with a 360 and claim it’s much worse. It isn’t.

I’m really confused now. The Wii U’s CPU is slower on purpose to reduce the heat the consoles produce. The Iwata Asks segment proved that. Zelda Informer states that developers need to use GPU to help out with tasks the CPU usually does. I need a straight answer from a developer like Gearbox, who has stated the Wii U version of Aliens Colonial Marines will be best on Wii U.


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