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Digital Foundry concludes Trine 2 on Wii U beats out 360, PS3 versions of the game

The technical wizards at Digital Foundry have a new face-off today in the form of Trine 2 on Wii U, versus Trine 2 on the PC, 360, and PS3. Hit the link to get some direct quotes on which version is superior. 

Digital Foundry claims the Wii U has the best graphics when compared to the PS3 and 360 version. Check out some of the direct quotes below. And hit the link to check out the comparison video and more insight.

The Wii U difference

On the Wii U we have the “Director’s Cut” of Trine 2: along with a number of Wii U-specific controller options, the game also contains the PC-exclusive Goblin Menace expansion included in the standard download package – this partially explains the 1890MB file-size over the 1.1 GB on the 360 and 1144MB on the PS3, with higher-resolution assets also taking up additional space. Unlike the PC game, the expansion doesn’t appear to be playable until the player completes the game (it simply doesn’t appear as an option in any of the game’s menu screens). From a narrative perspective, this makes sense as it follows on from the main story, but we’d have liked the ability to easily access the newer content with promises of further visual upgrades over the normal game.

Besides new in-game content, GamePad mirroring is also automatically enabled in True 2, with the action taking place on both the tablet and TV screen. Similar to other Wii U titles played this way, images appear soft and lacking in fine detail, but certainly not enough to ruin the experience. If anything the game is just as enjoyable to play on the tablet, as the button layouts are easier to get to grips with while looking at the screen.

The Wii U version also deserves credit, of course. The game not only features many of the graphical upgrades found on the PC, but does so while delivering better image quality than the 360 and PS3 without compromising on the solid frame-rate. The more washed-out image is a concern compared to the darker look of the other versions, but only for those with HDTVs that don’t come with an option to select full or limited range RGB levels over HDMI (usually called HDMI black level), in which changing this setting to low (and lowering the brightness in the game’s menu) solves the problem. However, the bottom line is that we shouldn’t have to work so hard to get the best look from the game and we’re a little surprised that Trine 2 shipped like this – we noted several complaints about the lighting on NeoGAF, but our contention is that the lighting model is absolutely fine, it’s the gamma level that seems significantly skewed. It’s a small blemish in what is a lovely-looking game, and hopefully it’ll be patched up soon [Update: Frozenbyte has now confirmed the gamma issue will be fixed in an update coming in mid-December].

I think this is clear proof the Wii U can do some things the PS3 and 360 can’t do. I’m just excited to play the next round of Wii U games that start using the technology a little better.



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