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Did the Wii U force Sony to cut how much power the PS4 will have?

By Owner/editor-in-chief, Furious Francis

The PlayStation 4 dev kits are currently on their way to developers according to a report by VG247. Based on what was reported, the PS4 ‘seems’ be a powerful console, well under high-end PC’s, that will be more affordable than the PS3 was at launch. Users who are a lot more tech savvy than I am also noted that with the specs that were released in the report, the PS4 will not have the same leap in graphics we saw from the PS2 to the PS3. More interestingly it ‘seems’ the PS4 will not be vastly superior graphically, to the Wii U. Sony is known for pushing high-end graphics, but it looks like they are more worried about optimization, ease of development, and gameplay fluidity this time around. We also know Sony’s game division has posting multimillion dollar losses lately.  So This has me wondering if the Wii U’s $299-$350 price point, forced Sony to hold back a bit on the PS4’s graphics to stay competitive?

If you don’t know the PS4, according to the leak, is going to be based on AMD’s A10 APU series, which is a combined CPU and GPU. The “ultimate goal” for the PS4 is to run games at 1080p 60 FPS in 3D with “no problem” The Dev kits have “either 8GB or 16GB of RAM.” Sony is looking to avoid the disaster that was the PS3 launch by creating a system that is “very affordable” but that “isn’t a slouch”. The UI is revamped with the ability to go “anywhere” on the system at anytime. Being able to buy DLC mid-game is one of the examples they used to go anywhere. Those are the hard details on the system. The PS4 will probably not ship with that much RAM as dev kits usually have more RAM for testing than the final product. Many users have said that the PS4 is not going to be the powerhouse many fans thought it would be. I’m not even going to act like I understand this technical talk, but I will say, I knew the PS3 will not be this almighty supercomputer people were making it out to be. I’ve pulled some of the best comments on N4G and other sites of users who seem like they know what they’re talking about:


“Not too sure about this rumor.
The goal is 1080p @ 60fps in 3D, but the A10 will have a hard time doing that unless they plan on running it Xfire with another dedicated GPU.
The A10 alone with its standard 7660 does current gen games at better frame-rates than current consoles, but going with this set-up would put it only slightly more powerful than the Wii-U (excluding the huge amount of RAM).
Seeing how it’s not likely to be announced until E3 2013 they’d be better off going with AMD’s Steamroller APU’s which should offer a significant improvement over the current A10, but the release date for those APU’s are still up in the air.
Their best bet would be to use Xfire with a 7850. They’ll meet their goal on almost all games, and it’ll be a $400 console.”


“For anyone that knows anything about the AMD APUs you know you are laughing when you read the 108060hz+3D. The only way this will happen is if they are running the system in ‘crossfire’ with more APUs or an actual dedicated video card.
I have high hopes for Sony next generation. Going with a coder friendly setup like an AMD APU is a HUGE step in the right direction and I believe shows that Sony certainly learned their lesson this generation. MS and Nintendo may be in for some stiff competition next time around the block”



“I’m an Intel/Nvidia fan too. Either way though, the ps4 won’t have the very top of the line from either. That makes it irrelevant as to which company has the best stuff.
AMD is generally a bit cheaper, so having their chips could cut prices. Which is good. :)”



“The hardware will have to be relatively recent and somewhat powerful. It won’t be bleeding edge new, but anything that can run games like BF3 at 30fps+ at 1080p or whatever (just an example) I think it will be fine. Multiplat games hardly evolve graphically, and I’m sure the first party games will push the hardware to the max again. No matter what they choose, it will be a decent leap from what we have now.”

– These comments were taken straight from message boards on N4G and C&

Now it’s still early, and things can change, but from what we know now, it ‘seems’ Sony is playing it safe because the Wii U is affordable. Sony needs to hedge their bets on GAMEPLAY not graphics. Who doesn’t want to play Killzone or Uncharted at 1080p 60fps?! There’s no need to make the graphics so high, if it bogs down the frame rate like this generation. Sony can release a $399.99 system and have fantastic graphics. If you want bleeding edge graphics, go buy a PC. I’m happy the PS4 isn’t some powerhouse that’s going to cost me $599.99 like last generation.

Sony focused on graphics and power way too much with the PS3. It’s time for Sony to get back to their roots. Producing a powerful, yet moderate console, with great games, at an affordable price. Reggie Fils-Aime did say the Wii U can “probably fend off the PS4 and Xbox 720” maybe he knew something we didn’t? But even if he didn’t have any inside information, Reggie understands their business. Sony can’t afford to put the type of money into their next system like they did with the PS3. The Red Ring of Death cost Microsoft millions because the power was too high and fried the Xbox 360’s motherboard. Sony’s $599.99  system in 2006, left the PS3 last place on the NPD  charts for years. These are the type of mistakes that cannot be repeated again by Microsoft or Sony. So cheers to the Wii U for making gameplay a focus and my wallet a little less empty when the PS4 launches sometime in the next two years.

What do you guys think about these specs? Is there something i’m missing? Agree? Disagree? Please put them in the comments below.

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