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Deus Ex Human Revolution Director’s Cut – Additional Details

Deus Ex Human Revolution Director’s Cut, is being dubbed as the ‘Ultimate version’ of the 2011 title. If features reworked bosses, new weapons, MiiVerse integration, and more. Past the link, you’ll find a few more details on the enhanced port. 

In an interview with Silliconera, Deus Ex Human Revolution Director’s Cut developer Emile Pedneault had these details to share about the game.

“We listen to feedback, 80% of everything that is new in the Wii U version is based upon what players had to say, and we know that the boss fights got the biggest criticism. Those who are into path finding and hacking will be rewarded.”

– definite vision of Deus Ex: Human Revolution
– Smart Vision lets you hold the GamePad up to you TV screen to see brand new information as it pertains to characters and other on screen elements
– take a screen cap of a particular scene, put down annotations
– share it with others via Miiverse
– includes an entire strategy guide which can be easily referenced on the fly via the GamePad’s screen
– easy and normal difficulties have a second energy cell
– director’s commentary; a voice over will kick in, if the option is chosen, at specific parts
– eight hours in total of commentary
– hacking is done via GamePad screen
– updated radar is a hybrid of the regular map and the radar that previously only showed the enemy’s location
– improved boss battles may hit other versions of the game via patch

Looks good to me, but the asking price is still too high. $50 for a two year old port with some enhancements will not move Wii U’s. I think they should have priced this at $29.99. It would be a impulse by or most Wii U owners.

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