Nintendo Wii U 29

Doctre81 Discusses the Latest Rumor of the Wii U getting a CPU & GPU Boost

Doctre81 discusses the rumor of the Wii U getting a major CPU and GPU boost due to the latest firmware update. 

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  • Intel

    Titan64 please do because what we need to do is dispel some myths about violence in gaming. Aika good luck on your developing career people with passion such as your give me hope for the future for gaming.

  • Aika

    Like this stuff make me want to become more as game developer, mostly i love telling story to other filled with enjoyment, seeing other developer becoming I want to change it in the future sigh.

  • Aika

    I used to go to the website like Mynintendonews, nintendolife, and wii u daily before but it became something else troll and doom article about nintendo, I got tired of those site, now I like this site more than other.

    • Titan64

      I know how you feel. I use to visit Nintendolife so much but the doom and gloom and their stupid articles like Nintendo should beg EA to get games on their consoles pretty much did it for me. And now they are using 4chan as a news source….IF thats not reaching, idk what is.

      • Aika

        I went back to the site to see if they change but wasn't putting article about like the company insomniac ceo said the" wii u was like current gen" mostly i left the site. sigh how gaming became like this.

        • Titan64

          Yeah I saw that, and one look at the comment section that made me facedesk so hard, that a nokia phone being dropped to the ground would be extremely jealous. Funny that the negative articles get the most comments and the postive stuff gets the least. According to Nintendolife community:
          *Postive Wii U news*
          NL Community:……….
          *Negative Wii U news*
          NL Community: DERP DERP LOL NINTENDO IS DONE, NEED TO TRY HARDER, GET EA, YOU MADE US A PROMISE IN BRINGING A MAJORA's MASK HD REMAKE (Okay maybe I am overblowing that but thats what it feels like).

          Its like walking into a cave and then Zubats swarm in on you.

          • Aika

            Oh yea, it make me laugh about as you say negative news about wii u there be about 200+ in mynintendonews, and nintendolife, good news be less 100. XP

          • Titan64

            This site has been increasingly becoming my source of gaming news. Another good source is NintendoEnthusiast who make absolutely fantastic articles on whats going on in Nintendo space.

          • timg57867

            You can say that again! There community is highly mean spirited and pessimistic! One time, I tried making a thread and linking them to Francis's article about how Nintendo would be the LAST company to go third party, and they were complete assholes! I had to take that article down before my heart was smashed to smithereens. Now I only read the comments for positive news and if I comment on bad news, I speed over all the crap, give my feedback, and leave.

            But if you people are looking for GOOD Nintendo sites, I suggest NintendoEnthusiast and GoNintendo. The writers for NintendoEnthusiast are sensible and GoNintendo's community blows NintendoLife, WiiUDaily, and MyNintendoNew's communities out of the water!

          • Titan64

            I would make an article on fansites but it would rustle a lot of jimmies.

        • Danny

          Remember back when you got a game system (Snes to PS2 or what ever you loved back then) and when you finished your homework or any chore you can go back and play the games without any worry in the world because you though games were just kick ass and are already perfect…Gamers these days make it seem like we are in the stock market 24/7…Nintendo, sony and MS gamers we are all the same..we are gamers so why are we fighting over silly shit?

          • Intel

            Because along the way some of have lost sight of the spirit of gaming. Frankly I’m tired of this whole console wars. We as gamers should be coming together against things like the legislators blaming gaming on people’s problems like violence or having games viewed with the respect as an art form. We as gamers used to accept anyone no matter what because back then we were a bit of the outcast. But now that it’s being so mainstream elitists now dictate which console is better and if you pick the wrong one woe onto you. Or how some female gamers, publishers etc treated like trash when anywhere else it would be unacceptable. These are the times we should be sticking together to fight real issues like gaming companies who practice bad business. I agree with you 100%

          • Titan64

            The points you raised made me want to write an article on something for the longest time now: Maturity and realism in video games and violence in video games.

          • RicardJulianti

            I've had some long posts on other sites regarding violence in games and the effect they have on people. I played "M" rated games when I was 9…and I turned out just fine.

            I would save an article on it though until Congress does something. Just kind of tossing one out….just before the Xbox reveal and E3….it would get lost in the void. That's why my EA one got so big, it was a relevant topic….and EA released their financial earnings the same day….but that was pure coincidence.

            People all over the internet were talking about EA, so it showed up more often. Sure, there are people talking about violence in games….but there isn't any heated discussion on it. Kind of why my "Industry Crash" article wasn't as big…..there were rumblings about it, just as there always is…but that was the extent of it.

          • Titan64

            Probably thats what I will do, after E3 and all. I think the violence does correlate with how realistic a game is and how Congress is pushing more and more calls to ban violent video games as a whole and how the media wants to run on that. I use to play M rated games at the age of 10 and it had no personal effect on me and I think I know why for 3 reasons: Over the top as hell, Violence not being the go to mechanic in games, and the game punishes you for being too violent.

          • RicardJulianti

            Even then I feel like it would be better to wait until people are discussing it more. Post-E3 is going to be filled with interviews and impressions, discussing all that kind of stuff, Gamescom is in August and so on.

            I would have written one a long time ago, but Congress has kind of…..dropped the subject at the moment and I don't even see it being discussed anywhere.

            I think most of the M rated games I played as a kid on the N64 had violence as a core mechanic. Turok, and to a greater extent Turok 2 with its dismemberment and decapitations…and the Cerebral Bore weapon…sheesh, Fighting Force 64 (a bit over the top, but it was a Beat-em-up) Doom 64…yeah…Doom…..and Duke Nukem 64 all off the top of my head. Shooting things was what you did, Duke Nukem was rife with innuendo, language and violence, and none of them punished you for being "too violent" haha.

            Another thing to note is all of the psychological studies done in the past regarding the issue. I even participated in one in college getting my own psych degree. The effects on PTSD, traumatic events, crime rates over the years and so on…really interesting stuff out there.

          • Titan64

            You're probably right about releasing an article as soon as people discuss. The games you listed, except for maybe doom, mostly fall under the over the top (Killing Dinosaurs with guns is a bit over the top, and Duke Nukem …what do I even need to say about Duke, the guy rip someones head of and shits down their neck as going by his words lol. I should've probably made my statement clearer about the kinds of violence, including fantasy violence…you know, stuff you really can't do.

          • RicardJulianti

            I guess unrealistic might be a better term than over-the-top. I see God of War, the "No Russian" level in MW 2 and Manhunt as over-the-top; while Turok and Duke Nukem are unrealistic for instance. Over the top says….excessive or gratuitous, while unrealistic….well….."that's just crazy!"

            Of course Congress doesn't really see it that way. They believe the ESRB doesn't do an adequate job…but really it is just as restrictive as the MPAA. I think the ESRB (it might be a separate third party) even conducts tests of retailers from time to time, sending in under-age people (like their kids or something) to buy an M game or just someone who looks young to make sure they are carding. Retailers usually pass with flying colors.

            It's the parents that are the problem of supplying games to kids….but the real root of the issue is people who have severe mental deficiencies like schizophrenia or varying degrees of antisocial personality disorder. The autism spectrum is pretty broad as well and some of the conditions include lack of the ability to feel empathy at all. Just like, they don't understand that others can feel pain or be sad or be happy. It also includes a general lack of social skills that could lead to other problems. It isn't their fault since it isn't something they can control, but proper care should be administered.

            …..see……now if only there was a big discussion about game violence going on….I could hammer out an article in no time flat. You would think after my last one I wouldn't feel like typing anymore for a long time, haha.

          • Titan64

            Lol Ricard man your articles always pass with flying colors. So much that does go into this topic so I will have to consider that.

    • RicardJulianti

      That exact thing happened to me, except I would never go to Wii U Daily…even the main writer is a troll, haha. I still go to IGN from time to time, but mostly for tv and movie reviews.

      GoNintendo is really good as they just post every single piece of Nintendo news, no spin, just quotes from articles and links to the source. I rarely look at the comment section there though…there are still plenty of doom people there. It's much easier to ignore them.

  • fpssteve1

    My god, reading the comments on this guy's videos….

    Like, what is with all this negativity? Not just towards Doc, but with other commenters as well. Can't these people actually be civil? It's like the WiiUDaily and MyNintendoNews of YouTube.

    Also, I noticed a lot of commenters keep using the word 'exposed' at the end of their comments. I do not think it means what they think it means.

    • koopzilla


      • RicardJulianti

        Does anybody want a peanut?

        On topic: I enjoy Docs videos. It's from him that I learned about the short pipelines in the Wii U and the cache compared to the PS4, haha. I do wish that he went into a little more detail regarding what would happen with the overclock….and discussed the more likely scenarios for an overclock speed. I guess that's why we have routerbad here.

        • Titan64

          Thats where I learned about the pipelines as well. I think he described it as a big truck vs 3 little trucks
          or something along those lines

          • RicardJulianti

            Big truck that has its nearest exit 5 miles away vs a smaller truck with an exit 1 mile away, the exact distances are irrelevant.

            Basically the PS4 can carry more data at once, but if it screws up, it takes longer to recover and all of that data is lost, Wii U carries less data but it can recover quicker and less data is lost.

            If they both had a fault at the second stage it would be like: Okay, fault, null, null, null, null, null, null (restart after 21 plus) vs Okay, fault, null, null (restart) …..I think.

            I liked his Cache/Cores = Hamburgers/Kids analogy too, haha.

          • Titan64

            Doc does put it down in layman terms and explains stuff pretty well, like he did with the PC master race video.

    • Titan64

      What's funny is that this is Doc just explaining a rumor and how he thinks about it and yet the trolls are out and bout. His usual videos do attract some trolls such as the PC master race video where he did make a lot of good points in that video.

    • Tuxity

      I believe the exposed thing originated from shokio's videos's.

      Doctre and playeressence are a breath of fresh air to me since they cover positive WiiU news and also explain their opinion very well.

    • chaosthunder

      "exposed" is a little saying within that little community XD