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3 Reasons you should play Enslaved Odyssey to the West


3 Reasons you should play enslaved

Back in 2010 Ninja Theory released a gripping action adventure game called Enslaved Odyssey to the West. Based off the same novel the famous Dragon Ball Z is from the game stars a muscle clad brute named Monkey and a tech savvy lady named Tripp. The game received mixed reviews but seriously even 2 years later YOU NEED TO PLAY the game! Why, you say? Well I’ll give you 3 reasons why you should.

3. Fantastic Art design and Graphics

– Ninja Theory’s artists did a fantastic job crafting Enslaved’s world. From the Lush Greens of the foliage to the vibrant tint of the sun Enslaved is drawn very well. The colors suit the style of the characters and the graphics are a nice change of pace from the usual gray and blacks this generation’s games tend to be. You owe it to yourself to experience the world and color Enslaved has to offer.

2. The story emotionally tugs you back and forth

– When you first start playing Enslaved I automatically related emotionally to the situation the main character Monkey is in. Monkey is forced to help Tripp get back home because of all the dangers out in the area. Monkey will die if he disobeys her cause she put a mind control device on him. I was pissed she did it. But ultimately she was just trying to survive just like anybody would in that situation. Emotionally I was a bit at odds on who was right or wrong. In turn this created a dynamic that few other games have when the bad guy and good guys are clearly defined. Not to mention there are several parts in the game where you really feel for Tripp and feel motivated to see more of her side and the brilliantly crafted dialog between the two main characters.

1. After that ending…. The game needs a sequel

– Spoilers Free –

As I jumped and battled my way through the game and witnessed what happened at the end there was a huge cliff hanger for an apparent sequel. The whole time I played the game you saw memories of people who used to live in the destroyed buildings and taverns Monkey and Tripp are traversing across only to be shocked at what actually might have or might haven’t happened to these people. The only problem is Enslaved sold so poorly I’m not sure they are going to make a sequel. But if more people buy the game and drum up some hype maybe some publisher will be brave enough to pick it up.


I know some of you guys have heard bad things about Enslaved or played the demo and never gave the full game a shot but it’s really worth playing. It’s not perfect by any means but it’s a game that needs closure and deserves more sales than it got.