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Crysis 3 Video Shows The Hunter Multiplayer Mode

Crysis 3 is one of the bigger games to come out early next year and the developers have a new video showing off the Hunter Mode in multiplayer. 

Hunter Mode features five two-minute rounds, where 2 Hunters fight against CELL Troopers. Once a CELL Trooper falls in combat, that same person, respawns as a Hunter. This loops till there are no more CELL Troopers left.

It’s a very interesting concept, that I think, a lot of people will like. Pre-ordering the game will net you the “cloaking friendly” Predator Bow, a new weapon skin for the bow, and the “all-seeing Recon Arrow on Day Zero”. Whatever the hell that means.

Doesn’t stop there though, pre-ordering the game also grants instant access to the Hunter Nanosuit module which is a perk for the Predator Bow. Plus you automatically start at level five so you can kill weaklings who didn’t pre-order the game……. and you get the original Crysis as a free download but its only for a limited time.

– Umm, if your going to get Crysis 3, you might as well pre-order it so you don’t miss out on all these extras.

Crysis 3 drops Feburary 2013 for the PS3, 360, and PC. Check the Video out below:


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