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Fast Racing Neo uses “4-8k Textures”, to Produce “Hyper real Graphics”, says Shin’en


Shin’en has some great news for Fast Racing Neo fans. The eShop game uses “4-8K textures”, which means it will produce “hyper real graphics”.

Shin’en was responding to a fan who asked how it felt not having a 40MB limit imposed on developers.


Fast Racing Neo hits the Wii U eShop early next year. I am picking up the game for sure.

Thanks to Gyradoser for the amazing tip!


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  • *NormalGamer*

    Shin’en is really pushing the boundaries, these days; awesome stuff. 🙂

  • ChariotMan7

    4-8K Textures for Fast Racing Neo. How did the hell Wii U pull that off. What y'all Xbox and PS4 fans gotta say now! EXPOSED!

    • Gyradoser

      I'm pretty sure that the creator of rayman legends, in an interview talked about how the wii u can handle some pretty big textures that they made and forgot to compress pretty well.

  • Lonnie

    LOL at the people thinking 4K textures means 4K output resolution.

    • DePapier

      LOL at YOU not reading our comments.

      Don't be hatin' if some people actually WORK on the Wii U hardware.

  • Liquid-Sun

    Shin'en are some of the most talented guys in the industry!
    I need to get Jett Rocket I & II soon!

  • hardin25

    Nintendo, let these guys make Fzero.

    • Furious Francis

      Whats wrong with just making Fast Racing Neo?

      • Amigaengine

        lol because it dont have Captain Falcon

        Hope this turns out well……any screen shots or video yet ?

        • Furious Francis

          Eight weeks later, and this is still funny.


  • Maestro

    HOLY MOLY…. Shin'en always at their best. I can't wait to see what they've got for us

  • DePapier

    That’s the resolution of their textures, not that of the game — unless somehow magically the Wii U supports 4K gaming, which no living room TV supports. What it means is the game in 1080p will look true 1080p wherever you look at it, even in really really upclose footage and screenshots.

  • comando

    native display is 1080or even 720 but the textures are @ 4k and 8k down sampled SO SUPER SUPER SHARP

  • markwang125

    That's pretty cool. The gameplay is probably going to be great as well!

    • DePapier

      I recommend you play FAST Racing League on WiiWare to know that it will. 🙂

  • gurfinki

    What does "4-8k textures" mean? I really haven't got the slightest clue.

    • DePapier

      4K = 3840 pixels × 2160 lines, or 2160p = 1080px2, 1080p being True HD.
      8K = 2x 4K.

      You know how we often hear about lower res textures on games like CoD and stuff? Shin'en is having none of that. At all.

    • Why Im I Here

      The textures of the game will be on 4-8k resolution which is greater then 1080p. But the game itself will still be in 1080p.

      • Matt

        8192×8192 is 8k resolution,4096×4096 is 4k resolution in textures that's that……when wiiu was coming out ubisoft said it could draw textures at 8192×8192 all day….and its uses dx11 features ect ect…..this is no secret.

        • Matt

          All their games run at 60fps the Engine they use runs every game at 60fps plus thy have said they will use alot od the edram section this time as they used none last time….

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  • Starchaser

    Holy crap!!!!!!!!! Can these guys just make f-zero plz <3

  • Gamer

    Meantime at Crytek Germany, RYSE is 900P/30fps really!

  • Gamer

    Don't get us in francis Dance mode shin 'en lol.

  • MortyF1

    WUT!!! This can't be, it's a trick…..
    KILL THE WITCHES!!! They are using black magic to make this game 😀

    Now I can't wait for it <:O

  • Bay2OnWiiU4Life

    You're not the only one who wants this game also, Furious Francis. Shin'en is truly one of the best indie developers this generation.

  • Nintendo Power

    Oh snap!

  • RicardJulianti


    Holy shit. My reaction:

    Now keep in mind that the entire game isn't being rendered at 4-8k, but the textures it uses are at that resolution. Still…that's just crazy. No doubt it'll run at 60fps too.

    • O.G

      Won't this increase the size of the game be huge since they are using ultra high-res textures? I thought high res texture maps takes up a lot of memory, more so than heavily hand shaded texture maps? I hope the Wii U's compression system can compress the file size without losing audio nor video quality, or else it might be a pretty big download.

      • DePapier

        It’s Shin’en we’re talking about. I can guarantee you the file size will be really light for what is, as Jett Rocket II demonstrates.

      • RicardJulianti

        Well, in this comment they say the higher textures mean 16x storage. Let's look at Nano Assault Neo as a reference since that is their only Wii U game so far.

        NAN is 50 MB…..x16 equals 800MB….which is less than half of SM3DW's size.

        I'm okay with this.

  • DePapier

    Btw you guys should try FAST Racing League on WiiWare. There is a free demo. I bought the game and I have to say it's awesome. Playing with the Wiimote is truly precise and I spent about half an hour of frustrating fun completing one of the game's challenge. Its difficulty is somewhat near to that of F-ZERO GX.

  • Gyradoser

    Shin'en, these are the guys that make the impossible a reality with any piece of technology they get in their hands. My hype for this game is through the roof. 😀

    • afroninja720

      i saw tbis and my response was this:… DAYUMM!

      • afroninja720


  • DePapier

    Wait… Is it 4-8K like in 4K TVs??? REALLY??? Shin'en is you for REAL???


    • Informed Anon

      The textures, not the resolution. As in, surfaces, clothing, etc. Wii U supports up to 8.9K ish texture sizes, while PS360 struggled for 4K size textures.

  • Twinkie5000

    Shin'en. I like these guys. They're like the ultimate refution to most anti Wii U arguments.

  • WSJ4L

    Sounds awesome. Can't wait to learn more about this game its features.

  • NGX159

    Shots fired towards the Sony/Microsoft graphic whores saying Wii U isn't next gen