PC Wii U 7

Gorgeous new Screens of CANDLE for PC and Wii U


Got a fresh batch of screens for CANDLE, the indie kickstarter game from Teku Studious.  Check them out past the link. CANDLE will be released on PC and Wii U this year. Get the new screens below.

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  • sparkticle

    When it comes to the argument "are video games – art?", this is definitely art. Nobody can argue that.

  • Sanic

    The Wii U is so underrated when being compared to the PS4 and Xbox One. Time will come. Ohoho, time WILL come.

  • ei.8.bit

    Is this a Wii U screenshot?

    • Furious Francis


  • Hana Shie

    Damn… this is really beatifull

  • mohuz

    this is running in DirectX 11.
    so a smal indie team can port a DX11 game to WiiU, but a big AAA publisher like Square Enix can't? LOL

    • donzaloog

      The laziness is strong with Square Enix.