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The New Devil May Cry Will Live Up To Its Name


When the first trailer launched for the new Devil May Cry game, developed by Enslaved and Heavenly Sword creators Ninja Theory, fans of the Devil May Cry series literally when ape shit. The reactions were very similar to when Nintendo released the first images of Toon Link to gamers worldwide. Many fans did not like the redesigned Dante calling him such names as: Twilight, emo, crack head, and many other vulgar but funny names. When I first saw the game and learned who was developing it I saw it as an opportunity to have a n ew wrinkle or style in the Devil May Cry universe. Ninja Theory’s games are known for having fantastic stories and graphics but sluggish controls and combat mechanics which was a big concern for Devil May Cry fans. While this may be true about Enslaved and Heavenly Sword those are different games, new IPs that didn’t have a base or moniker to go off of. Devil May Cry has history, fans, and a legacy of games to look back at. You better believe that Ninja Theory is not only going to make a Devil May Cry game that is fun but it will also take Devil May Cry to a new level in terms of graphics, gameplay, and story. Here are some sticking points why the New DMC will live up to that legendary name.

-Capcom has changed the look of Dante from the original reveal trailer.

Capcom has listened to some of the fan feedback from the new Dante and has altered his look accordingly. The Dante that we see now is not the same Dante we saw in the original reveal trailer. Ninja Theory changed his hair, the dimensions of his chin, he appears a bit more manly, and looks like they added some extra weight to his body. check out the comparisons here.

Original Dante from Reveal Trailer
Updated Dante Build






– Capcom of Japan is heavily involved in the game.

In an interview with  Motohide Eshiro the section producer at Capcom of Japan it was revealed that the new Devil May Cry  game was more of a collaboration than a all-out effort by Ninja Theory themselves like Enslaved and Heavenly Sword. Capcom of Japan has employees who have worked on previous Devil May Cry games that are helping Ninja Theory to craft, fine tune, and execute the new combat system in Devil May Cry while keeping the original base of the previous games in tact (air combos, juggles, dual pistols, style switching, ect.)

-The game actually looks really good.

Now that people have actually seen and played the new Devil May Cry needless to say, it looks badass. From the music changing as you string together longer combos, the slick aerial combat, and classic dual pistol juggles the new Devil May Cry combat looks like the Devil May Cry we all know and love.

And as an extra kicker the PC version of this game will be 1080p 60 frames per a second if you have a PC beefy enough to run it. The PC version will be the one I’m getting. I really feel once people get their hands on the game and play it, a lot if not all of their concerns will fade away. And the new look of Dante will not be a factor in their enjoyment of the game.


What do you guys think? Still think the new Devil May Cry will suck? Or do you agree with me? Put them in the comments below.



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    I’m from the future. No it won’t!