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Crytek Expects next-gen Launch Titles to look Similar to Crysis 3

Cryrek CEO Cevat Yerli doesnt think next generation launch titles will look much better than Crysis 3 does on current generation consoles. 

In an interview with CVG, Yerli said he doesn’t think other developers can do anything more that Crysis 3 can do on Current gen consoles.

“Crytek’s projects generally will be way above what we’ve achieved on the existing consoles,” he said. “I actually think people will be astonished that next-gen launch titles from other companies might not be much different from Crysis 3.”

Cevat Yerli went on to praise his team for accomplishing the amount of graphics they have with Crysis 3.

“[It’s] a world that hasn’t been done before, that kind of depiction, the quality and level of immersion,” he said. “I think no game has ever done that kind of setting, it’s a visual spectacle.”

I can’t help but think Crytek, as a whole, are just a bunch of graphics whores. Seriously, thats all they talk about.

Crysis 3 launches on February 19th in North America and February 22nd in Europe for the PS, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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