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Final Fantasy 15 and Kingdom Hearts 3 use DirectX 11, so Wii U Chances are slim


Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy 15 both use DirectX 11 features, the Wii U doesn’t support that, so it seems the games might not come to Wii U as a result of that. 

Tetsuya Nomura discussed KH3 coming to Wii U a little bit. He said the game uses DirectX 11, so they can only bring the title to the appropriate hardware. Right now, it’s not 100% clear if the Wii U has DirectX 11 equivalent or not. Some people say the Wii U uses DirectX 10.1.

Either way, it’s upsetting that the game might not come to Wii U over a few extra graphical details, when there is a clear fanbase who will purchase the game. Kingdom Hearts games have always performed well on Nintendo handhelds, Square Enix was just too stupid to release a Kingdom Hearts game for Wii, and it seems like their going to support the Xbox One over the Wii U because of graphics.

It seems like Nomura is being lazy when it comes to Kingdom Hearts 3, as the Wii U is more than strong enough to handle the game. Oh well, good luck selling the game on the $499.99 Xbox One Square Enix. I have a feeling if the Xbox One sales stagnate, and the Wii U sales rise, Nomura and Square will change their minds about a Wii U version.


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77 Responses to Final Fantasy 15 and Kingdom Hearts 3 use DirectX 11, so Wii U Chances are slim

  1. blazebluedraggon says:

    I’ve been research it all the things I found about it keep bring up unreal emigration 3 I know the Wii u can support that if it can run unreal 4

  2. pm60 says:

    is there some way we can all show square we Wii u users want this game? I signed tons of petitions online and stuff but petitions aren't usually successful. the best I can hope for is posting on miiverse and hopefully Nintendo will get involved to get the game on the consoles. hell if I were them, ide help port it.

  3. pm60 says:

    I think square will change their mind about this. either that, or they are considering it and don't want to tell anyone. because its fucking stupid to put the game on the Xbone for a number of reasons but skip the wii u which probably has a fanbase for kh as big as the ps4 will, hell even bigger maybe. square is really dick moving right now. the direct X 11 thing is just a stupid excuse. DX11 and DX10.1 look practicaly identical accept for cosmetic and minor differences that only the trained eye could even see. kh3 could look just as good as the ps4 and Xbone versions if they just OPTIMIZE. FOR. THE WII U. THATS ALL THEY HAVE TO DO. the only thing I gathered from this statement is "we are lazy developers and we don't want to put extra effort and money into a decision that makes sence even though we threw money at western games and acted like they were selling bad." I am willing to bet 100 bucks that square will announce the game is coming to wii u after this holiday season when it sells amazingly due to the games coming out. and even if they ps4 and Xbone do better, their install bases will still be smaller as they are only getting the boost out of the gate from dedicated fans just like wii u. wait and see.

  4. koopzilla says:

    I can't understand why they don't put these games on Nintendo systems. It's the obvious place for them. I would be willing to bet they would sell better. Instead they waste money putting it on X-Bone. It doesn't take a genius to see X-Bone is a disaster waiting to happen, why spend the extra development cost of putting a game on there? Much less on a system with the heaviest brocore userbase, that wouldn't touch this game if you paid them for fear of being deemed "kiddie".

    Speaking of X-Bone, I was in Gamestop today preordering some games because I got some money for my birthday and there wasn't anything I really wanted at the moment. Anyway, this guy at the other register was in there buying a bunch of used 360 games, real cheap ones for like $5, then he pre-orders an X-Bone. I just had to laugh at the irony.

    • pm60 says:

      that is so stupid and hilarious. he gets his Xbox one and realizes his 360 games don't work and it locks out used games. he rages and returns it for a ps4 LOL.

  5. timg57867 says:


    To make an analogy, put Final Fantasy 15 or KH3 on left and Monolith's X on the right.

  6. pm60 says:

    this is so stupid. square basically said were to lazy to optimize this for the wii u so were just not going to even try. does anyone know if there's some way we can show demand for this or something? because this is just ridiculous. hell I looked it up and the difference between direct X 10.1 and direct X 11 is so god damn un noticeable I was speechless. not to mention that the wii u has direct X equivalent software etc. they could bring the game to the wii u it would just require more effort and a little bit more money. and if we know square, they have no qualms with spending that.

    the point is, square is literally doing NOTHING but being lazy. its sickening to think that Nomura, one of my heroes is lying this hard, just do some damn optimizing to make it work on the wii u!!! ITS KINGDOM HEARTS, IT DOESNT EVEN NEED THAT GOOD OF GRAPHICS TO BE AWESOME!!! with half the series on Nintendo consoles and dream drop distance selling like it did, creating new fans on Nintendo consoles, it makes me angry that they probably wont even try. and don't even get me started about FF15 being on ps3 and ps4 and not coming to wii u.

    • pm60 says:

      but doesn't Disney own half the ip? you cant forget that Disney is pro Nintendo and wont let them just shut it out. they will try their best to influence them to make a Wii u version because they like money. but if they don't own half the ip, square will eventually do it when the X bone bombs and Wii u sales sky rocket.

  7. Aiddon says:

    y'know Nomura, when you're spouting lies like that it's obvious that you've been fed that explanation. When you've made games so prohibitively expensive that a simple port is too much then you're doing SOMETHING wrong.

    • Liquid-Sun says:

      I kinda lost some respect to Nomura.
      He used to be my favorite dev and artists. But falling to same ground as lazy developers,
      something is wrong…

  8. Rpx says:

    Ok, hypothesical question: If Square go Under? We going to see a huge fight over a possible acquisition among the titans in the Japanese gaming industry, which including Nintendo, Sony, Namco-Bandai, Capcom etc. Who going to win and buyout SE hence acquire its IPs and other Assets.

    • donzaloog says:

      Nintendo should buy the Kingdom Hearts IP and modify it for the Nintendo universe instead of the Final Fantasy universe and finally make the game we've all been waiting for: Mushroom Kingdom Hearts.

    • gearchin says:

      as long as Nintendo gets, DQ-FF-Chrono series, ill be happy with those buyouts!

    • Ray01 says:

      Nintendo must buy Dragon Quest, Chrono, KH, & FF.
      Monolith Soft would work wonders on those IPS.(I mean, they did help develope many of those franchises). ;P

      Oh yeah, and BUY GENO! lol

    • koopzilla says:

      That is scary. Because, there is also the very real possibility of Microsoft buying them. They have so much money they could outbid any other potential buyers. And if you think Square Enix is bad now imagine if Microsoft got ahold of them. For a preview, look at RARE. Rare was one of my favorite companies ever, they are ruined, Squaresoft was one of my favorite companies ever too, and they certainly are only a shell of their former self, but Microsoft would just drive them into the ground, and all those beloved franchises would be gone forever. At least as it is Square occasionally still makes a great game, and I have at least a very small glimmer of hope that they could come to their senses one day and be great again. Microsofts aquisition of them would stamp out that glimmer of hope forever.

  9. TsUaS says:

    That's one dumb ass excuse. All DirectX is is an API. In basic terms, all an API is is a set of predefined commands that are written into a program to access hardware features.

    So long as the the Wii U hardware has the same features as the the XBone or PS4, they can port it over. From all accounts, the Wii U does indeed have DX11 equivalent features. All Square would have to do is optimize their engine to run on the Wii U and rewrite all the instructions to use whatever API (apparently some kinda modified OpenGL) the Wii U is using.

    It would cost them a little time and money, but it's money that they can easily make back. More so than that, restore any good will they still have left with Nintendo users. And even after being ignored with only a few occasional spin-offs, the Nintendo fanbase still gives a damn about them.

    Square giving the Nintendo fanbase a middle finger with this decision does them no good. When they finally decide to release something on the Wii U, and if it's not a mainline game, expect it to sell like shit because this fanbase doesn't take this kind of shit from anyone.

    Keep digging that grave of yours Square. You'll only have yourself to blame when you're dead and gone.

    • Furious Francis says:

      It boggles my mind that Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance can sell over 1.2 million units on the 3DS, and they will just ignore the Wii U fanbase over Direct X 11 to 10.1 support. It's insane, they would easily make their money back and more with a Wii U version.

      • TsUaS says:

        And from what Ubisoft has said, porting over their games have been easy and cheap. There is no reason or any developer not to invest in the Wii U. Get your engines up and running and you can easily port games over with minimal resources and get great returns in the process.

        Ubisoft said they spent 1 million on their Wii U ACIII port. They didn't even advertise the thing. They only had to sell just under 17,000 units to break even. They already surpassed that. It's the reason they are still supporting the Wii U with a healthy line-up of some of their blockbusters.

        If Square were smart, they should have seen that and realized that they'd need only pour maybe 5-10 million at best for a port of KH3. Even if it only sold 500k copies, they would have made a 20-25 million return on that investment. They'd make so much more with 1 million units sold.

      • *NormalGamer* says:

        “It boggles my mind that Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance can sell over 1.2 million units on the 3DS, and they will just ignore the Wii U fanbase over Direct X 11 to 10.1 support.”

        That’s what happens when you worry too much about engines than worrying about making good games; it just makes you lose focus on the bigger picture. Seems Square-Enix has really lost touch on their game development.

  10. Furious Francis says:

    From Ricard Julianti:

    Keep in mind these are just the difference between those two. The Wii U is mostly 10.1 but has features from 11 in it such as tessellation and compute shaders….meaning the difference would be even less. Lazy ass developers.

    10.1 vs 11: http://cache.gawkerassets.com/assets/images/gizmo

    11 vs 10.1: http://tech-mania.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/

    Guess which is which: http://cache.gawkerassets.com/assets/images/gizmo

  11. Gameroid says:

    if they knew ahead of time they weren't going to port the game to the Wii U then why did they make the prequel to the game for the 3DS? I will admit Dread Drop Distance was my first KH game. I watched all the cutscenes from the previous games because I so interested in the plot of the games. I am probably not going to get a PS4 because I already got a Wii U and my parents don't have the money for another console. After getting into the series I feel like square gave me the finger because I won't be able to experience the last game in the Trilogy. I hope it eventually comes to Wii U…

    • TheFoxshot says:

      You know, I think it's too early to say that FFXV and KH3 won't be coming to Wii U. Knowing Square Enix, their games take a LONG time to release. Versus XIII was in the making since 2006.. now they barely started full development, naming the game Final fantasy XV. So KH3 will probably be released in 2016-2017.

      So if the Wii U becomes successful this holiday (and it will). Then Square will definitely look into developing both of these game on the platform.

      • Gameroid says:

        Really that long??? They really need to do something about those development times…. Another thing that really bugs me is thirdparties not wanting to give us games because of the gamepad

        • Misciagna21 says:

          I know! They act like Nintendo is enforcing the gamepad. If anything put a map or inventory on the lower screen, nothing that innovative but if that's what they're worried about then at least TRY. The Wii U has two other control options with the wii remote and pro controller. Saying they don't know what to do with the gamepad is a sorry excuse when there are games like watchdogs that can and will use it perfectly.

          • timg57867 says:

            You kidding? Just do Off TV play. That's one of the console's SELLING points…

          • Furious Francis says:

            Yeah, all I want from my ports is a map or off-TV play. And who says they just cant use the pro controller?

          • Gameroid says:

            It would be a dream come true if they $350 bundle was $300 and the new $350 comes with a pro controller aswell as everything else. This way Nintendo can continue to innovate with the Gampad and thirdparties could just put the game's menus on the bottom screen with some regular stuff like map, weapon selection, stats ect. or not even use it besides for off-tv play. This way developers can't make the excuse of the gamepad because they won't have to use it besides for off-tv

  12. Rpx says:

    Isn’t KH as a series in decline, because of saturaiton due to too-many spinoff and portables entries?

    SE is not thinking straight if they think that the game would sell a good amount of copies on the Xbone. I know that the series best selling region is in the US, but they going after the wrong system, Xbone is anti-JRPG while WiiU is pro-JRPG with the Monolith Soft game being Nintendo’s ace game to cater toward the Japanese audience.

    Anyway what is the likely release year for KH3? Maybe 2015.

  13. NinjaHound says:

    How is FFXV coming to PS3 but not Wii U due to hardware issues, are we back in time where people thought that Wii U is less powerful than PS3

  14. NGX159 says:

    lol you know what's really funny you guys. If I recall, Kingdom Hearts got started on the WEAKEST CONSOLE OF GEN SIX, the PS2.

  15. TheFoxshot says:

    Square Enix is a bunch of idiots. Instead of supporting the Nintendo Wii U, which the company is part of their own country, they decided to support the Xbox One which has DRM restriction and a different audience in general. What were they thinking??

    Do they honestly think the Madden/CoD fanbase will buy their JRPG games? That's not how reality works. Square you need to stop thinking $$$ and start thinking more about which audience will cater to your games.

  16. darkgamer001 says:

    If I recall correctly, the Wii U has Direct X 11 equivalent capabilities with Open GL. But ofc, this is another tale of a 3rd party taking the lazy route. Enjoy trying to find an audience for FFXV…and KH3 in particular…on the Xbox One, Square Enix

    • Furious Francis says:

      They'll change their minds when they realize that the only people buying the Xbox One are rich COD and Madden playing Americans who buy 3 games a year and use their Xbox One's for NFL more than video games.

  17. Titan64 says:

    Again, you put Deus Ex ON PHONES but can't put Kingdom Hearts, with half the fucking games being on Nintendo consoles and selling relatively well on Nintendo consoles, on the Wii U. Fucking Lazy Bastards. Hey Square, what happen to wanting to start fresh? And Francis, the Wii U is running on something very close to or very similar to DirectX11.

  18. NGX159 says:

    Also a number of a greater value doesn't mean it can't be ran on the Wii U. I just googled DX10 and DX11 and every game revolving around PC or PC like specs utilizes either DX10 or DX11. If you ever write off Nintendo, Karma will come back and get you. Look at FUSE, they wrote off Wii U and the game bombed, same happened with EA, they talked biased crap about it, and now they're experiencing layoffs left and right. Despite what Capcom did 7th gen, they woke up and realize where they make the most money at, and that's on Nintendo consoles with Monster Hunter and the rumored Darkstalkers being a Wii U exclusive. All I'm going to say is, Square Enix wake up before it's too late.

  19. Piee90 says:

    Once the xbone bombs in its first few months i wouldn't be supries they came out and say that kh3 is coming to the wii u.

    • Furious Francis says:

      Yeah, that's what I'm thinking. I'm officially praying the Xbox One bombs and the Wii U sales drastically rises.

      • TwinTails says:

        Praying? The X1 bombing is a 99% guarantee, if a console garners nothing but disdain and distrust from gamer and indie developer alike and ends up selling it's competitors consoles, you know it's a total flop. Maybe Microsoft payed off Square despite the fact that their console won't be available in Japan in the first place.

    • WSJ4L says:

      Along with all the other third parties suddenly announcing their games for Wii U. Especially EA, who have magically gotten Frostbite 2 and 3 to run on it.

  20. donzaloog says:

    So basically what they're saying to us is that unless all consoles have the exact same hardware buildup, they're not even going to bother to try? I can't support that kind of laziness. Grow some balls, Nomura.

    • Furious Francis says:

      Basically, I'm getting kinda fed up with Square Enix, there laziness is getting to be sickening. FF 15 doesn't use Direct X 11 on PS3 and yet it's still going to that system. So why isn't FF 15 coming to the Wii U then?

  21. RRPG says:

    That's a shame because I know when looking at both Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III that they can run on the Wii U as both of those games look to support the Luminous Engine in which the Wii U is fully capable of handling. This is why we have a little something called 'optimization' when it comes to porting games to different systems. The Wii U version of Need for Speed: Most Wanted was ported from the PC because of it being very powerful to run the game on; even by Wii U standards, and Criterion managed to optimize the PC version to the Wii U so that it can run brilliantly without any problems, and it is now the definitive version with extra detail and a slew of new elements not done in the other ports. I swear to god that third-parties in this day and age are hardly even trying, anymore, and that is very sad.

    • Furious Francis says:

      It sucks because Square did the same thing with the Wii and it almost bankrupted them. There is a Nintendo fanbase that wants these games on Wii U. I don't see why they continue to ignore us.

      I don't mind getting a PS4 to play the game, but damn , they should come to Wii U.

  22. Intel says:

    I’m not a businessman but why would you release the game on the Xbox One if the console doesn’t even have a release date in your home region? Let’s throw out the Direct X 11 not compatible crap on the Wii U. How do you as a company expect to generate sales that way. Am I just wrong for thinking this way?

    • Furious Francis says:

      No you're not, I don't see how Square Enix would think that putting the game on Xbox One over Wii U is a good idea. They should take the extra time to do a Wii U port. They could sell the game in Japan and the US. The Xbox One won't sell in the Japan, it seems like you're talking away a huge chunk of the market by not putting it on Wii U.

      • RicardJulianti says:

        Not only will the Xbone not sell in Japan because it's a piece of junk….but it isn't on the list of Xbox One supported XBL countries: http://www.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-one/pre-order-xbox… It could probably be added later, but like you said….it just won't sell anyway.

        I have a comment stuck in moderation that shows just how lazy the developers are. Comparison shots of Dx10.1 and Dx11….which is a bigger difference than the feature set the Wii U has compared to Dx11. It REALLY shows how lazy they are considering how small the difference is….once it gets approved….they'll be exposed.

  23. NGX159 says:

    It's one thing for western developers to be lazy and not put games out to Wii U, but when a Japanese developer does it and Square has always been faithful to Nintendo minus the N64, that pisses me off. I thought Square Enix had brains, but the fact that they will support the Dudebro One which is anti consumer and also their fanbase mostly supports only shooters, fuck Square Enix.

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