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DmC Devil May Cry ‘Gameplay Reigns Supreme’ – Playeressence Impressions + Real Time Video

By Furious Francis editor-in-chief  of playeressence.com

DmC Devil May Cry is one of the most controversial games to be released this generation. Thousands of enraged DmC fans, internet raged Capcom and Ninja Theory when the game was first shown. A lot has changed since then in the game, and the look of Dante. Capcom has released the DmC Demo on the Xbox 360 and PS3 for everyone to try out and it’s safe to say, the game plays brilliantly. It’s not perfect by any means, but it’s a blast to play. Keep reading for Playeressence’s hands on preview of DmC Devil May Cry, complete with my own captured footage of DmC’s strengths and weaknesses.

Combat – Pure Gameplay Essence

The Combat in DmC is stylish, brutal, and intuitive. Dante has his old classic moves like The Stinger and some new ones as well. Pressing the Y Button does standard attacks with Dante’s sword, while pressing the B button launches enemies into the air for aerial attacks. The X button is Dante’s classic dual pistol shots. At anytime mid combo Dante can hold down the L trigger to switch to his Scythe and combo with Y, then launch with B, or hold down the R trigger to bust out his Heavy Hammer to slam enemies for air combo follow ups. The battle system in DmC allows for a lot of experimentation and skill. Check out this video of some of the combos you can expect to experience in DmC Devil May Cry. This is my own captured gameplay on Nephilim difficulty in the demo.

Story – Detailed and Engaging 

The Story ‘seems’ to be good just from the snippets of the demo. Dante’s brother Vergil runs an underground operation called The Order to eliminate the Demons’ hold on the earth. The voice acting is quality and the cut scenes are action packed. Everything in DmC’s story is in line for greatness, baring a major setback, I do not foresee DmC Devil May Cry’s Story being a disappointment. It’s the most I’ve ever been interested, story wise, for a DmC game. Plus it seems to have that classic cheesy charm. Check out this clip below to see what I’m talking about.

Control- Player movement need fine-tuning 

If there was one critique I would give Ninja Theory about DmC Devil May Cry, it would be the choppy jumping and movement at times. Now, I know it’s not the final game and this issue will probably get fixed, but at times when I moved the control stick to run, Dante would walk instead or stutter run. It didn’t happen all the time, but it was enough to where I checked the batteries in my controller. The jumping and movement in the game is a bit choppy but that’s just the consequence of being a 3D action game that has platforming aspects. In the video below, you can see how the jumping is a bit awkward and blocky.

Content – Plenty more where that came from

You can tell from the demo that DmC Devil May Cry is going to be packed full of content. There are challenge time attack runs, unlockable difficulties, collectables, and more Ninja Theory has not shown off yet. Having all this content is a good sign the game will have plenty of replay value, which is something Enslaved and Heavenly Sword lacked. Check out the video below of me playing through the bonus mission ‘Simple Traversal’.

Final Overview

Overall I am very impressed with the DmC Devil May Cry Demo and look forward to playing the full retail game in January. Keep checking into Playeressence.com as we continue to release more videos and gameplay tips on DmC Devil May Cry, leading up to the launch in January, 2013.


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  • culvin

    Overall I am very impressed with the DmC Devil May Cry Demo and look forward to playing the full retail game Monster Truck Game