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Death Battle Preview – Goku vs Superman

My friends over at Screwattack have an awesome show called Death Battle. In the show they pit two characters from different shows, movies, and games, in a battle to the death. Check out the lead-up to the most Epic Death battle to date, GOKU vs SUPERMAN! 

So exciting! I hope Goku wins, cause i’m a huge Dragon Ball Z fan. But Superman is more than capable of winning. We just have to wait till December 21st to find out. Put your comments and bets below on who will win this death battle.

Author: Francis@PE (16903 Posts)

16 Responses to Death Battle Preview – Goku vs Superman

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  2. TheePandamonium says:

    I think its a pretty even match up. Both are extremely well conditioned for these type of battles. I myself love goku and everything dragon ball z. But realistically, this battle will be unlike any other that has came before to both of our candidates. I am rooting for goku on this one, but to be honest i think superman may have the upper hand on his never ending stamina. Goku DOES have a limit(however far that it may be) while superman does not. But i guarantee that he will give superman the fight of his entire life. #goSonGoku

  3. Furious Francis says:

    LOL, Hell yeah im going to remind you! That was awesome. You should be more positive about those times. That was quality stuff. LOL

  4. BC20FLY says:

    don't remind me *facepalm*

  5. babyboo says:

    Easily. Superman is much stronger and so much faster.

  6. Furious Francis says:

    They actually do a good job looking at each persons powers and making a good assessment of who would win. Are you upset that they thought link would kill cloud?

  7. BC20FLY says:

    …I've always hated these "death battles."

  8. Furious Francis says:

    Goku should win this fight

  9. Eighth Hero says:

    thats if guku just lets superman throw him to the sun

  10. babyboo says:

    WTF. All superman has to do is throw goku at the sun.

  11. Eighth Hero says:

    it has to be goku that wins because if he can beat vegeta whos galic gun can destroy worlds then superman doesnt have a chance plus if all else fails goku can have vegeta threaten the ppl of the earth that if they dont raise their hands up nd help with the spirit bomb theyre all gonna die

  12. babyboo says:

    Ooops familure* not families!!!

  13. babyboo says:

    IM not families with This goku freak. Is he even from here??…hmmm but I'ma have to go with superman because I'm from america! An I'm a all American!!! & so is our famous super hero SUPER Man!!!!!

    • Furious Francis says:

      Goku is from the Planet Vegeta so no he is not from here. But Super man is not from this planet either. Both were brought here as babies and raised on earth. But Super Man is American while Goku is Japanese.

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