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Frostbite 2 Engine Didn’t Perform Well on Wii U, so no Frostbite 3 on Wii U says DICE

Johan Andersson is the Technical Director over a DICE, and he said some interesting stuff regarding the Frostbite 2 and Frostbite 3 engines on Wii U. 

DICE…..is about to earn the ultimate facepalm. I mean, really DICE? Frostbite 2 didn’t perform well on Wii U? So you decided to not even try out Frostbite 3? And the tests you guys were doing were cut off when EA decided that Nintendo was going to suffer for not putting Origin on the Wii U.

Now I hate DICE just as much as I hate EA. There is no way in hell that Frostbite 2 wouldn’t perform passably on Wii U. Look how many ports we have of other games. Ninja Gaiden, Mass Effect, Call of Duty, Batman Arkham City, Need for Speed, Assassin’s Creed, Tekken Tag, DarkSiders, ect. All of those engines seem  to run just fine. Crysis 3 was running on CryEngine 3 just fine before it was axed.

DICE and EA are on my banned forever list. I’ll never buy another game from them new….ever.

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Author: Francis@PE (17011 Posts)

61 Responses to Frostbite 2 Engine Didn’t Perform Well on Wii U, so no Frostbite 3 on Wii U says DICE

  1. Aiddon says:

    so basically DICE is admitting they were too lazy to actually optimize it? Yeah, I can't help but feel EA is going to be disappointed in hoping for a Dreamcast repeat with the Wii U. Nintendo is in a COMPLETELY different financial situation than Sega was.

  2. WSJ4L says:

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't EA once say they had Battlefield 3 running on Wii U? And what engine does Battlefield 3 use? Frostbite 2! Yet, Frostbite 2 doesn't work on Wii U?

    I… I think I need to have a sit-down. My brain is imploding from this logic.

  3. routerbad says:

    And now we have a 9 minute video on IGN of CryEngine3 running flawlessly on the WiiU. EA developers weren't getting final dev units until late 2012, early 2013 (Criterion didn't get dev units until January).

    FB2 would have been tested on extremely early dev hardware, with few or no tools from Nintendo, on a completely new architecture the likes of which have never been seen for game development (GPU centric yes, GPU centric using PowerISA and a completely custom GPU, no)

    This is EA damage control, they are going to try to discredit the Wii U as a platform, and they are going to try to say that the next xbox runs it best, despite being only slightly more powerful (and I stress slightly) than the WiiU GPU. DICE should already be facepalming with CryEngine3 showing so beautifully on WiiU, even in pre-alpha development stage. They will really facepalm when Retro's engine goes public.

  4. Rpx says:

    I do not understand EA thinking here; EA is actively ignoring a major home console that growing slowly, will cause problems in the future b/c if this console take first place or a major contender. EA is going to look like a fool in the eyes of the industry.

    Especially that Activision seems to support the system with a Call of Duty game.

    Is EA going to give up the Nintendo mindshare to Activision, Ubisoft and other third parties wihout a fight?

  5. Titan64 says:

    And once again, Pretendo Tripe aka Nintendo Life's community once again blames Nintendo for this mess because they should have not made the console underpowered….yeah what happen when the console was underpowered? oh wait, it won that gen.

    • timg57867 says:

      I thought that's how that brainless community would act. I wouldn't know because I've been going there less for even the news everyday. Especially since discovering this wicked site!

  6. jesgrad07 says:

    Aw like Father like Son. EA lies so DICE lies too, ain't that just the cutest thing ever. Well they can both burn together for all I care. I can see it now. A sinking ship powered by Origin. With EA at the helm and now DICE as their first mate. Woah unto those that don't abandon ship because your captain is leading you into a storm and it doesn't look pretty.

  7. Intel says:

    I understand this is a gaming business but what ever happened to integrity? Back then I rarely heard of a company pulling shenanigans like this. Well E3 is soon coming and Nintendo doesn’t need to work with companies that treat them this way.

  8. ei8bit says:

    That marked them the WORST company of all time!!! shame really.

  9. Frank Urbanski says:

    So let me get this straight… An engine that runs perfectly fine on ps3 360 couldn't run on Wii U, so they didn't even bother testing the newer engine, which by the way, should also be running on ps3 360?

    And Criterion got PC textures on the Wii U version of NFS with no trouble whatsoever?

    What is going on here???

  10. donzaloog says:

    Everytime I see EA fuck up like this, I have to openly lament, “Why did THQ have to die instead of EA? THQ didn’t deserve to go out like that EA does.”

    I was going to buy the Mass Effect game on Wii U eventually. Now I’m not going to. I always try to support everyone that puts their games on Nintendo’s consoles, but EA is going too far. Unless they dramatically change their ways, they won’t see a single cent of my money.

  11. darkgamer001 says:

    This bs is why you win the "Worst Company in America" two times in a row, and will be the reason why you'll keep winning it until your financials will make you crash and burn. As long as the genuine and hard working employees find good work in other companies in the gaming industry, I will very much look forward to that day.

  12. Fox says:

    Hey EA, DICE, do you see all this money that I have? All these 20s.. oh! and a 50! Mmm all this money I have in my chunky wallet. Well your not getting any. All this money will go to Nintendo. Enjoy selling every game at a lost and firing more workers.

  13. koopzilla says:

    What a bunch of BS, their crap will run on less powerful 360 or PS3, they are even putting it on freakin cell phones, but it won't run on Wii U? I don't even know what to say…

  14. RicardJulianti says:

    Something really stinks in here…..oh wait…I think it's that pile of bullshit in the corner.

    I'm guessing their "tests" consisted of them doing a copy/paste port of FB2 without adjusting for system architecture. I wouldn't even be surprised if they didn't bother testing it until after EA started pulling support so that they could intentionally half-ass it. If the 360 and it's weak CPU (compared to the Wii U one) can run Frostbite 2 without a bevy of GPGPU processing, the Wii U can run it with flying colors.

    • MrSilver says:

      Just a suggestion, could you consider writing an article on the whole EA-Nintendo thing? You have a way of putting the facts on the line, cutting through the bull shit, and smashing the topic at hand. Not to mention the exposure your articles get. I think it's time someone stuck it to these ass hats.

      • RicardJulianti says:

        I am actually doing that right now, hahah. In fact, I was about to edit my post saying that I was going to.

        I am looking up videos and getting exact quotes from Riccitiello…..I could easily have it done tonight.

        The title is quite funny if I do say so myself…..stay tuned.

        • MrSilver says:

          Alright, very excited. I can't wait! :)

          • RicardJulianti says:

            Finally done…..will probably be published tomorrow (Tuesday) . I am at Francis' mercy on this though….I just write the articles.

            4 full pages using size 11 font. Kaboom.

            Bitches won't know what hit 'em.

        • koopzilla says:

          Looking forward to it. I could never do it, right now my hatred for EA is so high I couldn't even put it into words.

          • RicardJulianti says:

            I am using that anger as fuel. I'm taking this back to the beginning of the "unprecedented partnership"….so it's going to be a big one.

            It does almost make me physically ill to type "EA" so many times though.

          • koopzilla says:

            Haha, great. Can't wait to read it. I usually don't get upset over games and stuff, but EA just keeps piling it on. I actually feel kind of ashamed to be so pissed at a Video Game company, but I just can't help it with them.

            I mean take Final Fantasy for instance. It was one of my favorite franchises ever, and Squaresoft was easily my favorite 3rd party developer, and I was very much looking forward to Final Fantasy on N64, them being part of the Dream Team and all. At that point I only had Nintendo systems (well besides the Atari which was my first system), I didn't actually get a Genesis until after the Saturn was out, although I had played it a lot at my friends house. Then FF7 and all Squaresoft games went exclusively to Playstation. I was disappointed, but I bought a Playstation and played the games, and Squaresoft continued being my favorite 3rd party (literally 90% of my Playstation games are made by Squaresoft). Then I bought a Playstation 2 to play Final Fantasy 10, I was pretty let down by it, but oh well, they can't all be great I guess. Then FF11 turned out to be an online RPG, well, I skipped that one, the next one will surely be better. Nope, they have just progressively gotten worse and worse to the point that I no longer even consider buying any of them, and don't care or expect them to be good anymore when new ones are announced. But, even after all that, I still don't hate SquareEnix. I think they have made so many questionable decisions it's not even funny, have gone from greatness to mediocrity in just several short years, ruined one of my favorite game franchises of all time (mainly due to focusing on graphics above all else). But I still don't hate them, I have hope that they might make FF great again, and when they do come out with games that look good, I still buy them. Capcom is really in a similar position with me, they were my second favorite developers (and still are one of my favorites), but they seem to be doing some incredibly stupid stuff over the last several years. This stuff may disappoint me, but doesn't really make me mad, or hate them. I may be more cautious about what I purchase by them when before it was like, well it's made by Sqauresoft, so it must be good.

            EA on the other hand just keeps pissing me off over and over to the point that I just can't stand them, and would never buy any game that they would make even a penny off of. What they did with SEGA, and are doing with Nintendo now is inexcusable. I don't feel they ruined SEGA at all, even if that's what they think, but refusing to put games on their system because their incredibly ridiculous demands were not met was despicable. Their 2 years running Worst Company in America is well deserved, and I hope they get another. Granted, they have never been one of my favorite companies, but I would buy their games if it was something I was interested in, like Sim City (luckily I didn't buy the new one). But now, I don't care how good a game looks if it's made by them I will not buy it period. They are dead to me, and I really hope they go out of business, so other companies can buy up their IP's.

          • Titan64 says:

            I always stick to the truth of this Statement:The moment a company or a franchise leaves Nintendo, the quality of the company or franchise peaks at the time but then goes downhill damn near fast. I still like Square because of the Kingdom Hearts Franchise and I still like capcom because whenever they are on Nintendo, they don't pull a lot of shit (Case in point, the Resident Evil light gun games and Resident evil 4). However, EA proves to be hated and it is sad that I hate a video game company. It is but they keep pissing me off on how much shit they pull while trying to be nice. But hey, they don't want to put on Nintendo systems, thats on them. But the day they file for bankruptcy is the day I jump for joy.

  15. Titan64 says:

    -_-……EA and Dice…..I can't believe it. You expect us Nintendo fans to be fucking stupid. Guess what, we aren't. You can fool the Sony fans, you can fool the xbox fans, You can even fool some of the PC fans but you can never fool Nintendo fans. EA is the most butthurt company I have ever seen. You make some great games but you take every single step to nickle and dime consumers because you're so greedy and you know what, you deserve worst company America. I wish EA was not burned, not let to rot or to be destroyed. I wish they cease to EXIST. Francis make that video and make sure to include the whole saga on how all of this shit went down. And I hope Nintendo makes EA REGRET what they have done for their bullshit ass decisions.

    • Furious Francis says:

      I will, I just have to wait till my family is not in the house, cause it's about time I earned my nickname: Furious Francis!

      Man, I fucking hate EA

  16. NS3210 says:

    Thanks for accepting me on Miiverse (NGX159) Francis! I appreciate it! But you know what, what EA and DICE are doing to Nintendo and their fans, plus the already oversaturation of FPSs, graphics over gameplay games, and M-rated abundance, by this point i don't care if the western game market crashes again.

  17. Aika says:

    It make me laugh how other games engine work on the wii u, like cryengine and watch dogs if i'm correct….

  18. Ray01 says:

    XD. Oh wow, EA never ceases to amaze me with their butthurt.
    There were actually people defending DICE saying that "Frostbite 2 is a CPU intensive engine & the Wii U has a weak CPU".
    I was like:" Uh, you know that CryEngine 3 is a much more powerful engine that also takes advantage of the CPU as well & apparently it ran 'Beautifully' on the Wii U says Crytek themselves. O.o"

    Yeah, EA & DICE are full of shit. . .& Drones actually believe this crap! xP

  19. Gryphonofmight says:

    Let me see if I understand everything.

    First EA claims the Wii U is the first of the new nextgen consoles and wants to build a base. The after the origins fiasco they claim the wii u is current gen and they don't want to bother. Now they are claiming essentially that its less powerful than the 360 and ps3? Who do they think they are they kidding? EA thinks they took down sega and will do it to Nintendo to get others to fall in line but Sega killed sega and Nintendo isn't in that situation. The worst part is EA and their companies like DICE are not content to just not support the Wii U but are actively trying to kill it by encouraging other developers to drop support and spreading lies that it is underpowered.

    Do I have it all correct?

    • gearchin says:

      yep, nailed it, wish there was some way EA would get pay back for "ALL THE LIES". seriously? gaming media doesnt expose this garbage? oh forgot its not journalism anymore.

  20. Aika says:

    I bet there be troll saying "the wii u is underpower" in other website.

  21. MrSilver says:

    I think EA rightfully earned the stamp of "Worst Company in America." Seriously, some of the people working for this company are just bad human beings. I'm glad that you got screen shots of this discussion, because now we have almost a mountain of proof that that EA has something against Nintendo.

    These people need to seriously go away. Frostbite 2 is NOTHING compared to CryEngine 3. Which runs beautifully on the Wii U. These guys just keep talking in circles, and honestly its both frustrating, and hilarious.

  22. Aika says:

    Sigh That why i don't support this type of company who become flip flop, more excuse why they not bringing game to the wii u.

    • Aika says:

      I love the past era of gaming now it became, hmmm judgmental I only see them for money or greedy.

      • timg57867 says:

        I hear ya. I want gaming to go back to days of 6th gen. Back when you unlocked stuff through gameplay and not your credit card. Back when people played games in the same room. Back when licensed games didn't make you hurl. Back when developers could take risks. Back when a shooter wasn't made out of every 2 games released. Back when games that were colorful weren't called "kiddy". Back when gaming wasn't infested with brainless "hardcore" gamers and graphic whores. Back when middle tiers flooded the market and forced big devs to be creative. Back when game retailers weren't assholes. Back when game websites and magazines cared about the gamers and not making money of troll wars. Back when gaming…was about fun.

        Sigh…I keep my Gamecube around to remind me of those days…

        • NS3210 says:

          I agree no doubt, remember my old Sony comment awhile back? Same applies here. I still have my PS2, SNES, Genesis, and Dreamcast to remind me of the golden age of gaming (1985-2005).

          • timg57867 says:

            Oh yeah. I bet a lot of this wouldn't be happening if Japanese devs were able to hold their own as dev costs increased. Even as the industry craps itself, handheld gaming still stays pure because it's shared well by Japanese and Western devs. Console gaming used to be like that too. But when HD came, the bigger wallets of Western devs allowed them to overrun the console market wreck everything. If you go to VGChartz, you'll notice that the Japanese don't buy home consoles as much as they used to. This is probably why. Maybe the Wii U can reinvigorate Japanese devs if Nintendo is able to connect with the audience they won with Wii through revised marketing. All we can do is hope…for the sake of the industry.

          • NS3210 says:

            By late 2014 I wouldn't be surprised if Wii U is the "go to" platform for Japanese devs. With PS4, Sony pretty much gave their own homeland the finger.

          • RicardJulianti says:

            It's funny because Sony's support from Japan is ultimately what hurt the Gamecube the most, aside from the DVD player.

            If Nintendo had the Japanese support, it would have sold much better even without the ability to play movies.

    • Furious Francis says:

      For real , I'm just going to start calling EA 'Magikarp' they flip-flopping all over the place.

  23. RiciusKing says:

    Clearly EA put their hand in this. I'm counting to the day till this company destroys itself. I get that not getting Origin is disappointing from their stand point but they are just throwing away money by being bitter about it and not supporting Wii U. Really! It's like this company is literally acting like a spoiled child, just kicking and screaming and hurting themselves while they do it.

    • Furious Francis says:

      It's insane, one minute their praising Nintendo and the Wii U, the next minute they don't want to touch it with a ten foot pole.

      EA is a trashy, horrible company, that a wish a lot of misfortune to. It's crazy how lame they are.

  24. revolution5268 says:

    Im curios on whats DICE's definition of logic? Because I can tell they are not from this world.

  25. Mknzy says:

    So when do we light the torches and pitchforks and burn EA to the ground? I would pay to be part of it.

  26. GeneralBrown178 says:

    Hmmmm…. I scene a cover up of their butthurt ways lol.

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