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EA Shares Drop on NASDAQ Due to Low Madden 25 Sales

Madden 13 McGehee

EA’s shares dropped 3.4% due to the poor sales of Madden 25 compared to Madden 13. EA moved 1.65 million units of Madden 13 last year, but only managed 1 million in sales this year in the same time period. 

The stunning thing about this is Madden Football is based on the most popular sport in North America, and is on consoles with an install base of over 150 million.

If you can move more than 1 million units and your based on the most popular sport in North America you can tell people are getting tired of the rehashes.

However, the PS4 and Xbox One are launching this year. It could be a lot of gamers are holding out for Madden on those systems.

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13 Responses to EA Shares Drop on NASDAQ Due to Low Madden 25 Sales

  1. Guest says:

    A lot of 3rd party sales are dropping, can't blame Nintendo if you don't release it on their systems, haha

  2. onewhitkong says:

    Watch EA next week announces a wii u game. LOL

  3. Bay2OnWiiU4Life says:

    I hope EA follows the same footsteps as Atari, Factor 5 (they should have stuck around more with Nintendo), and THQ. GO BROKE!!!!!!

  4. onewhitekong says:

    Wow I just saw my last post. I can’t spell. Or its just early

  5. onewhitekong says:

    Konami missed a chance with PES they could had a koyal fanbase with Nintendo since EA wasn’t purting fifa on it. Konami you failed.

  6. timg57867 says:

    I wonder how it'll be before this happens to Fifa…

  7. Matthew Wesley says:

    Well, we all knew publishing rehash after rehash was going to eventually catch up with EA…

  8. Richard says:

    Honestly after all the crap EA has done so far this year I don't give a rats ass if they die out. Yeah everyone would lose their jobs and that's terrible but they should have been focusing more on games than spreading lies.

  9. gearchin says:

    Sorry but 1mil for that install base is stupid low. Dear EA, please actually care about your games, before you put out a rehash. Oh wait, not gonna happen, so what’s their excuse now?

  10. sparkticle says:

    The slow death of EA, and they keep stabbing themselves over and over…

  11. onewhitekong says:

    They should of released on wii u. I’m sure a lot of owner would have bought that game. There pride will be there downfall

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